May 2016

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January 27th, 2016

[info]absorbs in [info]the100

Ain't sure if I need to drink something the size of a trough or to hit something really hard at this point. Reckon both at the same time might suffice.

Anyone up for sparring?

Thanks for checking on lil me.

I feel we should get to know each other when I ain't a kid.

[Momm Mystique (mine not the other)]
Thanks for looking after me.
I was so ha
Ain't going ther

[info]shortonmemory in [info]the100

Okay then. Two? Six? At least I've got some of my stuff if I'm going to be stuck here.

I'm Five.

[info]dontdie in [info]the100

If anyone is missing days or would like specifics on what you were up to, apparently Alfred and I kept rather detailed records of everything.

Who do we have to thank for being back? And who do I owe apologies to, for that matter.

Do us both a favour and go back to being you and not some strange example of Father. It doesn't suit you.

[info]cdrcullen in [info]the100

Let's not do that again.

It's strange, remembering being a child so clearly.

That's right, Sera. I remember everything. Should I ever have children, you will not be allowed to watch them. I am popping every one of these balloons with my sword.

[info]thirdcharmed in [info]the100

Everyone's back to the normal age, right? It worked?

Now what have you learned about doing spells in strange timelines where your magic is already acting a little wonky?!

[info]bullheaded in [info]the100

Alright, where you fuckers at? Two of you need hugs and to be grounded, damn.

[info]runbarryrun in [info]the100

Okay, uh...

What's the going rate on bribes to never talk about what happened ever?

[info]myownmind in [info]the100

[Filtered away from anyone affected by the spell]
Has anyone figured out why this is and how to fix it? There is a way to fix it, right?

I miss you.

I miss waking up with you.

How are you?

[info]letothersrise in [info]the100

Who - Enjolras and Grantaire
What - A step forward
Where - Their Room
When - Tuesday 20th Jan
Rating - Low, lil bit of kissing
Status - Complete

Hopefully it did not disappoint )

[info]virtualvirgil in [info]the100

Thank goodness that's over with! No offense to the rest of you but bleh; I never needed to relive any of that. Is everyone back to normal? Anyone experiencing any side effects? All systems are ago over here.

Ianto, thank you again for the place to retreat from the teeming masses.

[info]youngestsolo in [info]the100

(019) Anakin Solo

[Filter: Friends of Nico Di Angelo but not Nico]
I realize this is kind of short notice, but one of the many things 10 year old Nico shared with me is that he'll be turning 15 tomorrow. Well, okay, he didn't share that exactly, but seeing as how he appears to be back to his normal age, and he did say his birthday is tomorrow I'm extrapolating here. So, I figure, if one spent the first part of the week as 10 and one then is jumping to 15, that there ought to be some sort of celebration of that because that's significant.

Here's what I'm currently thinking - tomorrow after dinner, we should all gather in one place - like maybe the common area on level 5? - and I'll make certain Nico ends up there after dinner.

Does anyone work in the kitchen? Cause I mean, the tiniest of cakes, or fruit or something special for him? Or do I need to figure out if there's someone down in the kitchens I can work on convincing to help us out?

Anyway, we can wish him a happy birthday, and play some games, and just generally let him know we think it's cool he's turning 15. Who's in?

[info]red_five in [info]the100

Who:Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade Skywalker
When: Monday January 25
Where: Their bedroom
What: Luke’s 19, there's a hot woman in his bed and where did that kid come from?
Rating: Oh PG-13 for implied naked shenanigans the night before

Is that our baby? )

[info]mercilessworld in [info]the100

Who: Mikasa Ackerman and Black Bat
Where: Library
When: Um, backdated a tiny bit to during the de-aging plot?
What: In case something happens, Mikasa wants someone to know her story so they know what they're dealing with
Status: Incomplete, threaded
Warnings: Um. Mention of war, death, murder, childhood with caution!

This world was a cruel, merciless world... )

[info]agentofsass in [info]the100

[Peggy, Pepper, Jemma, Daisy]
It seems I owe all of you quite the thank you for keeping me occupied and indulging all my questions over the past few days. Couldn't ask for better friends. I owe you one.

[info]maz_kanata in [info]the100

I owe you an apology. I'm afraid I caused you much distress and heartache the other day. It was not my intent.

[info]notanazi in [info]the100

If nothing else, something like that does mean you learn a lot about people. For better or expectedly worse.

Now is there a general never talking about it ever again consensus?

[info]teamclone in [info]the100

You really think you've been through it all and then, boom, universe proves you wrong.

Uh, thanks. For, y'know, not just knocking me out until everything got fixed. Which, if you haven't heard, it did. So, don't worry about me crawling through the ventilation shafts again.


Any luck with those dark alleys?

[info]snipps in [info]the100

Well, at least I didn't have to relive those last 15 years all in one fell swoop, so thank you for that. Hard enough fighting a war at fourteen, but going through it and losing and then an Empire rising in its place? Not something I wanted to discover all over again.

[info]abitunlikely in [info]the100

Is it always so exciting here? This place is brilliant fun!

[info]alwaysaqueen in [info]the100

This is certainly unexpected. I'm not entirely sure that I know how this works, but I understand that this is a way of communication?

So, hello. My name is Lucy, and I've just arrived. I've received the whole introduction, but I suppose I'm now on my way to find my new home. It's hard to believe that I've found myself landing in another world again.

[info]everymansdream in [info]the100

Who's up for getting drunk enough to forget the past tonight?

[info]ignoretheodds in [info]the100

A huge thank you to everyone who joined in the snowball fights and snowmen building over the last few days. It's interesting how we lose some of our normal habits when we're kids. Though I don't think snowmen building should be restricted to kids.

Hopefully I wasn't too much of a terror the last few days.

Going to stop avoiding me now? That was weird. I miss you.

[info]burningwings in [info]the100

That wasn't funny. I forgot everyone here that matters to me.

[info]thegoodblood in [info]the100

[ Filtered to Roomates Bucky Barnes (MCU), Matt Murdock, Felicia Hardy ]

Firstly I would like to apologise for the somewhat whopping hole that is currently apparent in the wall of our room; it was not an intentional destruction and with luck, will not be repeated. Secondly, I have moved all of the hunter's traps that I made these past few days beneath my bed; I apologise for any sort of confusion and/or limb devastation that they've caused. Finally, I believe that only my belongings were ever on fire, but if anyone should find anything that my younger self managed to singe, do let me know and I will attempt to replace it post-haste.

Normally I am a good roommate. This week was a little... unexpected. I apologise once again.

[ /Filter ]

Jesus crackers! I get the joke now. Very good! Very good, indeed!

[info]willingtopay in [info]the100

It looks like we're all back to the way we were before. I know it wasn't easy for all of us, but hopefully we have a little more insight into one another now. You all got a front seat to what my life was like before I was Captain America, and since I wasn't much use then, if anyone has any questions about it now, I can try to answer.

I'd like to take a moment to thank everyone for lending a hand over the last few days, whether it was covering extra shifts or taking care of people who were suddenly children. We needed that kindness, and you delivered. It's that kind of answer to an uncomfortable situation that I like to see: our community coming together to help each other out.

I love you. I know I said that this morning, but I already went a few days without saying it, so I don't think you'll complain if I repeat myself now. And thank you, for being so good to me.

[info]watchusrun in [info]the100


That happened.

I truly had no wish to relive the psychopath days.

Doctors. I am sorry. And well done on avoiding me.

Clara. You are simply wonderful. Never change.

Rory...well, yes. I suspect we should talk properly now, don't you?

[info]youngestsolo in [info]the100

Who: Luke Skywalker and Anakin Solo
When: 23 January (slightly backdated to before the age stuff)
Where: Working on stuff somewhere in Mount Weather.
What: Uncle & Nephew conversations about life, Jedi, and the oddness of Mount Weather.
Rating: Lowish.

Maybe if he kept telling himself that long enough - he'd believe it eventually. )

[info]sohawkeward in [info]the100

network; hawke (026)

In honor of Cullen and Iron Bull being back as they should, I propose we take over The Rose with some good old fashioned cutthroat Wicked Grace. Kallian and Alistair, that means you, too. Let someone else mind the bar.

So you can tell me what crawled up your ass and died or I can guess. Your choice.

[info]liesbecomeus in [info]the100


[info]bornunder in [info]the100

For some reason, no one ever believes me when I tell them I used to be tiny. Now all of you know it's true.

And this is hardly breaking news, but: Crowley, you're an asshole.

[info]odetolove in [info]the100

It was fun making smaller clothes. If you don't need them anymore, we'll take them back and use the cloth for something else.

It would be nice to have more children underfoot. But not people who are meant to be adults.

[info]red_five in [info]the100

I'm really not sure what to say about the last couple of days. Thankfully the beautiful woman I woke up with turned out to be my wife and she was amazing as always.

Although I'm pretty sure she's not ever going to let me live this down.

[info]bonrien in [info]the100

Seems I got this habit of falling from the sky, which I don't mind saying is a bit of a problem for us that don't know how to fly. Least I don't remember it this time round and got me a clean bill of health from the nurses after. Still, ain't too fond of what we're looking at here. Had me enough of Apocalypse, as is. What I hear from the talk is I missed some youth problem, which is all good. Last you all need is Le Diablo Blanc running about, believe you me.

Name's Remy. Gambit to some. Been told I got a few friends here, sorry to be late.

[info]septimussmith in [info]the100

Quiet contemplation has been the order of the day. And I suppose I never wrote to you why. When we received our messages in the week past, I had been reminded of my very own Evans. So here, because I do find ergotherapy to be stimulating - and writing a grounding principle - let me describe him to you.

And if you find yourself inclined to read, my hat's quite off to you.

Not an IC cut. TW: War, death, etc. )

[info]strictandclever in [info]the100

Filtered Network Post: Minerva McGonagall to Magic Folk


Last month, people were compelled to voice the truth and their every thought. We have just seen people reversed in time.

I would hope that no one intended such widespread results, but nevertheless, I believe we need to have an open, frank discussion about how we're using our magic given the extreme side effects we have seen, and about communicating when the unexpected happens so that we might help to correct it.

For instance, I am creating wizarding chess sets for use here. If anyone should feel a compulsion to move to E5 or capture a pawn, I expect to be informed promptly so I can cast the relevant counter-charms.

[info]wantstolove in [info]the100

You saw what was going to happen. So many...I miss my s

[info]oakenshielded in [info]the100

It has been so many years since I was that age that I forgot the feeling of it. Much has happened since.

The magic of this place is very intriguing. To whoever was responsible, I commend the breadth of your skill, in spite of the discomfort.