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Aug. 17th, 2011



[As of July, 2011]

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Jun. 23rd, 2011


[private to E. Pride]

I've typed this message out several times and deleted it every time. Thought I might as well just go with it before I permanently ruin my delete key.

I just wanted to apologise for all that happened. I realise that I should have been forward about what had happened, and I am sincerely sorry for whatever complications I caused between yourself and Preston. It is my hope that you and he have spoken and reconciled.

Perhaps I'll stop by Reliquary some time for a cup. Non-alcoholic, of course. I just do not wish to cause you any further trouble, my friend, so I may keep my space.



D Wallace, T Brandon

[Call to D Wallace - 3 am]

[Voicemail left for T Brandon - also 3 am]
Tomas, es Zari. The car is at the Medical Examiner's office for you to retrieve. Gracias.



A Mercutio seeking a Juliet. And a Romeo, if he is so inclined.


Oh God this is so stupid what is wrong with me I'm looking for someone who's good with tech. There's something wrong with my [...] computer. Its hardware not software, and its not exactly something I can take to the local Best Buy.


GUYS. SERIOUSLY. This fog is the best thing that's ever happened. It's a totally free smoke machine! Let's get our dubstep ooonnn!!! I know this super great DJ and I think I can get my hands on some pretty cheap glow sticks.

[Private to M. Main]
So like. Need a babysitter? What's your hourly rate? In high school I got paid 10 20 bucks an hour.

[Private to D. Galakis]
How much do I have to bribe you to go party with me toniiiiiight?



I'm looking for a boy from the costume party. He was wearing a helmet, and he kissed a nurse. I want to know if he's okay?


This fog is so boring. Jello is no longer funny, that's what it's done to me.


MK Robinson, H Radcliffe, L Henry

[Locked to MK Robinson]
I should have asked this days ago but How was the party, MK? And how are things with your cute neighbor?

[Locked to H Radcliffe]
Did you go?

[Locked to L Henry]
How much trouble did you get in?


I Hughes, L Pride, L Davies

[Locked to I Hughes and L Pride]
I've been holed up inside Reliquary with the fog as it is, but I wanted to ensure you're both remaining inside, where it's safe.

[Locked to L Davies]
Did you make it home safely? I'm still angered. I've no idea what to

[Not posted]



Hello Seattle. How is everyone doing in this weather? Unharmed, I hope.

[Locked to D. Hockney]

Thank you for your torture help a few days ago. Dagny has thanked me and all is well.

Jun. 22nd, 2011


Comm message: Bat

[Message left on the Bat's comm, around 4 am, the time she knows he's generally getting home and getting Amanda out of the master bed and into her crib.]

Hey, looks like I won't make it home tonight after all. Chief has us all out on assignments, and I'm riding around Rainier with some paramedics. Don't worry, they have good fog lights, and you aren't getting rid of me that easy. [Pause, as she tries to figure out how to say what she wants to say.] I talked to Luke. [Another pause.] He feels like shit. [Sigh.] He's afraid to tell us when he screws up, Brandon, and that means he's afraid to loop us in on shit before he screws up. [Tentatively.] He just doesn't want to disappoint you, and he second guesses himself. [Even more tentatively.] Maybe work on decision making exercises? We spent a full six months on those in the military. [Deep breath.] Okay, if you're still listening and not fuming, give Amanda a kiss for me. I'll try to be home tonight. Stay safe, or I'll kick your ass.



The Seattle Times: Cat Burglar Leaves Her Mark )


So what are we to expect next? Hail? Perhaps a monsoon or a wave of locust.



So, I'm looking for Rome? Not the city, the person, in case there were any doubts as to my intelligence I do know where Rome is, thank you very much..

Anyways. This fog? Can go away right now. I can barely make it to work without nearly killing myself by bumping into everything and tripping over everything. Seriously, Seattle. Your weather needs to calm the hell down.



There's so much activity on this forum, it's hard to keep up. But if I'm ever going to get out of the house...

Is everyone doing alright in the fog?


[Phone call to G. Dailey]
Ring, Ring.


T Brandon, D Wallace

[Locked to T Brandon]
I know we have not spoken in some time, and you are very busy, but I require un favor, and I could not think of who else to ask who would not insist on coming with me.

[Locked to D Wallace]
Estoy - I am worried.


Okay, Seattle, would you care to let summer come, finally? It's the summer solstice, and fog is all over the city. What the actual hell. Is it too hard to ask for a little normalcy in this city? (I know I bitch about being bored, but I'd rather be bored and be able to actually leave my damn apartment.)

[locked to aaron abrams]
You were looking kinda down when I passed by you this morning. Everything alright?

[locked to spider-man]
I saw that video. It made me literally sick That was some beating. Are you okay?


isolated vigilante comm: bat

[Sent Tuesday evening, after a day of resting restlessly.]

Hey Bat? [He pauses.] I know I'm probably not on the list to go to your next birthday party, but I've got something you'll want to be clued in on.

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