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Nov. 1st, 2016


WHO: Greed and Raiden
WHEN: October 30th [Backdated]
WHERE: Zoe’s apartment
WHAT: Greed wakes up from his (week long) sleep coma and then realizes his girlfriend is missing. Except he finds Raiden placeholding her apartment and he freaks out.
WARNING: Greed freaking out

Missing persons.... )

Apr. 30th, 2016


Who: Raiden and Vepar
What: Boats and ships
When: This evening
Where: Boat slip 42
Warnings: TBD

.... )

Feb. 13th, 2016


Who: Raiden and Callilope
What: Finding somewhere to stay
When: [Backdated]
Where: Coffee shop
Warnings: None

Dec. 8th, 2015


Who: Briareos, Thetis and Raiden
What: Family issues
When: December 8th
Where: Briareos' Tattoo parlor

The ties that bind... )

May. 30th, 2013


WHO: Greed and Zoe w/Raiden
WHEN: Wednesday night
WHERE: Zoe's apartment, Sushi restaurant
WHAT: Raiden tags along on a date
WARNING: Mentions of sexytimes

Standing strong forever.. )

Jan. 5th, 2013


WHO: Greed, Raiden, Lust, Zoe
WHEN: New Year's Eve [Backdated]
WHERE: New York
WHAT: A non-date among some other things
WARNING: Sins and heartache

I had the time of my life.. )

Oct. 13th, 2012


WHO: Raiden & Zoe
WHEN: DiNocti Nights
WHERE: Raiden's apartment, the streets, Zoe's apartment
WHAT: Trying to get Ray safe from psycho family and some unforeseen problems
WARNING: Darkness and doom and stuff

Shoot me down, but I get up.. )

Oct. 1st, 2012


Who: Raiden and Pippa (Pop)
What: Time to release the cat out of the bag!
When: Thursday afternoon [Backdated]
Where: Japanese restaurant, first Pippa's car
Warnings: TBD

Sep. 3rd, 2012


WHO: Raiden & Zoe
WHEN: Afternoon
WHERE: Teacher's lounge
WHAT: Zoe escapes to the mostly empty teacher's lounge and meets Raiden.

Hustle 9 to 5, you're gonna have to survive.. )

Aug. 9th, 2012


Who: Raiden, Bakeneko and a cameo from Poseidon
What: This time Raiden finds out the truth about her mother.
When: Thursday night, August 9, 2012
Where: Raiden's apartment.
Warnings: Ichy Bakeneko findings, blood and hinting to dead bodies

Jul. 26th, 2012


Who: Poseidon, Raiden and Rhode
When: Monday morning
What: Poseidon and daughter time
Where: Poseidon's office
Warnings/rating: Language

Oct. 5th, 2011


Who: Poseidon, Kymopoleia and Raiden
What: Raiden comes to visit pissy pants papa around the same time her sister does. Family awkwardness!
When: Wednesday Lunchtime, October 5, 2011
Where: Poseidon's office/outside/park
Warnings: Inner family flirtations and language?

Dec. 12th, 2011


Who: Raiden and Amphitrite
What: Time to ruin one of Poseidon's kidlets.
Where: Streets of New York
When: Monday, December 12, 2011
Warnings: Possible drownings almost.

Jul. 26th, 2012


Who: J-Pop, Raiden, a little Pop and possibly some Kumori
What: Pippa plays a trick on Akito & Raiden!
When: Monday night
Where: Pippa's apartment
Warnings: sparklies~, some fangirling, a bakeneko being unpleasant

Sep. 20th, 2011


Who: Raiden, Triton and Poseidon (possibly some cameo's by Ariel?)
What: Raiden gets to meet the big bad daddy!
When: Tuesday afternoon
Where: Poseidon's office
Warning: Language at best (hopefully)

Apr. 16th, 2012


Who: Bakeneko and Raiden Nakashima
What: Creepy neko follows Raiden home from the bakery.
When:  Monday late afternoon, April 16, 2012
Where: Poseidon Bakery and then Raiden's home

Sep. 25th, 2011


Who: Melanie De Luca, Triton and Raiden Nakashima
What: Little Italy Festival
When: Saturday afternoon/evening, September 25, 2011
Where: Little Italy, NY
Warnings: Cuteness?!

Jul. 25th, 2012


Who: Raiden Nakashima, Thetis and Triton
What: Triton meets his new little sister, Thetis comes along. Coffee date!
When: Tuesday afternoon
Where: Coffee shop
Warnings: None

Read more... )


Who: Thetis and Raiden Nakashima
What: First day of classes at Columbia! Teacher's assistant meets teacher!
When: Tuesday
Where: Columbia University
Warnings: None! Though no child of Poseidon should be this bubbly!

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Jul. 24th, 2012


Who: Raiden and Ajisukitakahikone
When: May 19
Where: Raiden's apartment with her mother.
What: Things aren't okay in Raiden's household.
Warnings: Likely none

Raiden was a little panicked... )

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