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Aug. 18th, 2015


Filter: Finnick
Hi, Finnick. I know there's nothing I can do to make this better, but if you'd like to talk, please know that I'm here for you.

Would anyone like to go for a walk?


Network post; bruce banner

Jan Van Dyne
How did it go with your daughter?

The universe is an ever-expanding multitude of possibilities, and yet we find ourselves under a mountain...replicating the past. I may have had a breakthrough in my clothing research; though, I hardly think it'll win the Nobel.

Aug. 17th, 2015


Annie and Tristan are gone.

Aug. 12th, 2015


Why wasn't Cecil on the radio this evening? Has anyone seen him recently? Oh, no. He didn't die from that illness we all got, did he?


I sincerely hope that everyone who has fallen ill are feeling much better. To those of you that did not fall ill, and choose to use your time in helping others, thank you. To those that did their best to take care of others even while ill, thank you. Thank you all so much for your kindness.

Aug. 10th, 2015


How are you all fairing?

Checking in. What is everyone's status at this point?

Did you get sick as well?

Aug. 6th, 2015


I know everyone's very excited about having coffee, even if we do have to ration it. But I for one hope this doesn't mean we'll end up phasing out the herbal concoction we'd been offering as a substitute. It's so deliciously earthy -- and a compelling example of humanity's ingenuity in the face of deprivation!

Speaking of which, I'm afraid the contents of my herb belt won't last the rest of the month. Can anyone tell me a bit about the local flora? What sort of natural remedies do we have available already? I ask our amazing farmers and gatherers in particular, but I'd hate to limit my query in case we have any recreational herbalists around. I myself happen to be a bit of a botany buff! Oh, look what I did there! Isn't alliteration fun?

Aug. 5th, 2015


I wake up late because I was out celebrating our victory over the bad guys, you know? and I go into the kitchen to make waffles, but I'm out of Bisquick, so I'm like, Aw man, this sucks. So I get dressed to hit up the 7-11 on the corner and the next thing I know, I'm lying in some hospital bed with all sorts of wires and tubes stuck in me and shit. And I start going, What the hell?! Yo, where am I?! Then this Indian guy with a British accent shows up and he's like, Whoa, whoa, hold on there, chillax bro. Everything's gonna be cool. So I ask the doctor, because this guy's a doctor, I ask him, What happened to me? Did I have a heart attack?" And this doctor, he says, Naw bro, let me lay this on you. Then starts talking about being in a place where different universes collide or something, and how James Bond could be here any day now.

And Ravi - the doctor's name is Ravi, right? He says I'm safe and I've got a place to stay here, and food and how I'm in good hands. And I'm listening to him and listening to him and then suddenly I get it and say, Now I know who you are! You're from that zombie show! You know, the zombie show on television? And Ravi's like, I don't know what you're talking about, bro. There's a zombie show? being all confused. And then I go, Oh yeah, you're totally from that zombie show, man. Your character works with that pasty white chick who's a zombie who eats brains and solves crimes. But I haven't watched every episode, because I'm not really into zombies, since they creep me out, especially Walking Dead. Then Ravi, he's trying to be cool and says, Yeah, I get it, bro. Zombies ain't everybody's thing. So you have any questions?

That's when I ask if I can have my pants back, since I'm wearing one of those hospital gowns, you know, one of those things that shows off your ass in back? Since I don't want to go walking around the place with my ass hanging out. And Ravi is all cool about it, but acting nervous like, and goes Maybe later you can tell me more about this zombie program, and I'm like, That's cool, at least the episodes I remember.

And then I get my pants on, and I check out John Stamos, and I go, Yo! John Stamos! Bro! I thought you were awesome on Full House. My cousin, Rosa used to have a huge crush on you! And John's looking at me like, Say whaaaat? I also see that chick from Star Trek Next Generation, and I go to her, Make it so! even though I'm more of a Star Wars kinda person, you know? But only the old Star Wars, because the prequels were all messed up by Lucas who figured packing each scene with a bunch of special effects would make up for the fact that the characters lacked depth so you couldn't really identify with any of them as the protagonist, and that they would also somehow hide all the plot inconsistencies in the story.

Now this is what I've been thinking, is that, I've been sent into the future, right? Kinda like John Carter in reverse. And like, maybe now that I'm one of the good guys, I've been chosen for some sort of wack mission or something?

That's pretty cool.

By the way, my name's Luis.

Aug. 4th, 2015


What's your nose telling you these days, Mount Weather? Ill omen or good fortune?

Suffice it to say, I understand we all come from a wide variety of learnings and skill levels. What's more, I understand that much of it has to do with our own particular life experiences. Because of that, I want to divide us into groups of four. We'll meet on the regular, we'll go over similar high level skills, then break off to work together. That way, we're all teaching each other.

Our meeting's this Thursday. Meet at 5:00 PM in Warehouse 305.

And ladies -- for any curious, outside I came across a rather thick growth of aloe. I'm hoping I can rather maintain its wild propagation,and hopefully with some luck it'll start growing well and we can bloody well have our own moisturizer. I'm not living my entire existence here as one soapy goddamn flake It'll just require some cleverness, a little emollient and some elbow grease.

Who can you con in the kitchen to make some sweets? Is that too much to ask? I don't want it to be a drain on resources.


Aug. 2nd, 2015


Who: The inhabitants of Mount Weather
When: This afternoon, at 2 p.m.
Where: The greenhouse
What: Dedication of the Memorial Garden in the southeast corner of the greenhouse
Rating: Low

Today was the dedication of the memorial garden. Everyone was invited to attend. At the gate to the garden, large flats of flowers were available. People can either take one, put it in a pot, and keep it with them, or plant it themselves after the dedication. One section of the garden was purposefully left unfinished for today. There was a moment of silence for those no longer with them in whatever way. In an attempt to incorporate as much of the recent history of the world as possible, those Sky People and Grounders that have died were named, as well as all of those who have died since the Pod People started arriving.

After that, the floor was open to people to speak, sing, recite poetry, or anything they can think of. Neville began with himself, which I'll detail in a comment, and then he asked Chancellor Griffin to speak, and Steve Rogers and Asala Adaar. After that, he would ask that people take turns and be courteous.

The dedication ended with the planting of the flowers in the garden, with the farmers helping people individually, as well as anyone who has experience gardening.


network; hawke (012)

My schedule feels so empty without the musical in it now. We're doing that again sometime, aren't we?

Inara, how are you feeling? How did your blood tests come out after the spells?

Would you still love me if Hello, you.

Jul. 28th, 2015


Would you like to go outside with me? There is a place I discovered, overlooking a canyon, that I find very beautiful. Especially at sunset.

Jul. 27th, 2015


To those of you who knew him, Hank McCoy is no longer one of our number. I suppose one can only hope that, as the voice said, he has gone home again.

Filter to Mount Weather Leaders, Rachel Summers, Betsy Braddock
For what it's worth, I felt no unknown presence within Mount Weather or the surrounding environs during the event this morning.

Jul. 24th, 2015


My tablet's making weird noises. Weird sex noises that are making me really uncomfortable around my son. How do I turn this off?

Jul. 22nd, 2015


Anyone near 505 U will hear a loud yell.

Someone! Please help! It's Septimus [...] we were just talking and he's gone.

Jul. 20th, 2015


Filter to Raven
I am [...] failing in my promise to these people. At night I can't help but share their dreams.

[...] Did I truly fall out of bed early this morning?

Kudos to those who were in the play over the weekend. I believe that Gilbert and Sullivan themselves would have enjoyed your production.

Jul. 18th, 2015


This is literally the most terrifying vision of America’s future I could have imagined. Nuclear armageddon, living inside a mountain, pod people dropping from the sky? What an incredible time -- and place -- to be alive. The fate of human civilization lies in our hands. Amazing.

I suppose I should introduce myself! My name is Chris Traeger, I’m from Pawnee, Indiana, and I can’t wait to get to know each and every one of you. What’s your name? What do you do for a living? What are your hopes and dreams? Tell me everything!

Oh, and does anybody know if my two best friends, Leslie Knope and Ben Wyatt, are here? Or my therapist, Dr. Richard Nygard? It’s very important; I see him five times a week. I can't miss a session.

Jul. 17th, 2015


network; hawke (010)

Everything you need to know about Pirates of Penzance:
» I am brilliant.
» You're welcome.

( ooc; for reference - Galavant's "Secret Mission" vs Pirates' "With Catlike Tread". )

Jul. 16th, 2015


I hope everyone can make our performance of Pirates of Penzance tomorrow & Saturday. It's a very nice show.

Filtered: MJ Watson
Thank you for working with me, I appreciate the help. I'm still

Filtered: Septimus Smith
Are you nervous about the show?

Filtered: Hannah & Bruce Banner
You'll come to the show, right?

Jul. 14th, 2015


Filter: Panem
So. Who, by show of hands, or.. comments, or whatever, is totally comfortable here and completely settled and not at all unnerved at who the fuck knows what is living with us down here too? I'm really curious.

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