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October 8th, 2012

[info]takespoint in [info]doors


[Locked to Bianca.]

Um hey. Eames says you're looking for Sullivan and he's kind of freaking out because he thinks the crazy guy with the gun that's Cobb's person will kill Sullivan if he finds out who he is. Cuz that one guy likes killing people. For the mob. So could you... like, not? And ask Ariadne not to either?

[info]laminette in [info]doors

[Silver M]

[Delivered to Silver M]
[After this, a satchel of highly experimental drugs and toxins, along with a note.]

Get these to the tin man. - Cat

[info]abettercriminal in [info]doors

[Public as Jonah K]

[Written in a sloppy scrawl, with blotches of purple ink all over the page. After going nearly three days without sleep, he couldn't say if he's entirely in control.]

Dirty work makes for dirty hands. Sick of dirt, and blood, and the taste of metal.

god save me I love her [This is crossed out several times.]

I'm so tired.

[info]doomed_love in [info]doors


[Super duper locked: Harley/Ivy]

I'm probably not supposed to You'd better not tell

Please tell me you never ended up sleeping with Batman. Pretty pretty please?

[info]changingskin in [info]doors

public, ryan m


Confused and lovesick teenager. Check. I'm guessing there's no switching involved, huh?

[Text: Tóraím/Ryan M]
At whatever cell phone he uses for Seven's things

Think he's pissed it took me longer to get the job done last time? Tell me you've got one for me.

[info]doorsanon in [info]doors

[Over the course of the previous month, there were a number of foiled muggings, attempted rapes, and botched dealing in back alleyways.  Police have tried to keep it relatively quiet, not putting much stock in the story, and the news story is just a harmless anecdote on the late night evening news.  Would-be victims cite a man in greens and blacks as their rescuer but any attempts to sketch him come out as a generic figure with no identifying features.  The attackers were found unconscious in said alleyways and their consequences depended entirely on if the victim stuck around to talk to the cops.]

[info]stillspinning in [info]doors


Vegas isn't near as fun without my girl around to spend time with.
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[info]sonofthenorth in [info]doors

[Locked to Lin A]

Please tell me you'll come over for Thanksgiving dinner at my place tonight, so that I don't have to spend it with my mother.

[info]ex_roses104 in [info]doors

Connor B, Dylan T, Jack C

[Delivered to Connor B and Dylan T, by their superiors.]
[After discussing her report on Andrew Mumford with her superiors, they agree that it's best to hand the boy's file over to the FBI as a possible informant, given his youth. The file includes all available history on the Mumford family, along with all recent recon on Andrew himself. Max's disposable number is included, but her name and specifics are not.]

[Locked to Jack C]
Back in town tomorrow. You're cooking dinner.

[info]huntsforher in [info]doors

wren m., luke h., tess a.

[LOCKED to Wren M., Luke H., and Tess A. because of conversations during this post.]

Okay, problem. Potential charges I'm facing for locking a pod person in a closet?

[info]riddlethem in [info]doors

[Public as The Riddler]

My favorite member of the Dorothy gang is missing and left me the keys to the Emerald City. And, yet, I don't think I really want it.

[info]websling in [info]doors

[Public as Spider-man, Harry O.]

[Harry O., as Peter P.]

Hey. Have you heard?

[Public, as Spider-man.]

I feel like my journal should be a computer along with some of you typers. But here I am with a pen. It's so old school. You'd think I'd be on the world wide web.

Get it?