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Aug. 17th, 2011



[As of July, 2011]

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Jun. 23rd, 2011


Who: Zari and Aaron Spider-man
What: A nice, summer drive in the fog, to bury people
Where: A road, the Black Mansion
When: Last night
Warnings: These two need therapy

He had walked into Black's last trap, what if he was doing it again? His adrenaline spiked, sweat beading on the nape of his neck. )


Who: Lucas (narrative)
What: Open Mic Night
Where: Random bar
When: Thursday night
Warnings: None

This is why you don't go around picking up costumed men at parties, Lucas. )


Who: Gwen and Wren
What: Walking and talking
Where: Between Rainier and Bathos
When: When the fog started
Warnings: None

By the time Gwen was halfway to Wren's location, the fog had permeated everything. )


Who: Eli and Preston
What: Talking and kissing
Where: Reliquary
When: The morning after this
Warnings: None really. This one fades to black at the end.

Eli had intended to leave it at that. Just a kiss, nothing more to muddy the waters or confuse Preston, who he already thought of as confused. )

Jun. 22nd, 2011


Who: Max and Renard
What: Gifts
When: Um...After he talks to Thomas, before all the party stuff
Where: Renard’s Office, Thomas, Inc
Warnings: Max's inner monologue includes bad words.

Yeah, definitely not just a reporter. )


Who: Nell Rex-Wood, Will Lowell, and Orin Monarch
What: Nell and Orin take a paternity test. She panics.
Where: Will's Lab at Monarch Industries
When: The day after The anonymous post about Orin.
Warnings: Mild panic, but nothing else.

He told me he needed a test to determine paternity.... And I doubt that you’re the paternal one of the pair. )


WHO: Lilly Black Cat and Aaron Spider-Man
WHAT: He's stopping a robbery in action. She's yanking his chain. Spidey's having the worst month ever.
WHERE: Art Gallery!
WHEN: Before Monday's Meet the Re-Animated!Parents (see notes below)
NOTES: Technically this takes place pre-Black Pearl party (as referenced here) but moving it to slight vague~ timeline because Des was late on posting her news article :C

But there was a part of him that really liked walking in on a simple “break and enter” case. )

Jun. 21st, 2011


Who: Roger and Gwen
What: Roger telling Gwen he's been baaaad
Where: Gwen's home
Warnings: Making oooouuut and Roger swearing

I never said I was smart, Red. )

Jun. 20th, 2011


Who: Zari
What: Narrative: Papi takes a turn for the worse
Where: Bathos
When: Recentish
Warnings: Spanish?

It began with him calling her by her mother's name. )


Who: Cassidy (closed, narrative)
What: Cass is abandoned, so Cass brings down the fog. [Forum update to follow.]
Where: Various
When: Immediately following this.
Warnings: Sadness. Madness. Other rhyming bad words.
Notes: I would like to state for the record it was not my intention to end up with three supervillains. Okay.

she's running out the door / she's running out / she run / run / run / run )


Who: Archibald Black and Spider-Man
What: Spidey gets to sit in on a Black family reunion
Where: The Black Mansion
When: Monday night at 8 pm
Warnings: Cheesy one-liners, grotesque monsters, and massive amounts of violence against a certain spider

Lately, I’ve been thinking that you and I are meant for each other. It’s bad luck to deny the cosmos. )


Who: Nell Rex-Wood ARCHER and Aaron Abrams SPIDER-MAN
What: Two young masks learn how to dance fight. Flirting ensues.
Where: In the alley behind a club downtown.
When: Saturday Night
Warnings: None.

I’m sorry I didn’t bring the cake, but if you play your cards right, I might take the role of the stripper. )


Who: Luke, Wren and Cassidy
What: Diner conversation, which will likely have unfortunate consequences.
Where: A diner.
When: Directly after this.
Warnings: None.

Asking Wren to make any choices based on her own desires was so foreign to her that she just stared at Luke when he said the choice was hers. )


Who: Rome and Eli
What: A chat about relationships, because Rome is the perfect person to ask.
Where: Reliquary.
When: A couple hours after this.
Warnings: Explicit language, quite a lot of it.

Honesty sucks, Eli. )

Jun. 19th, 2011


Who: Preston, Eli, & Lucas
What: Seeing to the drunken Preston
Where: Reliquary -> Sparke Industries Lab -> Reliquary
When: Immediately after this
Warnings: Passive aggressive anger? Otherwise, none.

Tell him, if you would, that I’m about to drive this car into a wall of glass that belongs to his employer. )


Who: Anton and Preston
What: Consultations and drinking on the job.
Where: Sparke Industries Seattle Offices
When: SO backdated, during this, which took place quite some time before the Black Pearl Shindig.
Warnings: Mild language, perhaps.
Note: I just realized this was never posted. I blame Jeannie.

That damn smile was the bane of Preston’s existence. )


Who: Archibald Black
What: Good, old fashioned, parricide.
Where: Black Mansion
When: Sunday Evening
Warnings: Violence, crazy, murder.

Now you're thinking too fast. You're like marbles on glass. Vilify. Don't even try. )

Jun. 18th, 2011


Who: Nell Rex-Wood and Lucas Davies
What: The best roommate in the world helps his young friend deal with her first hangover
Where: Bathos 601
When: The morning after the masque
Warnings: None.

Your dignity still intact, love? Or do we have to go and fetch it from somewhere? )


Who: Eli & Lucas
What: Drinks between friends
Where: Reliquary
When: The night after the costume party
Warnings: None

We’re not meant to be alone, people. Not in society, not in our homes. Everything here is fast, quick, no one connects or speaks. It’s not what we’re meant for, and I don’t recommend it. Slow down, make connections, call interesting blokes you meet at costume events. )

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