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Apr. 12th, 2015


you haven't been doing just fine

Who: Crystal, Desi and Reggie
Where: Camelot Place
When: Early evening

The last time something like this happened... )

Mar. 16th, 2015


All these ghosts and I still can't find a boo

Who: Skye, Lane and Jaye
Where: Decrepit, creepy old house in Ann Arbor
When: Saturday afternoon

Skye had heard about the alleged haunted house in one of the oldest parts of Ann Arbor on their first week of class. And then, she had kept hearing about it. People had all sorts of stories that had supposedly happened there, and although they always came with a number of doubters and skeptics, it was enough to appeal to Skye's curiosity. Even after the Light of May, while some people saw no more appeal in things that comprised the biggest hits as far as supernatural horror went, Skye saw more. Having things like vampires, weres, ghosts and demons confirmed as realities could only make things scarier.

As her mother would have said, 'the stars hadn't aligned' to make an actual foray into said haunted house before now. With school, and the numerous shenanigans happening around town (including Skye forgetting she had ever lived anywhere else, or that anything bad had ever happened to the twins or the coven), there had just not been a chance. But there was now. It was a nice Saturday afternoon - well, nice, at least it wasn't raining - and she had successfully convinced Lane to come along (hadn't been that hard, if she was honest) and they had successfully dragged Jaye along.

She was standing outside the house, climbing up one step then climbing down again, bouncy as ever. "Everybody got their phones out?" She asked the twins, eyes twinkling with anticipation. If something actually remarkable happened, she wanted to film it. It would go viral within seconds.

Feb. 22nd, 2015


the truth hurts, the truth hurts, just open your eyes and take a look.

Who: The Normandin Pack.
Where: The Normandin house.
When: Mid-afternoon.

No one was going to be happy about this. None of his siblings, not the uncles who would filter in from their various residences, and certainly not his parents. That certainty was a constant presence in the back of Mason’s mind as he got out of his car and swung the door shut behind him, palming his keys as he headed for the house’s front door and let himself in without knocking or ringing the bell. Long gone were the days when he would have done either as a simple courtesy, Robert Normandin had to have those constant reminders that his position of Alpha was long gone and belonged to his eldest son now and Mason picked out his father’s scent nearby as he crossed through the house to the kitchen.

Coffee. He needed coffee.

It wasn’t long after his arrival that others started to trickle in, gathering in one of the house’s large reception rooms with refreshments of various types arranged by Linda because she had nothing else to do with her time other than give the help instructions to put together plates and make sure everyone had a drink. Mason let his mother busy herself and waited until everyone was present before he made a start on what needed to be done.

“I know this was last minute,” he said, standing in front of the grand fireplace so that all eyes were turned his way, the seating arranged in such a way that he was their natural focal point, “but thank you all for coming.” That was a simple courtesy he was going to extend, albeit in a level firm tone that did nothing to invite any sort of discussion or retort from those gathered. The energy in the room was tense, uncertain. They knew something was coming but weren’t sure what. “I’m sure you all felt the effects of what we can only assume was some sort of magic the last few days,” he went on. “What the point of it was I can’t even begin to guess and I don’t care to. I brought you all here to inform you of a change in the state of things that came to pass during those few days.” No time like the present. Mason just had to say it, get it out in the open so they could react and then move past it. They were going to hate it, hate him very possibly, certainly the redhead to whom he was now permanently attached and bonded, but that was too bad.

“Kiley Ricks and I are now mates.” There it was. Plain and simple, the information now theirs to deal with as they saw fit. Within reason, of course.

Feb. 6th, 2015


the world is sleeping, but they still have hope

WHO | Katia, Missy, and Nikita
WHERE | Nikita's home
WHEN | Morning
WARNINGS | A hint of violence

She couldn’t wait to break the news. )

Feb. 1st, 2015


Now I need a break

Who: Crystal, Desi and Sarah
Where: Many Paths --> Crystal's house
When: Around four p.m.

Witchy things! )


a good, old fashioned double date

WHO | Harper, Josh, Daveigh, & Gabe
WHERE | The Owl's Nest
WHEN | Evening

Needless to say, her day kind of sucked. )

Jan. 30th, 2015


then it walks with my legs

Who: Jesse, Farren and August
Where: Scarlet Oak Community Park
When: Late Afternoon

These walks had become a daily occurrence now. Jesse would get dressed, leave the hotel and wander aimlessly through the town she barely knew. She was getting to know it, no fear of getting lost, and each day she would find something worthy of adding to her mental map. She had not found that yet today, but there was hope. She vaguely recalled having been cooped up in her hotel room for a while, but couldn't remember why. And she certainly did not know what exactly she was doing here, seeing no tangible purpose for having relocated so far from home.

She was fine with it, however. Maybe she had closed her eyes and pointed somewhere on the map and just...gone. It was nice not having to worry about leaving anyone behind. Jesse's time, her life, was her own. Whatever she made of it. It was nice.

Stopping to admire the wind rustling through the trees, Jesse leaned against one, smiling. This autumn was different than that of home, no less beautiful for it. Maybe more, because she wasn't used to it. A new song started on her iPod as the girl closed her eyes, allowing the wind to mess up her hair and ruffle up her skirt. Sometimes, at the very back of her mind, Jesse thought of how she felt almost too weightless, too free. But those thoughts never lasted long. There was so much out there to discover, and Jesse did not want to miss a thing. Although she appeared to be missing how she had gone from singing along to the song in her ears to humming it out loud.

Jan. 19th, 2015


we celebrate the end

Who: Kavanagh Family
Where: Arwen's house
When: Late afternoon

'Desi thought we should have a party celebrating my failed marriage.' )

Jan. 1st, 2015


this is my happy family

Who: Katia, Kristen, Missy and Nikita (NPC Silvia)
Where: Vostrikova household
When: Morning

'Good morning everyone.' )

Dec. 23rd, 2014


i'm free to decide

Who: Arwen, Desi and Emilia
Where: Sandwich shop near Hope Fellowship Church
When: Lunch

Still, Emilia would feel bad if Desi knew something about her that Arwen did not. )

Oct. 2nd, 2014


it's a birthday party, not an interview

Who: Bess, Keelin, Reggie. Crystal and Sarah (NPCs)
Where: Reggie's apartment
When: Early evening

'Don't you dare play twenty questions with her, Crystal.' )

Sep. 2nd, 2014


you done me wrong, but i want to forgive you

WHO. T.J., Toby, and Belinda
WHEN. Afternoon
WHERE. His house

How was friendship possible when his feelings were still so strong? )

Aug. 27th, 2014


if i die young bury me in satin.

Who: Daniel, Zoie and Regan
Where: Amazing Grace Church
When: Early evening
Warnings: Violence, character death

The sharp of a short life. )

Jun. 15th, 2014



Will move if we end up putting this on a different game day <3

May. 23rd, 2014


Tender is the fur, dying as you purr

Who: Lux, Tessa and Jackson
Where: Tessa's apartment
When: Afternoon

Lux was no longer sure just how well she could feel her own torso from all the trepidation. Butterflies were nothing compared to the raw unnerving sensation that accompanied her on the drive from the precinct to Camelot Place. On her mind were no thoughts but those that pertained to how much she wanted this to work. She wanted - needed - to go after that bitch who had attacked Troy and as much as it pained her at this point Troy's opinion on the matter didn't really matter anymore. She would go regardless. She would do this even if Tessa and Jackson - whom she didn't even really know - backed down. She would do this, sadly, even if it killed her. There wasn't that much to live for if her mind continued to be consumed with this need for revenge anyway.

Parking the car on the first available spot Lux almost ran the length separating it from Tessa's apartment, and once she was standing in front of the door she noticed her hand was trembling as she knocked. It didn't matter. Lu would do this even if she couldn't feel herself properly, even if she couldn't control herself. Which reminded her that she really ought to; turning into a monster and mauling to death your only allies did not make for a good execution of any plan. Not that they had a plan, not yet. But three heads were better than one, Lux trusted their collective intelligence. They would get there.

And that bitch would regret ever having lain a finger on Troy Rogers.

May. 7th, 2014


whose crashing down now?

Who: Joseph, Daisy, Aiden and Bandit (NPC)
Where: Meadow on the outskirts of town
When: Afternoon
Warning: Fire elementals?


Apr. 30th, 2014


We're still here

Who: Cole, Isolde, Lilith & Niamh
Where: Hospital waiting room
When: Evening

Can you believe those guys? I mean, they didn't even laugh at my alien joke! )

Apr. 27th, 2014


trying not to lose my head

Who: Bunny, Jack & Shena
Where: SOHS
When: Shortly after the school doors open

When worried, Shena Digby did not believe in the kind of pause that actually allowed people to answer. )

Apr. 26th, 2014


just get me out of here

Who: Keelin, Kahlan, and Reggie. Some NPCs
Where: U of M Hospital --> Camelot Place
When: Afternoon

I just want to go home )

Apr. 4th, 2014


Family Reunion!

WHO: Søren, Seraphina & Alicia
WHERE: Hotel di sei Ali (Gammelgård Suite -> Hotel Restaurant)
WHEN: Lunch

The subject had been difficult to breach. Søren had tried several times to say 'your mother' but the fear that Acacia would just walk away again stopped him from properly explaining anything. So he'd told his daughter that they were going to meet a friend of his. Someone they knew from Denmark and he'd happened to bump into. Someone who had met her as an infant, which is why Alicia may or may not remember her. None of these were actual lies, though he was omitting a very crucial part of their relationship. And, really, Rose had been more parent to Alicia than either him or Acacia had been. But he'd told his daughter that they were spending the day together. No realtors, no doctors...just them, though they would have lunch with an old friend. Afterwards, they could explore the town. Whatever her little heart desired. )

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