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Aug. 5th, 2015


Well, shit. Who's been hiding portkeys again?

[ ooc; Ginny from the werewolf!Draco/Slytherin!Hermione/Harry's babies have a different mama~ world! ]

Jul. 29th, 2015


I demand to speak to whoever is in charge of this madhouse; you don't simply yank people from their daily lives and drop them into an ocean and then say "well, we can't stop it, really". I'm DRACO MALFOY; does that mean nothing to you? This is what happens when Muggles interfere with magic they don't understand. Gross inefficiency and PASSING THE BUCK. Who's going to send me back? More importantly, who's going to pay for my robes?

Mar. 24th, 2015


hello am i using this muggle device correctly? i'm looking for my friends and a way home, please and thank you.

Feb. 22nd, 2015


Bloody buggering hell

One would expect something like a magical portal to be more present in the curriculum at a bloody magical school. Though, I suppose since there's supposedly no way to return, the lessons wouldn't have made much of a difference anyway. Still, something like this might've been a bit useful over the last few years.

What year is it?

[ ooc; Hermione from a world where the Battle of Hogwarts was just the beginning of a much longer war that the Death Eaters had a bit of an upperhand in. Muggleborns are being arrested and/or killed on sight, and so she was in the process of navigating a small army of them across the Scottish highlands in search of more fighters. ]

Feb. 2nd, 2015


I might be a little sad that we don't get snow here. So this happened.

Someone stop me before I make his family.
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Jan. 6th, 2015


'Lo. My name's Remus Lupin. Could someone point me in the direction of the library in Honolulu? This Maps app is shite not working correctly.

Dec. 30th, 2014


I'm working at Walmart because they remembered the older Bellla. This is what I have to deal with:


Dec. 29th, 2014


Why is everyone hot? That's unfair.

Dec. 16th, 2014


I need about twelve people for an exhibition game on Saturday at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. Quidditch experience manda preferred, but I do need some Mug nonmagical people to show the investors that anyone can play. Uniforms, equipment, transportation, and lunch will be provided.

Please respond with your choice position. We have a variety of spots available for Chasers, Seekers, and Beaters.
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Dec. 9th, 2014


Right then, how's this portal thing work in reverse? I've always wanted to see Hawaii, sure, & now I've seen it but good having landed my arse right up on it. Sorry about your everything at the police station, lovies, but I'm a royal klutz when excited.

& when did the Statue of Wizarding Secrecy get busted up? Not used to Muggles knowing I'm a witch.

Sorry, sorry, was I supposed to introduce myself? Name's Tonks. Very good to meet you! Never found myself in a situation like this one.