May 2016

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April 22nd, 2016

[info]withoutgrace in [info]the100

thread: devil's trap

WHO: Castiel/Lucifer, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Gabriel, Lucifer Morningstar, and featuring Asala Adaar, Jo Harvelle, Bobby Singer, Kate Bishop, and maybe Crowley and Meg depending on how demons feel like playing today
WHEN: Late evening, April 21
WHERE: Outside Mount Weather (a safe distance away)
WHAT: It's the final showdown against Lucifer and a Hail Mary effort to save Castiel's life.
WARNINGS: Violence.
OOC NOTES: The subthreads happen chronologically, but are going to be written simultaneously (hence there being no starter in the main body of this entry because Lucifer's not making his entrance in the first thread). Summaries of what's planned out will be outlined in each subthread header, so even if some threads take a long time to finish because of groups/time zones/etc, we still know what's going on. Subthreads to the subthreads can also have stuff tangental to the main action (i.e. Gabriel and Morningstar after Gabriel is injured while Team Free Will is in the Fade). Timewise, the confrontation itself will last less than an hour.
ETC: There's an angel battle happening outside, Mount Weather. For a short period of time tonight there's going to be what feels like small earthquakes, and the lights might flicker. It'll feel ominous, which I'm sure everyone always loves. I don't know if anyone will take it upon themselves to try and check it out. It's some distance away, and if you make yourself known, you might get killed, so ... don't let Lucifer know you're there.

[info]taintedhawke in [info]the100

I wanted to thank you for being kind, and hope you're doing well, ser. I enjoyed your company regardless of anything else, and I know it's incredibly awkward but I wouldn't be adverse to friendship?

If it's too much, I understand. Magic can take a toll, though, and I at least wanted to check on you.

At least there was one minor bonus for me in the other town; I was a nurse, and came back with more than a little knowledge of that.

Does this mean I can stop listening to Simon's lectures about leeches?

It seems you being terrible with women is universal.

[info]skaikru in [info]the100

backdated to yesterday after clarke's post.

I'm going to Polis. What should I be expecting there?

[info]ashtawawidiwin in [info]the100

Scientists! Hypothetically if someone were to ceremonially burn this Pocahontas doll, would they choke to death on poisonous fumes? Asking for a friend.

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[info]maskedmenace in [info]the100

Who: Peter & MJ
When: 4/22 in the morning
Where: Mess hall
What: They are MFEO and you can never convince me otherwise, Marvel Comics.
Rating: Schmoop.
OOC Note: If your character is present when this goes down and can/wants to officiate, let us know!


[info]humanhurricane in [info]the100

Somebody get Alison to sit down before she reads this. And nobody give her a gun. (I'm looking at you, Aramis.)

Anybody got advice on recovering a voice that's gone all croaky and nonexistent? I've already got a belly ache from too much honey in my tea.

[info]fades in [info]the100

hey mount weather! thanks for messing things up for me to fix successfully ...

hey jen, i like you better in g

also thanks for setting up all the stereotypes i ever had about living in the 'burbs. (they're true. they're ALL true. holy hell.)

[info]red_five in [info]the100

Filter: Mara Jade Skywalker

So the other day when that pod dropped the dolls, I went out to see what was in there because I thought Ben might enjoy them and I came up with these.

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[info]lilu in [info]the100

It's a full moon tonight and there's something weird going on outside. Is anyone else a little creeped out?

[Severus Snape]

Sev! I'm so glad you're back and you remember me and what we were working on I can hardly contain my excitement. Yayyyy! See? Happy noises.

Tonight's the full moon and it got me thinking about the Wolfsbane Potion. I spoke to Rose Red and we got the Mandrake seeds all potted while you were gone. I'm no herbologist, but she said if it's anything like a mundane seed we should see sprouts in about a week! I've been checking everyday... mostly because I don't have anything else better to do. Do you want to meet up and test some of the plants this weekend again?

[info]everymansdream in [info]the100

[Filtered to Gabriel and Lucifer]
So things feel different around here. What did you do last night?

[info]mentore in [info]the100

WHO: Ezio Auditore and Jacob Frye
WHEN: April 18th, 2016
WHAT: Jacob takes out some lingering Storybrooke issues on a punching bag. Ezio comes along and gives him a more responsive target.
WARNINGS: None really.

But most damning of all was the fear that what if - what if - he had stayed in that world, and lost his sister forever? )

[info]burningwings in [info]the100

WHO: Katniss & Finnick
WHAT: smoothing over the post-Storybrooke awkwardness.
WHEN: ehh, let's just say it's today-ish.
WHERE: out in the woods.
WARNINGS: allusions to the lack of consent involved in Storybrooke relationships. Mentions of Hunger Games stuff too, esp. Finnick's past.

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[info]hellotrickster in [info]the100

chatty; gabriel to jo

[Mags Jo]
-- Tell me you're okay.
-- and Da

-- Bobby too?

[info]swhite in [info]the100

Many of you were wondering about the activity reported in and around the mountain last night, and after a debriefing, it was revealed that the entity known as Lucifer who had been possessing Castiel, one of our Podkru, was actively plotting to take lives. Several of our citizens engaged in a fight to remove Lucifer from possessing Castiel and locked him away permanently in what is known as The Fade. The Earthquakes and flickering lights were due to this fight between angels.

Castiel and our other citizens are recovering from the ordeal, should you want to wish them well.

[info]bymjolnir in [info]the100

[Bobby and Crowley]
Mates of the room, I suspect you are greatly involved in the events of which the Lady Snow speaks. I know that the entity she speaks of has been affiliated with you. Is all well? Can I be of some aid?

[info]bullheaded in [info]the100

Hey, get your asses to The Rose if you ain't already there. I'm not tracking you down after getting my ass handed to me in Fight Club tonight, so it's up to you losers to find your way.

Mandatory meeting, by the way. Inquisitor requested, I'm just her muscle.

[OOC: For Thedas peeps knowledge!]

[info]katebishop in [info]the100

Filtered to Billy Kaplan, Teddy Altman, Nico Minoru, Julie Power -- Likely triggers about postpartum depression and pregnancy/baby related stuff. )