April 2021




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Apr. 7th, 2021


WHO: Kaden, Marcie
WHEN: Monday afternoon through to Tuesday afternoon
WHERE: On the road
WHAT: Breaking the news (and our hearts)

have you seen my brother? )

Apr. 6th, 2021


WHO: Kaden, Apollo, and the little dude
WHEN: Monday afternoon
WHERE: Jersey City
WHAT: A missed rendezvous, a missed call
WARNINGS: None yet

Run boy run )

Apr. 5th, 2021


WHO: Tragos, Kaden, Melpomene, Ares, Marcie, Apollo
WHEN: Monday, late morning
WHERE: Melpomene’s
WHAT: One last thing before we go
WARNINGS: Violence.

There’s an art to survival )

Apr. 4th, 2021


WHO: Tragos, Kaden, Apollo, Marcie
WHEN: Sunday evening, just before sunset
WHERE: The Hole, to begin with
WHAT: So we meet again...
WARNINGS: Danger, Will Robinson (and some desperate smutty interludes later)

And it’s go boys go, they’ll time your every breath, and every day you’re in this place you’re two days nearer death )

Mar. 22nd, 2021


WHO: Kaden and Tragos
WHEN: Sunday evening, just after this conversation
WHERE: The Hole

A generation with no mythologies to follow )

Mar. 16th, 2021


WHO: Kaden and Qebhet
WHEN: Tuesday - late night
WHERE: The Hole, Western Funeral Home
WHAT: Who are you??
WARNINGS: References to domestic violence, TBA

Keep coming up with love but it’s so slashed and torn  )


WHO: Kaden and Luna
WHEN: Tuesday night
WHERE: Maccas
WHAT: You again!
WARNINGS: Just references to past stuff

As restless as we are, we feel the pull in the land of a thousand guilts )

Mar. 14th, 2021


WHO: Kaden and Tragos
WHEN: Sunday night
WHERE: The Hole
WHAT: $$$ ???

This isn't how the world works )

Mar. 8th, 2021


WHO: Kaden
WHEN: Monday morning
WHERE: His school in Queens
WHAT: It’s careers day!
WARNINGS: Mentions of domestic violence and the Peitho situation

the ways you have learned to survive may not be the ways you wish to continue to live )

Mar. 5th, 2021


WHO: Kaden and Tragos
WHEN: Thursday evening
WHERE: The Hole
WHAT: Ace communication from the Murphy boys

Their rotting house had a light on in the kitchen )

Mar. 4th, 2021


WHO: Kaden, Luna, Peitho
WHEN: Thursday afternoon
WHERE: Peitho’s apartment
WHAT: Come over, Kaden...
WARNINGS Peitho’s brand of coercion, references to both their pasts

Well it looks like the road to heaven, but it feels like the road to hell )

Feb. 16th, 2021


WHO: Melpomene, Apollo, then Clio and Stoots
WHEN: Tuesday
WHERE: Alpha Pi Omicron, Clio's
WHAT: No one is comfortable with any recent developments
WARNINGS: Probably none

I'm dynamite and I don't know why )

Feb. 6th, 2021


WHO: Kaden, Cy, Peitho
WHEN: Saturday afternoon
WHERE: Bloomingdales
WHAT: Gotta pay those bills!

Little thief )

Jan. 31st, 2021


WHO: Tragos, Kaden and Melpomene
WHEN: Spread over last week
WHERE: On the road, Melpomene's place, the Hole
WHAT: Road trip! GFun times with the boys!

My broken house behind me and good things ahead )

Jan. 20th, 2021


WHO: Tragos and Kaden (with brief Hecate)
WHEN: Tuesday afternoon - while Ares is visiting Marcie
WHERE: Hospital and hole
WHAT: Kaden's in trouble

Cancers and curses don't get tired )

Jan. 14th, 2021


WHO: Kaden and Aphrodite, maybe Marcie and Tragos later
WHEN: Thursday
WHERE: Aphrodite's place
WHAT: A little glimmer of love in a PSTD sandwich
WARNINGS: Likely not much. Some sad Kaden times.

I got a feeling that tonight is on my side )

Jan. 7th, 2021


WHO: Kaden, Tragos, Marcie
WHEN: Christmas through to the present, then Thursday
WHERE: A hospital, the Hole, Aphrodite's place
WHAT: So many fun conversations
WARNINGS: A bit of toxic masculinity, a touch of cancer

one more disaster to add to my generous supply )

Dec. 26th, 2020


WHO: Kaden and Marcie
WHEN: Christmas Day
WHERE: Hospital
WHAT: Christmas visits
WARNINGS: Terminal illness

The winter wild, the light snow deep )

Dec. 16th, 2020


WHO: Kaden and Tragos
WHEN: From last Friday through till Wednesday
WHERE: Marcie's, Ares' Gym, the Hole, various other locations
WHAT: A fun week for all involved
WARNINGS: Cy being gross with teeth again, crappy family stuff

Every moment points towards the aftermath )

Dec. 9th, 2020


WHO: Kaden, Tragos, Marcie
WHEN: Wednesday evening
WHERE: Marcie's place
WHAT: Sanctuary

And keep us together as the lights go dark  )

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