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Nov. 26th, 2012


we're still chasing our tails.

Who: Sam and August.
Where: Sunny’s Diner.
When: Afternoon, not long after this.

Whatever happened happened, and that was that. Plain and simple. )


the days seem like an endless journey.

Who: Nick and Quinn.
Where: U of M hospital; random staff lounge.
When: Night.

Honestly Nick wasn’t even sure where it was he had ended up. )

Nov. 22nd, 2012


and i know that i haven't learned it all.

Who: Savvy and Langston.
Where: A random grocery store.
When: Evening.

Blueberry orrrr Apple Strudel? Decisions, decisions. )


all of the technical difficulties

Who: Madeleine & Zaviar
Where: Women's Clinic
When: Afternoon

There was a problem with being knocked up. )

Nov. 18th, 2012


and i spend my time as i please.

Who: Mason and Kiley.
Where: Kiley's house to start.
When: Around midday.

What was it they said about teaching an old dog new tricks? )


And the cat's in the cradle

Who: Kristen and Missy
Where: Ann Arbor
When: Afternoon

Well we'll get together then. )


you're not as brave as you were at the start.

Who: Sam, Lotti, and Julian.
Where: In town, not far from an ice cream parlour!
When: Afternoon.

Maybe this hadn’t been a good idea after all. )

Nov. 16th, 2012


want to stay home, be left alone

Who: Cheila & Linnea
Where: Elias home --> Niemi home
When: Afternoon

somebody make my mind up so I don't have to decide. )


nothing new, wild west

Who: Katsumi & Teddy
Where: Streets of S.O.
When: Afternoon

'Have you left that apartment at all yet?' )

Nov. 15th, 2012


Just Like Heaven

Who: Odin and Bella
Where: A fancy Chinese Restaurant in Ann Arbor and then somewhere you can swing dance in Ann Arbor
When: Evening

After a pleasant enough drive to Ann Arbor, during which Odin had more or less been able to hide the fact he hadn't driven a car in years - many, many years, he and Bella finally made it to the restaurant he had picked. While he did not know Bella all that well he could guess she wasn't much of a fan of big displays and overly fancy things so he had chosen a smaller, cozier place where it was said the customers were treated great and the food was as great as the treatment. It was, indeed, a cozy looking place, not too large or open-aired, but not too small that one would feel constrained in there. He had called in advance and asked for a more secluded booth, though not too secluded that Bella felt he was dominating her attention - although he liked it if he was especially not on purpose.

Ever the perfect gentleman he pulled out the chair for her with a smile, and handed her the menu first. When the waiter came over he ordered himself a sparkling water and waited for her to order herself something to drink. "I wasn't sure if you'd like wine, but we can order a bottle if you would." He told her with a smile. He'd just really missed sparkling water, believe it or not.

Nov. 14th, 2012


I think I'm ready to leap, I'm ready to live

Who: Evan and Erika (and probably Erika's familiar Petunia too)
Where: Erika's house
When: Early evening

I'm ready to go. )

Nov. 9th, 2012


I can see inside you, the sickness is rising

Who: Angeline and Alistair
Where: Ad Gustum Dungeons
When: Afternoon

Sunday was supposed to be a day for family, for the Lord, for self-contemplation. For Angeline of course that meant almost the complete opposite, which was why she found herself eager to visit her more permanent vampire pet almost as soon as she woke up. Other engagements stopped her from doing so until the afternoon, though, and then of course she had spent a good amount of time picking the perfect outfit as per the ritual. Before entering the place Alistair called home Angeline picked up her whip, the sting of the silver etched into it giving her inspiration if any was lacking. Inside the dungeon there was already a box filled with Angeline's rejected silver jewelry which she liked to put on Alistair and watch the patterns it marked into his skin.

Very slowly Angeline unlocked the door to Alistair's little slice of heaven, and a moment of insecurity took over as she wondered if she ought to be here without Tanith. The moment was fleeting, however, and since Angeline rarely lacked self-confidence she got over it very quickly. Of course she ought to be here, he was his to train on and this was her place (as well as her sister's, but that wasn't important right now). With her confidence fully restored Angeline walked fully into Alistair's dungeon, a pang of nervous excitement coursing through her body like electricity. She walked to the table where the jewelry box stood, placed the whip next to it and opened it, proceeding to display the many beautiful pieces of silver jewelry she had been given, right where Alistair could see them. She had seen deranged torturers display tongs and pincers, scissors and cleavers the same way she now displayed chokers and earrings, pendants and bracelets. Angeline made no effort to acknowledge Alistair's presence, preferring to let him watch instead of thinking this was a collaborative effort.


No you can't has!

Who: Ben and Will
Where: Their home
When: Mid-morning

It was a marvelous Sunday morning, albeit a bit chilly and overcast. Ben had gotten up early, made breakfast for himself and his cousin and gone outside to enjoy some light internet browsing under the crisp fresh air, courtesy of wi-fi. Ben dug into the local news from when he'd been gone, finding everything from angels coming to earth to a new laser-tag place in town which he made a mental note to visit at some point. Will would probably like that. It wasn't too long before he started to realize he was no longer in Hawaii and he would need more than a t-shirt if he wanted to keep sitting outside like this. During his vacation Ben had gotten used to warm, sunny days from dusk until dawn and he had refused to acknowledge this was no longer the case back in Michigan. With a sigh Ben put his laptop on the side-table next to his chair and prepared to go inside and get himself a sweater when he smelled something. Something off. Something horrible, in fact, something that wouldn't have been so horrible if it hadn't been right in his backyard.

Darting his eyes from side to side Ben searched for the source of the smell until he found it. It was just standing there, looking at him defiantly like they liked to do, as if daring him to do something about this shameless invasion of private property, as though it said "What're you gonna do?" with its very eyes. With a look of disgust and anger Ben darted inside.

"Will! Wiiiiiiiiiill! There's a cat in the backyard. A cat. A fucking cat and it doesn't give a shit that I'm a dog. It's just sitting there and it's probably plotting something nefarious as we speak!"

Nov. 7th, 2012


so you don't know me...

Who: Star and Venus
Where: Camelot Place
When: Morning

But hi and also I love you. )


not your typical mother-daughter talk for your not typical mother-daughter

Who: Nikita and Silvia
When: Afternoon
Where: Home

Silvia hadn't been bothered by most of the things that were on people's mind the past week. She hadn't gone to the park so she hadn't even seen the glitter berries that caused all the problems, nothing strange had happened to her abilities or her dreams. No, Silvia was great. Okay, maybe not really great because she wasn't sure about some things. Like the other morning when she'd gotten up and smelled Nikita's scent wafting out of Missy's room or yesterday when she had heard the two in the kitchen and peeked in from where she was 'doing her homework' to see that neither of them looked like they were about to kill the other. Wasn't that weird? Weren't they supposed to really not get along? Kristen had said it was Missy who hated vampires and had told her they were bad so it only made sense that she'd hate them too. Which meant that Nikita should hate Missy and shouldn't have turned her in the first place but that obviously wasn't the case.

"Adults are confusing," was what Silvia had decided. They didn't ever do what made sense and if they did then the world would freeze over. But that didn't mean she wasn't going to try to make it make sense for her. Missy was still here, Kristen was still here, and Nikita hadn't given her an update on the whole situation. Silvia wasn't sure how things worked with vampires, but since one of them had adopted her she kinda figured that she deserved to have a bit better of an idea than she did. So after she grabbed a glass of milk out of the fridge -- part of her really still wanted to pour it into a saucer -- she made her way to where she could clearly scent Nikita. "Sooooooo," Silvia drawled as she moved in and perched herself on the nearest seat that wasn't the floor. "What's up with you?"

Nov. 6th, 2012


Take a chance

Who: Charlene and Liam
Where: the frozen yogurt shoppe!
When: afternoon

Let your body get a tolerance )


Where do we go from here?

Who: Treat and Tanith (and Eztli)
When: Morning
Where: Treat's house

Once again, it took a while for Tanith to truly wake up. Not because of some strange magic this time, but because she'd slept like a log. She was a light sleeper, but it was entirely possible a hurricane couldn't have roused her that night. Tanith stared at the ceiling for a long time before she remembered that she was in Treat's house. Nope, totally didn't dream that. Or anything, for that matter.

We're at the crossroads, my dear )

Nov. 5th, 2012


Two angels walk into a bar...

Who: Selena and Orion
Where: Ozzy's
When: At around 10pm

Being an angel of healers, Selena had quickly befriended most of her fellow EMTs and even some nurses at the hospital. Tonight it was one of those EMT's bachelorette party, thrown on Sunday because they had only managed to get tonight off and gotten the night shift on the following Monday. It was unusual, but they were having fun. The drinks were flowing, the music was good - despite there being no band playing live tonight - and everybody looked great. This was the first time Selena was going out without Jonas, but it was an all-girls event and to be fair she enjoyed the nightlife a lot more than he did.

Approaching the bar, she leaned over it, getting the bartender's attention right away. She ordered herself a drink and stood waiting for it to be ready while she swayed to the music. It was a fun night, for a Sunday. And with all that had been happening recently every girl she was with deserved to let their hair down.


Her fever dream

WHO: Kenna, Treat, probably familiars
WHERE: Treat's house, specifically outside the guest bedroom
WHEN: Stupid o'clock in the morning, about 2am-ish

So far, so good. Despite the fact that there had been no nightmares this time around, Treat had slept fitfully at best. The downside of not actually sleeping next to the person whose dreams you were supposed to be consuming was that you didn't know when they were sleeping. Finally, when he woke up for the umpteenth time that night at around two in the morning, he decided that Tanith was hopefully asleep by now. Throwing on a robe and cat slippers, he made his way down the hall towards the guest bedroom where Tanith was sleeping. And, hopefully, Eztli, too. The last thing he needed was for there to be a witness to all this strangeness.

A language on her face. )


And suddenly, a wild Muse appears!

Who: Muse and OPEN!
When: About 4 in the morning
Where: Forests of Scarlet Oak

Of all the strange and silly things in the human world, Muse had perhaps the hardest time remembering that they had time zones. Sure, technically they had time zones in the fair realm, but Muse had never traveled at such a speed to really be affected by them. Thirty seconds ago, she'd been in Mumbai, and it had been hot and sunny. When she appeared in the fairy ring in Scarlet Oak, it was cold and dark. Oops. It did smell a lot better, though. Scents of trees and grass and dirt and dew... all good things. She'd always found something wholesome about the scent of the woods. Nourishing, really.

She wasn't properly attired for her new surroundings, but that didn't bother her so much. She stepped out of the fairy ring, and drew a little magic into the palm of her hand. It lingered there and glowed for a moment. "Which way to the road, please?" The magic shot north-east, so that was the way she started off. She would need to find a place to stay.

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