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Feb. 29th, 2016


Predictable is now a bad word.

[ ooc: Linz, no rush, we can backdate!! ]

Jan. 25th, 2016


How many of
This much magic really sho
I'm still stuck at wow
Is there an

Hi, I'm Henry. Are were numbering or naming all the versions of our universe?

Dec. 16th, 2015


-you're quite certain this contraption will- Ah! So it does. And this, it does wha-

[ ooc: Liam Jones, AU where he lived because he stayed in Neverland. He was eventually freed from the island several hundred years later when everyone came to rescue Henry and the Dreamshade cure was administered. OTHER CHANGES/TWISTS ARE TBD IF I GET ANYONE ELSE FROM THIS AU. [edit] speech-to-text, obv. Gimme all your people. ]

Dec. 7th, 2015


So, is what's happening on the show a metaphor for the quality of it? Because seriously?

How are you people not drunk 24/7? Do you want drinks? I can probably cry at Remy until he gives me enough to spread the cheer.

[ooc; Spoilers for OUAT!]

Dec. 1st, 2015


I'm so sick of portals.

Papa? They said my other parents aren't her- Henry?

[ ooc; Same AU as Remy Mills & coma!Henry Mills! ]

Oct. 9th, 2015


The only way Dramamine actually helps is if I take it before swimming, boats, or docks. Not only was my entrance remarkably ungraceful and swear ridden, the waves are not what I'd call calm today so basically I'm just going to lie down for a little while.

So how many Swans and Joneses are there at this point? Are we talking sizable baseball team or actual village? (Just so you know, I counted and did this research when drunk one night, and we absolutely could have our own village. And town motto. Who wants to come up with the motto? I don't know why this is still in a parenthesis.)

Sep. 22nd, 2015


[Filtered to her Regina, Jefferson, and Killian]

Ugh, evil parents at 1 o'clock.


if someone would be so kind as to share how i can return to myself immediately, i would be quite grateful.

Jul. 7th, 2015


Seriously, another new alternate Earth? Does this one at least have more contact with alien life?

[ooc: martha jones with ph history!]

Jun. 22nd, 2015


Seriously, 2015? The portal couldn't have picked a good year? Like 2040? I enjoyed that year. AND I existed in it.

Since I know if any of my brothers are here, they fucked around enough for all of us: Mills and Jefferson's report. Emmas and extended can chime in too after they're done gaping at me. Yes, I'm awesome. Yes, you're all young and... whatever. I'm sure the word precious has been thrown around.

Call me Beth, full name is reserved for when I sneak through my bedroom window late or steal mom's good wine.

[OOC: Mini!Jefferson and Regina's kid!]

May. 24th, 2015


Kids, don't start fight clubs. It's stupid. You're stupid for doing it. Just don't do it.

You're looking at the newest uniformed officer at HPD and I just got suckerpunched by a 15 year old Tyler Durden wannabe. Yay.

Apr. 27th, 2015


For sale: one slightly used 72" flat screen.

[ooc; OUAT spoilers in the comments likely!]

Mar. 31st, 2015


I flew too close to the sun yesterday and spent the evening with a sugar hangover. :( (I am still getting used to real world food, Dad, don't panic!)

Hi! I'm Holly Mills. I didn't introduce myself last time. It's been a little while since I was around a lot of people at once, so that's kind of exciting. I tried to find that nice super cute cop who helped me when I got here, but I guess he was out being brave and heroic.

So how many people are here who are under 18? Please like me.

Mar. 26th, 2015


Hey, I don't have many complaints on the free trip to Hawaii, but the landing kind of sucked and I didn't even get to pack a bikini. And if my leg rots, you fuckers are paying for it And the latter's really more your (that's a 'you' general) problem even than it is mine.

[ OOC; genderswapped august booth! ]

Mar. 16th, 2015


Rumpelstiltskin is the worst, all offense intended. They better not hurt August. :|

Any bets on who the author is? Or do you think that the author is someone we haven't met yet?

[ooc; Spoilers, maybe!]

Mar. 15th, 2015


Sooooo I lost my job again. I don't think waitressing is for me, I think the customer is usually stupid, not right.

Feb. 8th, 2015


Oh God, oh God, oh God Quick question - how do you turn someone back from being a frog? Note that I will not be kissing them.

Jan. 31st, 2015


And more snow is expected. Someone tell the weather to quit it because I can't handle being a human popsicle any longer. And we need a better heater, guys, this one is on its last legs. I can kick in $100 for a good one.

I was offered a job at the If Only Farm Equestrian Center in Freeville. They want me to give private lessons on the weekends once the weather stops acting up. I thinking about taking it as part-time work in addition to the shop.

Jan. 5th, 2015


Am I late for the "let's shock our parents" routine? Because I'm not sure Should we really What if they don't want to ado Might make for a fun guessing game, anyway. Hey Blackpoint.

Dec. 21st, 2014


I've about had it with magic portals. I need to get back to my son.

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