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September 4th, 2015

[info]ibearit in [info]blackpoint

I think I've gon Hello? Can someone tell me if this is really ... real?

[ ooc: Swap!Clarke Griffin from the end of season 2 ]

[info]kicked_ass in [info]blackpoint

New phone, new number. Old one got, well, crushed, and I was getting calls from sales people too much anyway. Did you know you actually have a limit to how many numbers you can block at any given time? So if you get a text from someone that seems like they know you but you don't recognize the number, it might be me.

Someone needs to perfect the indestructible phone, by the way.

[info]oldranger in [info]blackpoint

[ Team Dad ]
My doctor's appointment today didn't go too well. It's progressing faster than expected. Might've been something with the tree, who knows. Either way, the window's much smaller.

Let's go with the bite. Just... for the sake of having an answer.

If any of you have anything up your sleeve that might offer more of a guarantee, I'd appreciate it.

[ His Stiles ]
You okay with this?

[ Away from Team Dad ]
Anyone want to get a drink? I need a drink.

[info]witnessing in [info]blackpoint

[ HPD, Supernatural Force, + 5-0 (without the assorted Williamses) ]
I know there's a lot of weirdness going on right now, but I'm about to add to it. Sorry.

Newest arrival is from a zombie apocalypse world and is very worryingly sick, so we've got her quarantined in the back interrogation room. It's looking like she was among the literal walking dead before the portal put life back in her, but she may be headed back that way.

The obvious first thought is contacting the CDC, but I'm not sure that will end well, all things considered. Someone chime in.

5-0 guys, fair warning: it's the new Danny's Grace. I'm reaching out to him too to bring him down to the station.

[ Zombie!Danny Williams ]
Hi Danny. I'm Lt. Abbie Mills with HPD. How soon can you get to the police station?

[info]stillpapa in [info]blackpoint

Time's of the essence, so I'm making this quick.

Detective Williams, from the zombieverse, just had his daughter from the same world come through. It looks like she's in the process of turning. She's in quarantine and he broke quarantine to be in there with her. We don't have long and we need to do something to solve this before it gets any worse.

Can either one of you do something to help?