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December 22nd, 2014

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Don't feel much like Christmas, but then again I'm out of practice.

Now that the shock's done, anything else about this portal business I need to be in the know about? Rachel Grimes, is the name. Was a deputy back home before the shit hit the fan.

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So last night I braved the crowds and made it to Trader Joe's for some last-minute foraging. Basically, if it said "peppermint", "holiday", "cozy", or some combination therein, I bought it (this is how I wound up with gingerbread flavored croutons). Since I was literally run over by a shopping cart for this food, you guys are invited to drop in whenever in the next few days to help me eat it and celebrate. I'll even disable the trap on the welcome mat. :)

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Did you want t

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Guard, you can save us both the trouble of me breaking in by retuning my arrows to me now. It was a simple misunderstanding. These arrows don't miss, and if I had wanted to hit you I would have.

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Well, that officially answers that.

Sara does, in fact, make the cutest puppy ever.

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I'm terribly sorry about this; I was daydreaming in line at the shoppe today about how it's a shame that seals aren't really associated with the hols, not like polar bears are, at any rate, and then I thought that they might feel bad about not being noticed like that, and then one thing led to another, and the seal happened near my old neighborhood.

I'm glad that they found her, though! Feel a bit bad about it; she must have been awful confused. Happy Christmas, seal!