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Jul. 23rd, 2023


WHO Rosario and Cathal
WHEN Backdated to 31 October 2022, evening (after this)
WHERE Brooklyn
WHAT I’d tell you but you’d think I’m crazy

Look, it's been a bit of a day )

Jan. 5th, 2023


WHO: Hecate and Cathal
WHEN: Around 6, Thursday night
WHERE: Sleepy Hollow, then Brooklyn
WHAT: Help a helpless witch?
WARNINGS: Blatant plagiarism from Ness

Clunk )

Jul. 19th, 2022


WHO Cathal & Rosario
WHEN Thursday, 2nd June
WHAT It's either a first or second date, depending on how you think of it

... )

May. 26th, 2022


WHO Cathal & Rosario
WHEN Saturday, 28th May
WHERE The National History Museum
WHAT Is ‘meet me under the barosaurus’ just how nerds make friends?

I am not afraid to keep on living )

Apr. 14th, 2022


WHO Cathal & Rosario
WHEN Good Friday
WHERE The roof of 'their' apartment building
WHAT Can I borrow some sugar? I just moved in

We are dreamers, wishing upon what we were born from )

Dec. 24th, 2021


WHO: Marcie and Cathal
WHEN: Dec 24th
WHERE: Burlington
WHAT: Marcie is home for a few days over Christmas, and Cathal deserves to know the truth
WARNINGS: talking about shit

it’s that time of year )

Dec. 23rd, 2021


WHO Cathal
WHEN Monday, 20th December
WHERE Various Michigan
WHAT Cathal's not trying to make new friends

Gotta get that Christmas shopping in )

Dec. 9th, 2021


WHO Cathal
WHEN Early December
WHERE Burlington
WHAT Family feelings
NOTES Hi, I’m trying to remember how to actually write words good and put them into pleasing orders and not just feel sick and anxious about it. I had to re-write a lot of these sentences to make them actually sound half decent. I’ve been writing this every day for a week, but here it is now. It doesn’t affect anyone else’s characters though.

Don't know exactly what I'll sacrifice to get just what I want )

Sep. 2nd, 2021


WHO Marcie and Cathal
WHEN Saturday 28th Aug, night
WHERE going back to Cathal’s
WHAT Marcie feeling bad and telling Cathal some of what happened to her and Kaden

there are things you could know )

Aug. 24th, 2021


WHO: Kaden (and friends), Marcie, Cathal
WHEN: Monday, then Tuesday night
WHERE: The Bellini's, then the Edwards-Palmer's (they're kind of a big deal)
WHAT: Yoofs! Underage drinking!
WARNINGS: Yoofs + underage drinking

live girls and dead boys )

Aug. 22nd, 2021


WHO Marcie and Cathal
WHEN Sunday afternoon
WHERE Out at a park
WHAT An afternoon picnic and chats and kissies
WARNINGS probably none

And I love to live so pleasantly )

Aug. 14th, 2021


WHO Cathal & Marcie
WHEN Saturday
WHERE Burlington
WHAT [Milhouse eyebrow wiggle]

... )

Aug. 8th, 2021


WHO Marcie and Cathal
WHEN Saturday 7th August, evening
WHERE Burlington, somewhere in the woods a little out of town
WHAT connecting and opening up over a few drinks and a bonfire

and I know it makes you nervous but I promise you it's worth it )

Jul. 30th, 2021


WHO: Kaden, Cathal, Marcie later
WHEN: Friday afternoon
WHERE: Marcie's family home, Cathal's later
WHAT: Breathe in that oily air and make a new brother friend

... )

Jul. 26th, 2021


WHO Marcella Bellini, Jesse Goldricht (NPC), later open to Cathal
WHEN Sunday 26th July - Monday morning
WHERE a local bar, then back to Jesse and Cathal's place
WHAT Marcie getting some alone time to relax and make friends
WARNINGS tbd, probably nothing

you can never return home )

Jul. 7th, 2021


WHO Marcella Bellini, Cathal Bhattacharya, Kaden Murphy
WHEN 4th of Jooo-lai! (Sunday)
WHERE Marcie’s parents’ home
WHAT Welcome home/Yay America! BBQ where neighbours are invited
WARNINGS probs nothing much

wave that flag )

Jun. 24th, 2021


WHO Cathal
WHEN Thursday
WHERE Burlington, Wisconsin
WHAT It's a classic character intro scene, ya'll

... )