April 2024



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February 21st, 2024



[No Subject]

[Filtered for 18+ Station Residents]

....Does anyone else need to let off steam? Realizing some of us have already been doing this, but there are days when I feel the need to hit something hard.

Guess what I'm saying is, who wants to start a fight club? There would be rules. No powers. Matches have to be even, etc.

I'm not here to see anyone get seriously hurt, but there are definitely days I could use something like this and I'm thinking I'm not alone clearly.

[Update - Filtered for only those who have agreed to join]

First meet-up this Friday. 11pm on the roof until we find a better venue. If you're interested, be there. Rules are listed below.

1. No super-powers. No weapons. This means blasting, firebombs, magic, etc. This is a physical fight. Try to keep it fair.

2. Fighters will be evenly matched. We don't need anyone getting too hurt up there.

3. Matches are over when the ref calls it. End of story. Don't argue. There's a reason it's done when it's done.

4. Anyone injured has to agree that they will immediately agree to be checked up on by one of our volunteers before settling down. We just wanna keep you alive.

5. Broken limbs, lost teeth, or any major injuries will result in an immediate end to the match and a trip to the local hospital. Or, at least, a visit to one of healers until you're all better.

That's it, I think.



network post

Fuck. What the hell is this? I thought I was done with weird shit. I wanted to be done with weird shit. I swear to God if this is Wake's fault he's going to find himself on the wrong end of my gun.