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Apr. 2nd, 2023


WHO: Aderyn Ceredig, Iestyn Ceredig, Henry Ceredig
WHEN: Sunday afternoon
WHERE: Casa Ceredig
WHAT: Addy panicking to Iestyn
WARNINGS: "I totally just kissed my gay best friend" - Addy thinks she crossed a line even though she didn't
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WHO: Aderyn Ceredig, Lachlan Blackwood
WHEN: Sunday afternoon
WHERE: Sacred Heart office
WHAT: Uh oh kissings
WARNINGS: Just Addy bein a dork
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Mar. 27th, 2023


WHO: Elijah Voorhies, Will Scarlet, Friar Tuck, Robin Hood, Michael
WHEN: Thursday, late afternoon
WHERE: Fight ring
WHAT: Rescue
WARNINGS: Violence
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Feb. 14th, 2023


WHO: Friar Tuck, Will Scarlet, bit of Evie and Addy Ceredig
WHEN: Friday the 17th of Feb
WHERE: Parsonage
WHAT: Schmoop
WARNINGS: Likely smut
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Dec. 6th, 2022


WHO: Iestyn and Henry Ceredig, later Luna Olmos, Saint David, Aderyn Ceredig, Friar Tuck and St Francis
WHEN: Tuesday
WHERE: Casa Ceredig
WHAT: Hermes sending gifs
WARNINGS: Ridiculous
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Sep. 19th, 2022


WHO: Addy, Iestyn and Henry Ceredig
WHEN: Monday afternoon to night
WHERE: Airport, Casa Ceredig
WHAT: Cuties
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Sep. 18th, 2022


WHO: Henry Claus Ceredig, Addy Ceredig, Tinsel Claus
WHEN: Sunday aftrnoon
WHERE: Tinsel's office
WHAT: Just cuties
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Aug. 22nd, 2022


WHO: Addy, Iestyn and Henry Ceredig
WHEN: Monday night
WHERE: Casa Ceredig
WHAT: A lot of talking
WARNINGS: Mentions of suicide
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Aug. 11th, 2022


WHO: Aderyn Ceredig, Saint David, Rhianning Lywywyywnnwllyn
WHEN: Thursday afternoon
WHERE: The hospital
WHAT: Talking frankly
WARNINGS: Discussions of her suicide attempt
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Aug. 5th, 2022


WHO: Henry, Addy and Iestyn Ceredig
WHEN: FriYAY afternoon
WHERE: Hospital
WHAT: Henry finally seeing Addy
WARNINGS: Mentions of her suicide attempt
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Jul. 26th, 2022


WHO: Addy, Iestyn and Henry Ceredig
WHEN: Tuesday afternoon
WHERE: Casa Ceredig, hospital, and then whatever happens when Iestyn and Henry debrief after
WHAT: Some terrible shoes and a visit!
WARNINGS: Mental health stuff, mentions of suicide
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Jul. 20th, 2022


WHO: Henry Ceredig, Addy Ceredig, Saint David, Rhiannon Lhriwhf, Iestyn Ceredig, Friar Tuck, Will Scarlet
WHEN: Wednesday evening to night
WHERE:Casa Ceredig then yet ANOTHER hospital
WHAT: Addy attempting suicide
WARNINGS:An overdose as a suicide attempt
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WHO: Aderyn Ceredig
WHEN: Wednesday afternoon to evening
WHERE: Casa Ceredig
WHAT: Crisis
WARNINGS: Suicidal ideation, mentions of rape
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Jun. 12th, 2022


WHO: Aderyn Ceredig, Will Scarlet, Friar Tuck
WHEN: Sunday morning to begin with, but may move to later
WHERE: A A-frame cabin in an upstate NY forest
WHAT: Happy first birthday, Evie!
WARNINGS: Maybe talk about Addy's bad mental health but mostly nice?
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Jun. 5th, 2022


WHO: Aderyn, Iestyn, and Henry Ceredig
WHEN: Sunday in Wales
WHERE: ...Caernarfon (Canarvon), Wales
WHAT: Oh just some bullying, a visit to a graveyard and Addy admitting a Thing
WARNINGS: Homophobia and slut-shaming and talk of suicidal ideation
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May. 29th, 2022


WHO: Iestyn Ceredig, Henry Claus (Ceredig), Aderyn Ceredig, Saint Patrick, Saint David, Rhiannon Lfewfisjdf, Michaela Jones, Armaan Khatri, Friar Tuck, Will Scarlet, Avery Duffield
WHEN: Saturday, May 28th
WHERE: Chelsea Mansion Hotel

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May. 3rd, 2022


WHO: Aderyn Ceredig and Will Scarlet
WHEN: Monday evening
WHERE: A fancy hotel bar I am too lazy to look up
WHAT: Oh just alcoholism and depression
WARNINGS: Suicidal ideation, alcohol self medication, Addy being an unreliable and incorrect narrator, tba
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Apr. 23rd, 2022


WHO: Henry Claus, Krampus, and Addy and Iestyn Ceredig, Saint David, and then Tinsel Claus
WHEN: Friday, late afternoon (so backdated to yesterday)
WHERE: Casa Ceredig
WHAT: Just Krampus being Krampus

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Feb. 25th, 2022


WHO: Addy Ceredig, Iestyn Ceredig, Saint David, Henry Claus
WHEN: Saturday Feb 26th
WHERE: Medical tattoo place
WHAT: Medical tattoos and trauma
WARNINGS: TBA but memories of Lucifer's basement
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Feb. 8th, 2022


WHO: Aderyn Ceredig, Henry Claus
WHEN: Tuesday morning
WHERE: Casa Ceredig
WHAT: Cuties
WARNINGS: Brief mentions of Lucifer captivity
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