December 2021



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Dec. 2nd, 2021


[To the gods, except Ares cos he's a dick, and Ate because he badmouthed her earlier, and obviously Lucifer et al because fuck those guys]

Atropos, Lachesis, Clotho, I always said you girls were funny but fuck, lately you might as well be headlining at Farcical Aquatic Ceremony.

And Elaine, what were you thinking, keeping that one to yourself? I'd be annoyed, but you're just too damn cute to be annoyed at.

Everyone, I have a daughter. She's a med student like me (obviously, these genes dominate) and she's brilliant and bold. She's so great, I already love her so much, I can't wait for everyone to meet her.

Well, most of you. Some of you I'm keeping my eyes on.


Also, hilariously, Thalia, she's friends with your new beau's daughter!

Dec. 1st, 2021


☄︎ 007 | Text to Lyra, early hours of November 26

[Rosario's already incandescent by the time Apollo lets slip that he's been trying to pry information outta Lyra again. When she finds out Lyra's actually there at the frat house right now, she's about ready to rain down some Chicxulub-level fury on him. She's so mad she's barely even thinking as she fires off the message in between a barrage of capslock-filled texts to Apollo.]

Today 1:07 AM
What did he do? You want me to come out there? Cuz I will come out there and I will beat his lying ass into next year, I am not even kidding, I’m bouta go supernova on him I'm so pissed


[Text to Iestyn]
Today 10:02 AM
Hey. I guess we should talk about this then.
Wanna come to the parsonage?
You can bring Henry if you want.


Happy St Andrew's Day to my amazing, wonderful husband!

I can't wait to celebrate with you, my love.

Nov. 28th, 2021


[Text to Iestyn]

Today 12:42 PM
Hey! Just after you left for rehearsal this morning I went back to sleep because ugh being awake, you know?
Only then I had the most vivid sex dream of my entire life.
And it's sort of taken me by surprise because I haven't really been thinking about that stuff.
Now I can't concentrate on anything. When are you coming home?
...Oh god, to TALK not- I meant to talk.

Nov. 27th, 2021


☄︎ 006 | Text to "Archer", 25 November 2021

[It's not meeting Patrick that does it, though that's certainly on Rosario's mind. If Patrick can front up to an honest conversation with his daughter on the first try, then what's Archer's excuse when he's had dozens of opportunities already? She's thinking of what Elaine said, too: that gods can sense demigods, especially the ones most closely related to them, which means Archer probably knew who she was even while he was lying to her mom's silently panicking face, maybe even from the first time they met.

She's thinking about all those things. But mostly she's thinking about anatomy lab on Monday and the two hours she's going to have to spend sitting next to his lying ass. It'll be the first time she's had to look him in the face since she fled from him in the cafe and she still doesn't have any kinda plan for it, and it's not a class she can afford to skip, and the fact that he's got her
contemplating skipping classes to avoid him hits her with a flare of anger (which all has nothing, incidentally, to do with the couple glasses of wine she's had with Thanksgiving dinner or the mamajuana she's still nursing, having retreated to her bedroom).

Fuck it. Fuck him. She's doing this. At least over text she doesn't have to deal with his stupid mockingly innocent face.]

Today 11:23 PM
If family's really that important to him, he can stop treating it like a game.

Nov. 25th, 2021


Text to Marcie

So are you going to that thanksgiving thing

Nov. 24th, 2021


[Text to Iestyn]

Today 3:15 PM
I know you're probably still in rehearsal but I wanted to text you so you could be updated.
My physio and counseling appts went well. Learned some meditation. Cried a bit. But in a productive way.
Then I went to see Addy. I'm sorry if that upsets you since you said you didn't want me to. If you're angry with me, I accept that.
She yelled at me for a bit, but I was calm and eventually she calmed down too. We had a really good talk. She's thinking some things over.
She's okay. She's only seen Josh the once, and she said she's going to think about some stuff before seeing him again.
I'll be waiting for you when you get home, honey. I'll order some dinner since you'll probably be hungry.


☄︎ 005 | Text to Lyra, 17 November 2021

Today 12:24 PM
Elaine got back to me and I'm losing my mind
So first off, yeah he's 100% Apollo, confirmed. But she also said the prophecy she used to find you and Johnny? She got it from HIM.

Nov. 23rd, 2021


☄︎ 004 | 17 November


Hi Elaine, it's Rosario Ortiz here, Lyra's friend? Thanks again for all the advice the other week, and the hamper as well (the rolls were delicious).

You offered to answer any other questions that cropped up for us, so I was wondering if I could throw this one at you: aside from the stuff in the myths, is there anything you can tell me about Apollo?


[Texts to Iestyn]

Today 12:42 PM
I've unblocked you, but how we interact has to change.
I'm going to stay at the parsonage for a while longer.
And when I do come back, things are going to be really different.


[Text to Art]

Today 7:42 PM
Are you going to Thanksgiving at the parsonage?


[Text to Will Stutely]

Today 4:37 PM
I am so hungry! I spent all morning throwing up and now I want to eat everything.
Can you bring home one of those rotisserie chickens?!
OH oh oh and Greek salad? And potato salad?! And some artichoke hearts?!
...and whipped cream...

Nov. 21st, 2021


Text to Addy; message to Henry

Today 12:42 PM
hey. I know you're mad at me, but
the demon that copied Dad and me and Alan and Hermes is gone
just thought you should know
hope you're ok


Hey I just texted Addy, and my messages came back. Did she block me!?!?!?


[Henry and Iestyn]

Hi Kid. And Kid's boyfriend.

The demon is gone, so you don't have to worry any more. Before it was exorcised though, it went through what I assume is all the faces it's worn and I recognised both your boyfriend's face, and Saint David's face. And maybe one of the Merry Men?

Did the demon bother you too?


[Saint David, Rhiannon and Iestyn]

I'm not entirely sure what's going on, but Addy has asked to stay with us for a few days. Both Addy and Evie are here now and safe and we'll look after them. She hasn't said anything, just that if she didn't stay here she was going to get a hotel and that doesn't sound safe. At least here there are wards and co-parents.

Are all of you alright? I'm not fishing for information, just checking in. If you need anything, let me know.


[Tuck and Will Scarlet]

Can I come stay with you for a few days? It's that or a hotel I don't want to go home.

Nov. 20th, 2021


[Friends Only at first but then filtered only to Iestyn and Henry so no one else sees]

Josh and I are back together! We're going out tonight!

I'm so pleased he doesn't hate me!