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October 9th, 2015

[info]justapirate in [info]blackpoint

Well, mates, tonight's the last night to drink with me for a while. Tomorrow morning, I'm embarking on a ship that will be sailing about part of the world. I'll be gone a while, I suspect, if I come bac so you'll have to get in your toasts to me tonight.

[info]missinggrace in [info]blackpoint

Are we a boring married couple already? We need to do something about this. Steal a car. Rob a bank. Cheat on our taxes?

Good god I'm out of practice.

[info]lewisbarnes in [info]blackpoint

Really, Ma?

Who wants to help me dissemble a car and put it back outside of my apartment?

[info]princesshook in [info]blackpoint

The only way Dramamine actually helps is if I take it before swimming, boats, or docks. Not only was my entrance remarkably ungraceful and swear ridden, the waves are not what I'd call calm today so basically I'm just going to lie down for a little while.

So how many Swans and Joneses are there at this point? Are we talking sizable baseball team or actual village? (Just so you know, I counted and did this research when drunk one night, and we absolutely could have our own village. And town motto. Who wants to come up with the motto? I don't know why this is still in a parenthesis.)

[info]cygnet in [info]blackpoint

And again, the Annual Fall Paradox begins -- a festive time of year where I, in my excitement over the changing season, inadvertently can't stop making flowers that are completely not suited for autumn, thus sticking myself into a floral-scented time loop.

My morning company of animals is so confused already, and the leaves haven't even changed yet.

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