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May. 10th, 2016


Master Qui-Gon Jinn had planned to have meditation sessions and extend an offer to those who would be interested. I am no Jedi, but I have the training and would be happy to show you the techniques that we use in my galaxy.

If you would like, please sign up here.

May. 5th, 2016


network post: han solo

I know I'm a day late, but if anyone finds one of these in Wookiee size, send it my way. It's a very important gift.

May. 4th, 2016


Hi. My name is Emma Swan, which is probably not a name you're really eager to see so soon under this kind of filter.

However, Bonnie Bennett and Willow Rosenberg have started a magical resource and support group so that we can assist one another, understand each other's magic, and be of help to the community at large. They're both very talented witches in their worlds and they're both eager to helping as much as they can. My involvement is strictly support, as I still have the enchanted cuff that prevents me from doing any magic, if you were, understandably, worried about that.

The group, which doesn't have a formal name yet, will be meeting in the common area outside of the library on Saturday at 4pm, but I thought we could have an informal introduction here to see if this is something you'd be interested in. I want to make thin

So I'll start. I'm Emma Swan. I'm not really sure how old I am anymore because of too many curses and time jumps and world jumps. I was in my early 30s last time I checked. Until recently, I was also called the Dark One, which is an entity in my world that possesses and poisons a person until they are consumed. It's because of my son, Henry, that I'm no longer possessed. If you have any other questions, I'm willing to answer them.

Apr. 18th, 2016



Hells naw. It's still Cooking with Cisco, which is a lot like Cooking with Crisco, but really my stuff's way tastier. Now, granted, I haven't had a lot of time to prepare and I've been told Goblin is totally not a healthy food option - soooOooOOoo today is veggie enchiladas.

For those of you that immediately went eugh, veggies, I swear to you on everything I care about (a list that mostly contains electronics and tacos), you're going to love these. If you've never had a fresh corn tortilla and a spicy 'chilada gravy, you haven't lived. Or lived more than once. It's hard to count lives around here, amirite?

Come forth, learn from the master (then help feed the masses). Perhaps during the lesson, I will regale you with tales of my days as a Radio DJ in Sunny Weatherbrooke!

[Veronica Mars]
We're cool, right? Not weird. I won't make it weird. If you still want that X-Ambassadors concert, I've got MP3s. Not QUITE the same, but hey. Uh, that is, assuming you remember stuff. If you don't, PRETEND I WROTE NOTHING.

Apr. 15th, 2016


storybrooke; han solo

It's Friday. Think I'll call it an early day and see how things are going down at the Rabbit Hole.

Apr. 7th, 2016


storybrooke; netpost: emerson solo

What's a man got to do to offload a perfectly fine, energy-efficient, bag-free vacuum cleaner in this town? Comes with standard one-year warranty, extended warranty's only an extra $9. Plus, free housecleaning! Limited time only, of course. A man's got customers to satisfy!

[Jenny Solo]
Are we still on for dinner Friday night?

Apr. 6th, 2016


storybrooke: sam mickens

All right, since everyone seems to be eager to take a ride, we're gonna figure out how to get Ben's bull set up at the bar. I'll let y'all know when it's ready to go. We'll have some rules once it's up and running, so I expect everyone to behave or we'll have to take the toys away. And the alcohol.

We've got karaoke tomorrow, and I've started to roll out new seasonal brews as they become available, so keep checking back for the new ones.

And if you haven't seen her yet, Maggie's back in town and she's got her old job back, so I'm sure she'd appreciate it if everyone came out to welcome her back properly.

Apr. 1st, 2016


Storybrooke: Holly Wells

So it's been a beautiful Friday and looks like it will be a beautiful Friday evening. I don't want to sit at home. Anyone have any ideas about something fun to do?

Mar. 25th, 2016


Chatty to Cisco Ramon

Hey. I was wondering if you could help me with something? I got one of my cameras in the Pod Drop complete with film. I don't have anyway of developing it though. Would you know anything about setting up a darkroom? Or maybe even converting my camera to digital? I don't know if that's something that can even be done but it doesn't hurt to ask.

Mar. 15th, 2016


All right, you primitive screwheads, listen up!

You're not actually primitive screwheads and I think you're all great, I just REALLY REALLY wanted to use that quote for an announcement and it was a perfect opportunity.

So! I took over the cooking lessons (to add some Latin flair!) when Mr. Bradshaw left. For those of you who've still been coming to the lessons while I kind find my groove in the job, I appreciate it, and I hope you've enjoyed some of the stuff my abuelita taught me.

I wanted to let you all know that there's another change! Instead of "every other Monday and Wednesday," I'm just moving it to every Monday. Same timeslot! It's just easier on my schedule to have something regular and locked down. I'm sure it's the same for a lot of you.

NOW for the REAL announcement. I've been working with our agriculture group (Peace, Mr. Kent, I'll miss you) to get a steady (as steady as plant growth is) flow of fresh ingredients, especially since everything I teach becomes dinner for everyone! Sweet deal, I know. So here's the plan. I'd like everyone to save up some dairy rations to help me with this, because I've got everything I need to make PIZZA. (Thanks, Pixie, for helping collect some plants, too!)

PS, Tony Friggin STARK and I are growing coffee beans in a localized greenhouse, you're welcome.

It'll be a bit different that you're used to, though. Grain is still hard to come by, so I'll be using cauliflower for the bread. BEFORE YOU FLINCH, let me say you won't even be able to tell the difference when I'm done. You'll love it, trust me. And be ready to get your grub on this Monday. And maybe this'll drum up some more people taking my class!

Dear Bossman, permission to requisition some lumber, some rope, and a really heavy rock?
[ooc | THIS is what he's making.]


What I wouldn't give for Piper or Paige to be here, too. A Power of Three spell might be strong enough to turn Marie back.

Mar. 12th, 2016


I am sore in places I didn't even remember I had but that was the most fun I've had in a while. I have no idea why I never signed up for Capture The Flag before.

Feb. 24th, 2016


Network Post: Minerva McGonagall

Due to the departure of the Chess Club's founders, Obi-Wan and I have decided we will host the club ourselves so that it may continue.

We do, however, hope to bring a different energy to the club under our direction. Neither of us plays professionally or competitively; we are enthusiastic amateurs who enjoy chess matches as a pastime. We do not have a dogmatic view of what is or is not "real chess". We welcome your adaptations, multitasking, and more. Play it however you bloody want. If you would like to introduce the club to a variant of chess that you know and love, we'd be happy to assist you in sharing that.

Thank you again to everyone who participated in the wizard's chess set trials. I believe we have now perfected them, and they will continue to be available at the Chess Club to those who wish to play it.

As this all comes suddenly before the last meeting of the month, this month's Chess Tournament will be cancelled. We will still meet tomorrow night to play. We hope to see you there.


Hey so can you all have quieter emotions? Thanks Even though Elise rarely gave me time off at the paper, I'm missing the work, now. It was habit for me.

[Mental Health Staff]
I'm taking a couple days off.
I really wish I had Paige's orbing power right about now. We need a teleportation spell, or something.

Feb. 22nd, 2016


Alright, there seems to be a lot of disappearing going on. Fitz and Simmons disappeared in front of me and Ward hasn't shown up for training.

Humor me and let me know you're still here?

Can you use your big brother powers to tell me if we've lost anyone else?



We just got Paige back and now she's gone. I keep hoping that all four of us will end up here at the same time but somehow I don't think that's going to happen.


Feel like coming over and keeping me company for a while? I know you're bummed about your friend and now my sister is gone. You said you had some media on your laptop? We could watch a really bad movie.

Feb. 21st, 2016


Filtered Network Post: Bonnie Bennett

[Filtered: Paige Matthews, Halliwell sisters, Minerva McGonagall]

Hello. I'm Bonnie Bennett. You might have read my writing earlier about getting together knowledge about all the different magic users, just so we all know what types we have and what we can do. Um, to the Halliwell sisters, I hope you don't mind me writing. Prue mentioned that you might be interested. I don't mind teaching it, but I'm a bit shaky on teaching classes. I had an apprentice once, but she...well, long story short, she didn't really need me around.

And, um, I'm writing to Minerva as well because I know you do teach magic already and would be glad for any help in getting a class of this sort started. I'm not really a teacher here or anything, but I'd be glad to step in where I'm needed.


What's the next holiday coming up?

Feb. 20th, 2016


[Magic Users of all kinds]

I don't know how compatible everyone's magic is here, but I've read back over some of the discussions people have had about different magical abilities. Is there some kind of class we can open up to teach other people here about our magic and what it does? Normally, I'm one to keep the balance between things. Just trying to avoid any unnecessary surprises, especially considering where I was before I showed up here.

[Filtered to all teachers ]

How would I go about teaching a class or getting one started?

Feb. 18th, 2016


I didn't get one of those little animals but they're pretty cute. Hopefully they aren't some kind of gremlin things. Seeing the movie the other night made me think of that when I saw them.

[Cisco Ramon]

Weird question. Do you play chess? I learned how after I came here, there's a chess club on Thursday nights and right now they're demonstrating wizard chest which is really cool. I thought you might like to see it.

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