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August 28th, 2015

[info]snarkygenetics in [info]blackpoint

Mimosas weren't enough, I'm going to need the hard stuff to deal with 2015 again.

All right then, who all is here? I've seen Alex and Isla, of course. Can't miss their flailing hands.

Dr. Lyle Martin, at your service.

[ooc: BP!future Lyle! Specifics in his profile.]

[info]doubletime in [info]blackpoint

This universe, there are many Captain Americas in it, yes? Many Starks, many Widows, many Avengers. But not so many Ultrons, or Lokis, or Pierces. What do you do? Do you combat the corporations? Those seem to me to be the villains of this world, or at least the most visible.

I did not come back from the dead to be a mechanic, you see. I would wish to be useful.

[info]bbdani in [info]blackpoint

[Texts; Steph]

» I'm sitting here bored at work.
» Really bored. So much filing.
» But it's given me a lot of time to think.
» Do you have any arguments AGAINST staying married?

[info]thatironguy in [info]blackpoint

Rhodey, Honeybuns, where did the last two weeks go? Because I definitely don't remember them.

Children, future/alternate/whatever, of mine - roll call. Other members of the illustrious Stark family, you too.

[info]fishscaled in [info]blackpoint

While I'm getting my credentials together, I'll be teaching some swimming lessons and doing some snorkeling tours and things. Anyone want to go diving?

[ supernatural force, etc ]
I know there was a devastating situation with the selkies recently. Would you like me to try to communicate with anything in the ocean that might have any indication of what happened? I'm not sure how far the investigation has gone, but I wanted to offer my services if you'd like them.

[info]silvershot in [info]blackpoint

Well shit.

Peter, I broke the new coffee table.

[ Scottie D ]
What are you doing this weekend?

And, follow-up, do you want to go to Argentina with me? I have to go for an arms deal.

[info]fateofjedi in [info]blackpoint

Hi, I'm Jacen. I don't have much to say, yet. I've just taken in a lot of news and I'm coming to terms with all of it. This is a weird place. And the sensations through the Force... I'm pretty sure I haven't been chewing any lunaweed.

[info]delgados in [info]blackpoint

Hey, so full disclosure, I'm heading to Argentina in the morning. I'll be back by nighttime. Love you!