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Oct. 4th, 2015


So who wants to teach me how to be a werewolf?

Adding that to my list of weird questions I never expected to ask. I keep ruining my clothes with claws, and it's not like I've got all that many of those to my name at the moment.

Aug. 7th, 2015


I mean, that's one way to put out a fire.

But also what?

[ ooc; it's papa hale! ]

Mar. 30th, 2015


They said my pack was here. And Argent.

[ ooc - Kristy's fault! A 26 year-old Peter from the Chris-warns-the-Hales AU over at [info]silvershot.]

Feb. 16th, 2015



Jan. 28th, 2015


[ Filtered to Scottie M (younger) and Jackie ]

Remember how last summer I talked you two into going to a party with me? And then we wound up committing extremely-minor larceny? And then Scottie said "never again"? Let's do it again!

Okay, stay with me - a friend from the record store needs an ~intimate video~ off her ex-boyfriend's phone deleted. He's been threatening to make it public; he's a douche, blah blah. Anyway, he's throwing an anti-Valentines Day party next week and I told her I'd take care of it, not out of the goodness of my heart, but because this guy dared to (incorrectly) correct my pronunciation of arrière-pensée the last time I saw him and needs to be taken down a peg. I'd prefer to throw him off of the eighth floor fire-escape, but I'm going to guess Scottie will veto that. First thing we need to do is get the phone - I'll take care of that. Second thing we need to do is distract him so he's not looking for his phone - Jackie? Third thing we need to do is delete the video and make sure he hasn't uploaded it to his cloud thing. Scottie? You're better with modern tech crap than I am.

She's a good friend and she's let me borrow her family's vacation cabin a few times. Pleeeease? I'm going to do it anyway so you might as well make sure I do it right.

[ /Filter ]

Hales - there's chili in the slowcooker. If you lift the lid for a taste before I tell you you can so help me God I will destroy you.

Jan. 11th, 2015


Derica, what the hell did you and Petra stir up this time? Were the Darach and a psychotic Alpha not enough for you, because I was fine leaving the level of crazy at that.

[Genderswap!Cora Hale coming in from the end of season 3a]

Jan. 5th, 2015



Jan. 4th, 2015



wher e is

i have to get to paige