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Apr. 3rd, 2024


[Friends Only]

On my very first big boy night out alone since nearly being murdered, I learned several many things.

1) "You should try it, you might enjoy it!" is apparently not the correct response to the query 'are you that sodomite priest?'. Or at least it isn't if you don't want someone to break a bottle and come at you with the jaggedy end. Which of course means I punched him.

2) "Boys, boys, you're going to turn me on!" is apparently not the correct response when said bottle attacker falls to the ground in pain, so his two buddies come at you. Even if it is funny. This is for a myriad of reasons.

a)they decide to instead attack you from afar with projectiles, which means-
b)collateral damage, and -
c)I am no longer welcome back at The Staggerin' Ox, which is a shame, because-
!)it was a great place to pick up closeted men, who are-
#)very eager lovers, and-
%)need the validation of a loving community so it's a chance to plug Sacred Heart. Naked.

But all was not lost! A very handsome bystander witnessed everything and decided it was unfair so he-

1)Followed me out (in a not creepy way...)
2)Invited me back to his
3)Was not upset when I wasn't feeling up to following a stranger after nearly being bottled, so
4)Well. Some stuff happened behind the bar!

Great success!

I haven't been in a proper bar fight in ages, I feel like I can see colours again.