July 2016




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Nov. 10th, 2015


What the fuck? Tell me HPD is lying to me about skydiving into another portal?

[ooc; PH!Ezekiel!]

Nov. 5th, 2015


(1) It wasn't me.
(2) The last time I saw the intern, he was bleeting.
(3) There's apparently a cult in town looking for goats to sacrifice to their dark lord.
(4) I might have lost the intern goat.

Jul. 17th, 2015


Cordelia. Now.

[ooc; Same universe as Cordelia!]

Apr. 8th, 2015


WHO: Angel & Lindsey McDonald
WHERE: LA, CA: Lindsey's Apartment
WHEN: April 8th, 2015
WHAT: Angel comes to tell Lindsey he's going to leave him alone forever, but Lindsey's not having that.

If he expected to get far, he was an idiot.  )

Mar. 5th, 2015


Goddamni So we might have a problem. Kind of a missing soul possible future terrorizing of Los Angeles kind of problem. Might want to watch your asses. Help


WHO: Angel & Lindsey McDonald
WHERE: LA, CA: Training Room
WHEN: March 5th, 2015
WHAT: Lindsey is forced to talk about his feelings when Angel brings up the status of their relationship.

’We’re...’ And that was about as far as Lindsey got. )

Mar. 2nd, 2015


[ Filtered to HPD + BTVS/Angel Characters ]

Checking in with Canada Kanima updates! The lizard-y guy makes his appearance every night, sometimes in a good mood (which looks remarkably like a bad mood) and sometimes in a bad mood (which looks remarkably like an even-worse mood). The puppet spell's holding fine, so there's been no further incidents, and unless he's feeling extra feisty I can corral him just fine and keep him local. Gold star in the Slayer column!

Do we have any movement on Whittermore not turning into a scaly horrible being? Did we find out if any of the newbies from Jolly Old England are controlling him? Orrrrr should I just get used to being nocturnal forever, as was my destiny before I even met Mr. By Jove Whinnymore?

Buff out!

PS: Sympathy food would not go amiss at this point.

[ /Filter ]

Think how cute I would look Slaying in these.

Feb. 22nd, 2015


Alternate dimensions do not surprise me at this point.

Jan. 3rd, 2015


Was it a spell? This has to be a spell. This has 'magic' written on it. This is spellalicious and I don't think I'm ready for this spell-y.

Hi, I'm Buffy, and I'm not supposed to be here. Here's nice! Here looks like a vacation! But I'm supposed to be in California; I just got my sister back...?

[ AU Buffy, she didn't date Riley or die. Comes from the end of S5! ]

Oct. 9th, 2014


I'll admit country isn't as bad as I thought it would be.

Sep. 23rd, 2014


Okay, so just give it a thought, but...

Dancing with the Stars with Blackpoint Celebrities. I can PR the shit out of that for charity. I need a distractio-

Aug. 9th, 2014


LINDSEY MOTHERFUCKING MCDONALD. You give me my car back right now. And stop tying up the intern. We don't pay him that much.

Jul. 3rd, 2013


If one more person asks me why I don't sparkle, I'm eating them.