December 2023




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Jul. 8th, 2023


WHO: Asterion, Erato, Elijah Voorhies, Will Scarlet?
WHEN: Saturday afternoon
WHERE: Sacred Heart church (Erato's apartment beforehand)
WHAT: Meeting, talking
WARNINGS: Talk of imprisonment
... )

Feb. 4th, 2023


WHO: Friar Tuck, Will Scarlet, Erato, Asterion, Robin Hood.
WHEN: Saturday evening
WHERE: Parsonage
WHAT: Forming plans
... )

Jan. 17th, 2023


WHO: Asterion and Erato
WHEN: Tuesday evening
WHERE: Erato's
WHAT: Asterion feels funny
WARNINGS: TBA - but fight ring trauma
... )

Jun. 24th, 2022


WHO: Erato, Asterion
WHEN: late April
WHERE: Erato’s home
WHAT: A slow recovery, maybe a breakthrough
WARNINGS: Erato got tortured

Not all those who wander are lost )

Apr. 28th, 2022


WHO: Asterion, Erato and Hybris - then Apollo
WHEN: Backdated to April 20th
WHERE: The Torture Asylum
WARNINGS: TBA but aftermath of torture and Asterion killing Hybris

Calling International Rescue )

Apr. 3rd, 2022


WHO: Tuck, Asterion and then Will Scarlet
WHEN: Saturday
WHERE: Around and then parsonage
WHAT: Chats and more chats and then baby floof
... )

Jan. 10th, 2022


WHO: Asterion and Erato
WHEN: Monday afternoon
WHERE: Erato's
WHAT: Surprise!
WARNINGS: TBA maybe smut
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Dec. 22nd, 2021


WHO: Erato and Asterion
WHEN: December 21st, afternoon
WHERE: Macy’s, NY
WHAT: Christmas shopping with a Minotaur! Delightful!
WARNINGS: Festooned with festive delights

Santa's on his way He's filled his sleigh with things Pretty things for you and for me )

Aug. 15th, 2021


WHO: Erato and Asterion
WHEN: Sunday morning
WHERE: Erato's
WHAT: Morning times cuteness
... )

May. 6th, 2021


WHO: Ariadne and Asterion
WHEN: Thursday afternoon
WHERE: The East Meadow, Central Park
WHAT: Reunions
WARNINGS: Probably none

I want to witness the beauty of your repair, the shape you've grown  )

Feb. 25th, 2021


WHO Erato and Asterion
WHEN Thursday night
WHERE Diogenes Club
WHAT just a love muse without love

I heard your soul saying love love love )

Aug. 20th, 2020


WHO: Antigone, Ares, Asterion, Bia
WHEN: Thursday night, directly following her conversation with Luna
WHERE: Outside Diogenes
WHAT: It's confrontation time
WARNINGS: TBA, we'll just update as we go. Rape mentions. And a FIGHT.

Another thing that she is thinking is this: she is going to die. Antigone is young. She would much rather live than die. But there is no help for it. When you are on the side of the gods against the tyrant, of Man against the State, of purity against corruption—when, in short, your name is Antigone, there is only one part you can play, and she will have to play hers through to the end. )

Aug. 11th, 2020


WHO Erato and Melpomene
WHEN Tuesday Night
WHERE Diogenes Club
WHAT two sisters catching up
WARNINGS sex talk!

so what have you been up to )

Jul. 29th, 2020


WHO: Antigone, Asterion
WHEN: Wednesday afternoon
WHERE: A department store
WHAT: Don't ask the universe to be chill, Tiggers, it doesn't listen.
WARNINGS: Enclosed spaces

Trapped like a moth in the bath )