April 2015




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Apr. 9th, 2015


take a break, take control, take advice from someone you know.

Who: Trent and Farren.
Where: Trent’s apartment.
When: Just after midday.

When he’d sent the text the previous night it had been with the intention of reconnecting with his sister, the oldest of the Summers daughters. It had been too long since he’d spent time with Farren and truth be told Trent missed her, everything about her: her wit, her bite, her keen intelligence and sharp sense of humour, the way she told things how they were and didn’t feel the need to wrap people in cotton wool to spare their feelings. For all that she had a good heart, she was a Summers after all, she was honest and considerate and she had compassion as the rest of them did. It was just that she didn’t feel the need to conform to the world around her in order to fit in, she knew exactly who she was and she wasn’t afraid to embrace that, to hell with what anyone else thought. The world could use more people like her, in Trent’s opinion, that sort of brutal honesty could help solve a lot of problems.

With enough food on the go to satisfy a werewolf’s appetite Trent made the last rounds of the apartment to make sure things were tidy, not because he worried that Farren would think less of him for any mess but just because the smallest offhanded comment to their mother would have Camilla knocking on his door to clean things up quicker than either of them could say oops. Trent didn’t want his mother worrying about him, especially now that he had moved out and into his own place, between his job and his somewhat complicated relationship she already worried about him enough. There was no need to make it worse.

Tossing the last of his laundry in the basket to be dealt with later Trent heard the knock on the door and lightly jogged through the modest apartment to answer it, pulling it open and offering his sister a smile as he saw her standing on the other side. “Right on time,” he said, “the food’s just about ready. Come on in.” Not that he needed to tell her she could come in, she already knew that, but he stepped aside and waved her in anyway.

Jan. 30th, 2015


then it walks with my legs

Who: Jesse, Farren and August
Where: Scarlet Oak Community Park
When: Late Afternoon

These walks had become a daily occurrence now. Jesse would get dressed, leave the hotel and wander aimlessly through the town she barely knew. She was getting to know it, no fear of getting lost, and each day she would find something worthy of adding to her mental map. She had not found that yet today, but there was hope. She vaguely recalled having been cooped up in her hotel room for a while, but couldn't remember why. And she certainly did not know what exactly she was doing here, seeing no tangible purpose for having relocated so far from home.

She was fine with it, however. Maybe she had closed her eyes and pointed somewhere on the map and just...gone. It was nice not having to worry about leaving anyone behind. Jesse's time, her life, was her own. Whatever she made of it. It was nice.

Stopping to admire the wind rustling through the trees, Jesse leaned against one, smiling. This autumn was different than that of home, no less beautiful for it. Maybe more, because she wasn't used to it. A new song started on her iPod as the girl closed her eyes, allowing the wind to mess up her hair and ruffle up her skirt. Sometimes, at the very back of her mind, Jesse thought of how she felt almost too weightless, too free. But those thoughts never lasted long. There was so much out there to discover, and Jesse did not want to miss a thing. Although she appeared to be missing how she had gone from singing along to the song in her ears to humming it out loud.

Dec. 23rd, 2014


i've wrote this line one thousand times, i'll write it again to gain sincerity.

Who: Sam and Farren.
Where: A grocery store.
When: Mid-afternoon.

If it had been up to him Sam wouldn’t have gone along on the trip to the store. As it was for such a through-and-through Omega as Sam nothing at all was up to him, not in his mind. Choices and decisions were things more dominant people made, his place in the world was to do as he was told and even if something was presented to him as a question it was still interpreted in his mind as a command. When Farren had mentioned the store and him going along Sam had taken it as an order for him to accompany her and so he had nodded his head quietly and meekly and followed her lead as an Omega was meant to do.

There was a part of Sam that had hoped he might feel a little better if he got out of the house and away from the tight pressing feeling of being watched. He was wrong. All the way across the parking lot and into the store itself he had felt that weight on him that made him feel like there were eyes on him and even when they had a cart and were making their way slowly and steadily around the place, navigating the aisles aimlessly and with no real order in mind he couldn’t help but look around to find that keen gaze. The fact that he couldn’t see anyone watching him and couldn’t smell anyone either didn’t help him to relax in the least and he was so distracted by his nervous search for an unknown threat that he bumped into the edge of the cart because he wasn’t watching where he was going.

Sam tensed further then and flinched back, hearing the items in the cart jostle and rattle. Farren was one of those in the pack around whom he still wasn’t sure how to behave and Sam felt his throat dry up even as he tried to apologise. “I-I’m sorry.” It wasn’t even that he was embarrassed, that was never the case for him, it was always more fear-driven, much closer to shame than anything else.

Aug. 23rd, 2014


distrust of the new

WHO | Farren & Anastasia
WHERE | Edge of Summers' property
WHEN | Afternoon

You new around here? )

Mar. 16th, 2014


we'll let our howls fill the sky

WHO | Farren & Open to any of the Summers pack
WHERE | Packlands
WHEN | Evening/Night

Farren spent hours in her wolf form, sprinting through the trees and large rocks just to expel the energy that filled her veins. )

Feb. 12th, 2014


shoot 'em up, sis

WHO | Jo & Farren, Open to anyone who’d be in the Summers’ house
WHERE | Summers’ House
WHEN | Night

Farren Summers: the most mature of the Summers girls. Obviously.  )

Feb. 4th, 2014


meet the good samaritan

WHO | Castel & Farren
WHERE | Outside of Starbucks
WHEN | Just past lunch

The way that her retorts would just spin off of her tongue like barbed bat-a-rangs was nothing short of art, not to mention grounds for termination. )

Jan. 12th, 2014


how about a little customer service?

WHO | Farren & Josh
WHERE | Bits & Bytes
WHEN | Morning

The whole thing had Farren feeling restless, abrasive, and oh so easy to set off. )

Jun. 15th, 2013


Pack Emergency

Who: Jo and August (other Summers and Summers' close ones also welcome of course)
Where: At the high school

Bring paper bags in case of hyperventilation )

Jun. 12th, 2013


wake up call

Who: August and Farren
When: September 25, 2009
Where: Summers's house


May. 31st, 2013


hunters, smokers, and boomers, oh my!

WHO | Farren & Sam
WHERE | Summers' home
WHEN | early afternoon

Come give me a hand in the zombie apocalypse and I'll make you lunch. )

May. 23rd, 2013


They say love is blind...

WHO: Julian & Farren
WHERE: The Owl's Nest -> Berry Bucket
WHEN: July 2002

...especially when your date gouges out your eyes at first meet. )

Oct. 3rd, 2012


service without a smile

Who: Lumen and OPEN
Where: Sarah’s Place
When: Just after school

I’m guessing these weren’t cooked with love? )

Aug. 28th, 2012


What is this?

Who: Halne and Farren
When: early evening, close to sunset
Where: Scarlet Oak park

Almost immediately she felt a giggle bubbling up from her chest. )

Aug. 4th, 2012


It's not the heat, it's the humidity

Who: BJ and Open!
When: 9:30ish in the morning
Where: Starbucks

On a normal day, BJ was as sweet as pie to most people. Even if she wanted to call them a useless sack of shit and punch them in the face, she'd smile brightly and pretend to let things go.

Today was not one of those days. )

Apr. 16th, 2012


Swear to shake it up, if you swear to listen

Who: Corwin and Farren
Where: Starbucks
What: Let me get that for you
When: Morning time

It seems the artists these days are not who you think, so we'll pick back up on that on another page )

Mar. 6th, 2012


Without the rain, there would be no rainbow

WHO | Farren & OPEN Jackson
WHERE | outside of the Summers property
WHEN | early afternoon

Regardless, she felt pent up and couldn't handle being inside anymore. )

Jan. 9th, 2012


all the great things go away

WHO | Farren & August
WHERE | near the Bridge
WHEN | around 12pm

everything's gonna change again )