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November 6th, 2014

[info]snarkmonstra in [info]blackpoint

Woodhouses, former and current, don't panic. Knightleys? Can someone take me to the hospital?

[info]minidanno in [info]blackpoint

So who had 2014 in the "Danny's Jeep finally dies a painful death" betting pool? Because it just did that in UH's parking lot in a hail of rust and engine parts. The engine literally fell out.

[info]totallyknowcpr in [info]blackpoint

Why do I always get the urge to plan a vacation right before Christmas?

But seriously. We've done a few of these, still itchy to cross off the rest. (Also feel free to lol at the fact that I got Jefferson to Victoria Falls. I even had one of those "push off the cliff" pictures back home.)

Trailer day. You giving the other guys a heads up or waiting to see if they stumble across?

[info]ohtheirony in [info]blackpoint

I desperately need to not keep up with the gossip from the world back home, particularly with this inversion nonsense. [Scott], darling, you're such an idiot More to the point, I need to not drink while not keeping up with the gossip from the world back home.

This bar is terrible. Terrible. I undoubtedly have ebola by now. I already can't feel my face, which is a shame, because my face is worth feeling.

[info]teenbitch in [info]blackpoint

I just watched the worst shark disaster movie ever on SyFy and it's all my actress' fault. Pick better movies, Tonkin, you're too cute for this shit.

[info]goodwitch in [info]blackpoint

It's not even bikini weather. Someone tell me what I've missed. Please.

[info]ladygryffinpuff in [info]blackpoint

So facetwin Rachel Bilson had her baby, and omg I forgot how much I had judged the first time the news broke.

Briar Rose. Someone loves her Disney; that's for sure.

[info]minibuck in [info]blackpoint

I'm getting leave for a couple of days around Thanksgiving. So, yeah.

[info]laundryschedule in [info]blackpoint

So discovering another side to being human again - getting sick. I don't think this cold's ever going to go away.

[info]idowhathedoes in [info]blackpoint

If you don't have any plans for this Thanksgiving, feel free to drop by my place. I only ask that you let me know in advance so I know how much turkey I'll need to prepare.

[info]woodchipped in [info]blackpoint

Ahaha, people are so weird. Pinocchio tattoos are hilarious and kind of offensive, okay. The nose thing totally isn't true anyway, and getting a puppet face with a growing "nose" at dick level is not even all that clever.

But it's pretty funny, ngl.