May 2016

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June 13th, 2015

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Network Post: Crowley

Anyone else tired of the same boring, generic "let me be your representative" speeches? About being fair and caring and just trying to help? Hendrix was the only one who showed some bollocks, and she still had to go on about family.

I'm not looking to play patty-cake and sing kumbaya with the "Sky People". I'm looking to get what we want, whatever that might be, whatever it takes to get it. If we can get that through negotiating and compromise, splendid-- I'm a fantastic negotiator. I don't give up any ground that I can't afford to give up, and only in such a way that I still get exactly what I was looking to get. Hell, nobody could beat me in a filibuster, either. Perks of not being mortal. I'm looking to win. I love winning, and I'm damn good at it.

And let's get real. These "Sky People" don't give a damn about us and our interests any further than what we can do that benefits them. We've been dropped into living in this shithole mountain, and told where to live and how to live by some people who slaughtered hundreds of men, women, and kids and then took over their homes. We're a labor force; that's it. I'm all for being self-interested myself, but when that clashes with someone else's self-interests, things get messy. If they ever decide we're taking up too much space or not playing nicely or otherwise not compatible with their interests, we know what they're capable of, don't we? They're capable of being pretty damn cold and ruthless. And so am I. If it comes down to us or them, I'll make sure we come out on top.

Yes, I'm a demon. Yes, I'm the King of Hell. And that's exactly what's needed to stand up to that lot. Not some aww-shucks good ol' boy or someone you'd want to be best fwiends with.

AMA time. Go right ahead.

And remember: Vote Crowley. You're smart and sexy if you do.

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network post; han solo

[Team Jackass, i.e. everyone here + Tony Gates + Major Lilywhite]
I could use a favor. I'm looking for something, and I thought maybe a few of you could help me.

Unfortunately, it's not a ship to get the hell off this rock.

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Alright, here we go. Let's talk about this council business. I'd like to make this short and sweet, but there's a lot to talk about, so bear with me.

What is a council person's job? It's not to feed, clothe, or fight to defend their people — though they might do those things, too. A council person is a leader, and a leader's job is not to do one particular thing. It is to tie multiple things together, bring people together, make a community into a team, oversee everything and solve problems to keep things running smoothly. To do that, sure, they've got to listen to everyone, make sure every voice is heard; sometimes you want to be warm and fuzzy, sometimes you've gotta be ruthless and make the tough calls, but the real trick is being able to do both, to be one or the other, depending on what the situation calls for. In order to do all that you've got to pay attention to everything, the little things and the big picture — because even the smallest weakness can bring down a strong organization and have consequences for the entire world. Believe me, I learned that the hard way.

So let me tell you what I see here. There's our community of so-called 'Pod People' — we've gotta get a better name for ourselves, don't we? — and even that community is divided into people from different worlds, and there are even smaller lines drawn among people from their own worlds. There are people with different beliefs, coming from different walks of life, even coming from different species, even though we all act like people. And then there's the Sky People, who were here before we started falling out of the sky, but who also came down from space a while ago, a generation that inherited this world after a big war a while ago and are fighting to try to survive here. Then there are the Grounders, generations of people who managed to survive the war without escaping into the sky, who've formed their own cultures and probably know this land better than any of us. A representative of the Pod People should still take the interests and rights of all those other communities into account when making decisions for their own.

Some of us who came from the Pods remember a world that was more united in some ways, though still divided in others. Divided into continents, countries, cities, states, political parties, different schools, different cultures and races and species, too. We've got that on a smaller scale here, but I care about that big picture, about what's best for this world's humanity as a whole. Humanity's not going to do well if we turn this into us against them, whether that's us in Mount Weather against the Grounders, or the Sky People vs. the Pod People, or rivalries between or within our different worlds. Our interests are important but we don't get to take what we want at the cost of cutting someone else's throat (literally or metaphorically) or leaving them to survive the threats of the wilderness. Sure, sometimes there will be conflicts, without a doubt. But there are other ways of solving them.

If elected as council member, I promise to take all of these different levels into account. I will make the tough calls and work hard to clean up the worst of the messes that we get ourselves into. I will represent the interests of the 'Pod People' and help our community find a place in this world without edging anyone else out, but instead trying to find a positive give and take, where we continue to do our part and to help out the people who've accepted us and ensure that we have the rights we deserve and the necessities we need to live. I will make sure that everyone has an equal say and an chance at the small luxuries we get to have here, and try to make this place function more smoothly so that more of those luxuries become available. I'll work to ensure the guards and soldiers are coordinated and supplied well enough to make this mountain feel safe, that the farmers and hunters have every possible resource we can provide them with to start making the foods we've all been missing from home, and I'll make sure that no one is ever made to feel like a prisoner within their own home, nor a slave forced to work so hard or while sick or in an unhealthy, unhappy situation.

I will be the one to give you the shirt off my own back if you need it more than I do, or conjure you fresh water or shelter from my wand. I will congratulate you on your accomplishments, or make decisions with mercy and compassion when handing out necessary punishments. I will be the joke and the smile and the friend during the hard times, the light in the darkness, or the serious, sympathetic listener when you come to me with a problem. I'll be the the rallying cry to drive you to fight hard, whether it's in Capture the Flag or an actual battle, and I will be right there fighting with you. I have the energy, the heart, and the tenacity to defend, to push, to fight for any person or any important issue. I also have the open mind and ability to swallow any ego or pride long enough to hear opposing arguments and acknowledge that, despite my excellent track record, I am not always one hundred percent in the right. But I have to say, I am right a lot of the time. It's just that there are much more important things than being right, because this isn't about me. It's about all of us.

I'm proud to run with Neville Longbottom, the next generation of wizarding warriors that ended the fight against Voldemort and helped to rebuild the wizarding world. Vote for us, or at the very least, make sure that your choice for council member is someone you trust to have not only your best interests, but everyone's best interests, and humanity's best interests, at heart. We may only be in a small corner of the world, but we are the inheritors of this Earth and it is our job to think big, even if we have to start small. And even when we go big, the smallest and subtlest of people and issues must still be taken into account.



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I have to say, that I first thought that this was a vision but none of mine have lasted this long.

This really is real isn't it?

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Who: Rose Hathaway and Dimitri Belikov
When: Backedated to way back when Dimitri arrived
Where: Their room
What: Rose is returning his "missing" duster to him
Rating: Pretty tame, although there's a fade to black at the end that may imply some sexytimes ahead.
Status: Completed log.

Quote )

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I didn't think saying this would be necessary, but apparently it is.

If you think you're only here as our work force, because apparently none of us do any damn work around here, you know where the door is. If you think we're all murderers and you have that much of a problem with what happened here before that you're going to blame an entire group of people for the actions of a few, and use that as leverage to give yourself more instead of working with us as a whole, you know where the door is. If you think you're being forced to stay here, I'm sure I'm not alone when I say you're welcome to leave of your own volition, should you wish to. No one is trapped here. You can leave and take your chances with a world you don't know. You can take your chances with a leader who threw us to the wolves to save her own people, even though we had risked our lives to save hers. What do you think she'll do to you if she walked away from our alliance, knowing she was signing our death sentence? But hey, leaving is your choice. Good luck.

What happened to the people who lived here before was a tragedy that began generations ago, brought on by their failed leadership. Most of the Sky People weren't even here when the mountain men died. That burden rests on two of us, myself and one other. We made a call that I didn't want to, but we had to because we all would have been slaughtered instead, slowly, one by one. We would have been tortured. You can think we were wrong, that's your choice. But it isn't right to take that out on all of my people. If you want to blame someone, if you want to call someone a murderer, if you want to play this morality game when you weren't in our shoes and we can't see every terrible thing you've done, fine, but say it about me. Don't say it about anyone else. I did it. I'm responsible.

Don't disregard everything that Chancellor Griffin, Marcus Kane, the rest of the council and all of us have done for you. Everything we've done has been a choice, because it was right to do, because we saw someone in need and we knew we had to help. That's all there is to it.

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It hurts to talk about it, but I think it's time we did.

At the beginning of the month, R&R went to a drop, and we found stuff to make coffee. Filters, coffee makers, french presses, mugs... and no coffee. I very nearly started crying out there, but I held it together for the team. Someone out there has a sick, sick, cold sense of humor.

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It would appear that my magic has returned to me, if the snow and the frost and the snow inside Mount Weather wasn't enough of an indication for anyone. I'm truly sorry for that, and I hope that no plants were harms, or animals. I've spent the past week and a half re-learning how to use my magic. I can do everything that I did before, but things are a little different in how I do them, and I wanted to get a firm hold on myself and my powers before being around people again.

So if anyone would like me to make the gym or the mess hall into an ice rink one afternoon, I'll certainly do so.

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Probably not the smartest idea to hack the network so... Anyone got any information I could use?

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Ooooops. I forgot my own birthday. And it was even my 21st. Which feels really weird to say, since I skipped months.

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Chatty to Matt Murdock
-- So we gonna talk about me walking in on you and Felicia the other day?
-- I don't know if it was awkward for you guys, but it was for me.
-- Kind of. She's well-endowed.

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WHO: Liv Moore, Major Lilywhite
WHEN: Major's first night. June 10.
WHERE: Major's housing.
WHAT: Liv comes clean?
WARNINGS: Talk of murder, zombieism, cannibalism, drugs, torture.

Major was /majorly/ freaking out. )

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network; felicia hardy (006)

You can look me in the face, you know.

We need a system.