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Jul. 2nd, 2023


WHO: Jesse Delacroix, Nicholas Rowland, Jess van der Berg
WHEN: Sunday evening
WHERE: House of Sausage
WHAT: Just floof
WARNINGS: I doubt it?
... )

Jun. 18th, 2020


Who: Jess Van der Berg, Aderyn and Iestyn Ceredig, Saint David, Saint Patrick, Nicholas Rowland
What: Taking about YET MORE TORTURE
When: Thursday afternoon
Where: Patrick's
Warnings/Notes: Descriptions of past torture

I am not okay )

Nov. 11th, 2017


Who: JJ van der Berg, Victor Brannigan, Jesse Delacroix and Nicholas Rowland
What: Cuddles
When: Backdated to Victor's release from hospital
Where: Haus of Sausage
Warnings/Notes: Memories of torture

Forged in pain )

Sep. 17th, 2017


Who: Jess van der Berg, Victor Brannigan, and open to their friends and families
What: Hospital aftertimes
When: Saturday late night/Sunday early morning
Where: Hospital
Warnings/Notes: Aftermath of torture, maybe descriptions

Don't leave me )


Who: Victor Brannigan, Jess van der Berg, Michael, Beelzebub, The Antichrist, Berith
What: A rescue
When: The lair thing
Where: Oh. Okay well Saturday night then
Warnings/Notes: Torture and death okay

Torture: Interrupted )

Sep. 16th, 2017


Who: Victor Brannigan, Jess van der Berg, open to demons after
What: Torment
When: Friday afternoon
Where: The...dungeony lair thing.
Warnings/Notes: Torture. Also I didn't expect there to be so much wank talk but character say what they say.

Quietude )

Sep. 4th, 2017


Who: The Haus of Sausage
What: Yoink
When: Monday evening
Where: Their place
Warnings/Notes: TBC

Fare thee well )

Aug. 13th, 2017


Who: Nicholas Rowland, Patricia Rowland [NPC], Jess van der Berg, open to Delacroixs and Gerald
What: Mommy's leaving home
When: Saturday evening
Where: Haus of Sausage
Warnings/Notes: Aftermath and talk of domestic violence

The Major problem )

Jun. 16th, 2017


Who: JJ & Jesse, then Famine, Patrick, Limos
What: Scary shit, y'all
When: Thursday night
Where: Haus of Sausage
Warnings: TBD

Read more... )

May. 21st, 2017


WHO: Nicholas and open to the Haus of Sausage
WHAT: Just deteriorating
WHEN: Friday night
WHERE: Haus of Sausage
WARNINGS: Descriptions of starvation

Keep slipping away )

Apr. 2nd, 2017


WHO: Nicholas, Jesse and JJ
WHAT: Oh just worrying everyone
WHEN: Saturday evening
WHERE: Their house

Rain on your parade )

Mar. 26th, 2017


Who: Jesse, Jayden, Nicholas, JJ, possibly Adrian and Isaiah
What: Jayden still can't stop being honest
When: Thursday night, follows this
Where: Their house
Warnings: Doubtful

Read more... )

Oct. 9th, 2016


WHO: Aoife Gallagher, Adrian Delacroix, Isaiah Delacroix, Jess van der Berg
WHAT: One-sided flirting, other-sided freaking out
WHEN: Saturday afternoon
WHERE: Haus of Sausage
WARNINGS: Mentions of sexual assault

You okay there, bucko? )

Aug. 9th, 2016


WHO: JJ van der Berg, Open
WHAT: Babytimes
WHEN: Monday, early morning
WHERE: Their house
WARNINGS: Babies? Swears

So, this isn't good. )

Jul. 26th, 2016


WHO: JJ van der berg, Various other van der Bergs [NPCs], Nicholas, Jesse, Joey, I dunno. Etc.
WHAT: Basically the Asshole van der Bergs doing the worst
WHEN: Sunday evening
WHERE: Split between the van der Berg penthouse on the Upper East Side, and the Haus of Sausage!
WARNINGS: Language, a kind of abduction? People being intolerant and horrid

Why you gotta be the actual worst? )

Jun. 11th, 2016


WHO: Lena, Aoife, Adrian, Jesse, Jayden?, Isaiah?, Nicholas?
WHAT: CUTIES BEING CUTIES and also PUPPIES and also oh yeah Nicky is still not great
WHEN: Friday afternoon
WHERE: The International Haus of Sausage
WARNINGS: FLOOF? Language, I dunno.

Adrian's eyes are all O_O )

May. 21st, 2016


WHO: Saint Patrick, Patroclus, Perseus, Nicholas, Jesse, JJ, Joey, Nikkie, anyone I missed
WHAT: A rescue of sorts
WHEN: Sunday morning
WHERE: A basement, and then the hospital
WARNINGS: Aftermath of Antichrist torture

Someone need a rescuing? )

Mar. 23rd, 2016


Who: Jesse, Adrian, Isaiah, Jayden, Ceridwen (+ Nicholas & JJ?)
What: What the fuck was that?!
When: A couple hours after this
Where: Ceridwen's house
Warnings TBD

That was so fucked up )

Mar. 1st, 2016


WHO: JJ van der Berg, Nicholas Rowland, and Jesse, Jayden, Adrian and Isaiah Delacroix. Also ghosts
WHAT: The Daddy
WHEN: Monday evening
WHERE: Their house
WARNINGS: Ghosts and sadness

Oh nooooo )

Jan. 9th, 2016


WHO: Nicholas Rowland, His father [NPC], open to the entire house
WHAT: "I found you because you totally sent us your address which is a bad way to hide/"
WHEN: Friday evening
WHERE: Their house
WARNINGS: Swearsies, tba

Welllll fuck )

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