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Jan. 29th, 2015


This kid just held his own bottle. Clearly, he gets his genius from his mama. No offense, T. Lupins.

Unrelated, but I really need a few research assistants. If you like traveling, enjoy history, and like getting dirty, let me know. Archaeology is a terrifically enjoyable field.

[ ooc; In my latest attempt to use/gain more lines for some of my lesser used people: V got a face change! Pretend she's always looked like this. ]

Nov. 16th, 2014


Sooo I'm not dead! I'm still in Egypt though, obviously, because it'd gotten to that 'unsafe to travel back' point, and have been without the ability to post for a bit.

That said, guess who came into the world about a week ago...

Nov. 15th, 2014


I just got lei'd.


Yep that's awful but I refuse to retract it.

[ooc: scorpius malfoy from this amazing post, basically]

Oct. 2nd, 2014


They never said that there was a chance you would be dumped into the ocean twice.

Aug. 24th, 2014


Okay, I give. More specifically my waistline gives.

If anyone has a desire to go cake or catering testing with Teddy please let me know. I love him and I love cake, but one of us can't make their body change sizes at will in order to fit in a wedding gown.

Jul. 13th, 2014


Everyone's getting engaged and having babies and I think I just turned old D:

Jun. 13th, 2014


Tonight's round of the question game is going to be a doozy. What happened to all the wine, Vi?

May. 28th, 2014


Vics, I'm declaring your Friday nights.

May. 24th, 2014


Weasleys, Potters, and all other friends and family of Percy and I! We're getting married tomorrow. Yes, it's happening very quickly. No, we didn't plan for it to be this way. Yes, we want you all to be there.

So please be in Honolulu (Address) at 2:00 PM, Hawaii-Aleutian time! There will be food, drink, and music.

Twins! I need your help with the fireworks.


Well, this is certainly new.

[ OOC: He's been in BP for awhile, just not used! He's from a world without magic where the events of canon still happened, just translated into something non-magical. He's 22 and coming straight from a dig for dinosaur bones~ ]

Apr. 15th, 2014


I always wanted to be a sea monster, and this totally counts.

[ ooc: genderswapped teddy! ]

Apr. 14th, 2014


Daniel and I have decided to go on and marry on Friday on the beach here in Hawaii at sunset. Consider this an open invitation to anyone who might want to attend, old friend or new. (And please forgive the surplus of Luna Lovegood today. I wanted to mention it now for those who wish to attend and might need to prepare.)

Feb. 5th, 2014


I remember the first time it was 2014 for me, I made it a goal of mine to attend the start of the next Winter Olympics.

So instead of making the next one, I'll be attending the opening ceremonies of this one. Mission accomplished?

Jan. 25th, 2014


This is terribly important.

V, Teddy, get your adventure hats on. Aunt Gab is on vacation for the next week :)


Oh, Lockwoods, it's your birthday! Bringing cupcakes and birthday punches for the adults.

Dec. 19th, 2013


Vic, Teddy, miscellaneous lovelies who have no plans for Christmas Eve! You're all welcome over to my place for dinner and assorted games. Please tell me someone is better at Catchphrase than me, and by that I mean actually slightly less terrible.

Dec. 13th, 2013


Happy birthday, Louis Who wants to go stare at Zach Levi in his show on Broadway?

Nov. 29th, 2013


Leftover turkey for anyone who wants it in NYC. Making soup, lasagna and tacos with it.

Bonus points to those who help me hide presents :D

Nov. 22nd, 2013


Brb drowning in care plans and mashed potatoes. Save yourseeeeeelves.

Nov. 17th, 2013


So Thanksgiving is next week, oui? This was the year that Louis was supposedly old enough to come to the big city for the parade and now that's down the toilet :(

Happy people please volunteer to come to the tourist trap that's the Thanksgiving Day Parade in NYC. I'll buy you hot chocolate and soft pretzels.

Nov. 15th, 2013


[ those in control of potts tower, nyc ]
I was told that there might be rooms available to new arrivals on the lower level of your building. Is that accurate?

So, which of you are wizards?

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