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May. 1st, 2016


I have good news: the mead we started this winter is ready! Those of you who have been missing your honey wine, we have ready to serve at the Rose, including one barrel that we flavored with cinnamon and cloves. Thus far, everyone agrees that both the flavored and the ordinary mead are delicious, but you should come see for yourself.

[Filtered to Command + Brewers]
I've also got a few barrels set aside for trade - it's quality stuff, so it should bring a good price at market.

Apr. 23rd, 2016


I can't claim to know Peter half as well as his close friends but I did like his music and he made rather idiotic choices with women but at least he was aware of being an idiot, which often goes a long way because most people just stay idiots until they die.

Does anyone else not miss Storybrooke but maybe the idea of having ... normality? WHatever that is. But living a life. Being married. Having kids. Jobs. Not worrying about death and darkspawn and maker knows what else because you're set on a path where you can never be content with anything and you're destined for more. I'm not supposed to be the destined one. Garrett is. He's a good brother, you know, even if it's easy to get overshadowd by him but that isn't his fault, hes just larger than life and doesn't realize it sometimes. being a warden helped me step out of that shadow, but it always feels like there's some other shadow. the darkspawn. the calling.

maybe I'm not meant to be content unless it's done by magical spell and stripping me of all else i know

drinking alone was probably a mistake.

Apr. 17th, 2016


WHO: Kallian Tabris and Alistair Theirin
WHEN: Sunday afternoon, shortly after the return from Storybrooke
WHERE: The Rose
WHAT: Kallian finds Alistair behind the bar in the wake of the mess
WARNINGS: Ends in a fade-to-black

Whatever magic did this, it was not the good kind. )

Apr. 1st, 2016



My grandparents, my potions partner and my boss are all gone. :| Today has been a stupid crappy day. I'll be pulling a double shift at The Rose to keep the tavern open for everyone since I'm guessing you need it as much as I do. Take any of this out on your bartender and I can't be held responsible for what I do with my wand. It's charged and full of glitter, okay!?

[The Rose staff]
Anyone else still here?

Mar. 28th, 2016


network; alistair theirin (008)

The three of us should make a moment for ourselves before the fighting starts.

Planning on joining the battle?


[OOC: After Asshole Minotaur]
I'm sorry-

I thought I just needed Maker, I'm so sorry. I know that isn't- I know that never helps. I hoped I would've- But I didn't and-

I'm sorry.

I've known a great deal of horrible people in my life. Thedas fosters it, I suppose. A life far less comfortable, never knowing if you're going to sleep in a bed or on the road, always having a weapon handy out of necessity.

I've become far too complacent here. Back home, my life was pledged to the Wardens. I'd be dead otherwise. I used to hate it, to think I'd rather die instead of fighting for a good cause, because it was difficult. I was young, sheltered and thought I deserved more out of life. But that life was spent hiding, that life was spent in fear that I'd be caught and killed for being an Apostate. That life was nothing.

It took me years to realize that being a Grey Warden was the one thing that made me free. No matter if I was pledged to them or not, I was safe from Templars and if anything was going to kill me, it was going to be on my own terms against the Darkspawn.

This horrid, wretched beast and her minions are not going to destroy our freedoms. Not now.

Emma and Jean - would the two of you be willing to meet me near the blast doors? I failed at saving Marie, but I'm not going to let that failure carry over to the Grounders or the animals that are frozen, as well.

Mar. 24th, 2016


Alright, I need to see what I can do to rig up a karaoke machine.

Maybe then we can have a sing off with Jadis.

(Ps that last part is totally a joke.)


network post: nathan drake

It's been almost a month, and now I got someone else in my room. I guess that means she's not coming back. Sorry I've been

Do we really believe all this crap, about people "going home", or is that what we tell ourselves in order to feel better?

Have I been a jackass? I might've been a jackass. Not your fault you're here.

Mar. 16th, 2016


Fellow Thedosians, you'll be pleased to know that neither Alistair nor I senses any darkspawn, so it's not the "tainted horrors tunneling below us" kind of earthquake.

At least, not those tainted horrors. Can't really rule out anything around here.

Feb. 17th, 2016


log; kallian & alistair

WHO: Kallian & Alistair
WHEN: February 1st, 201
WHERE: The Rose
WHAT: Kallian inhales the black pixie dust and thinks Alistair is a ghoul. This is the short, sweet aftermath once she's back to normal.
WARNING(S): The log starts after they fight. Alistair's not looking too hot.

If I’m getting rusty, I thank Andraste for it. )

Feb. 11th, 2016


network; alistair theirin (007)

Wonderful people of Mount Weather! With your holiday of love coming up, we at The Rose thought it may be nice to host all the single people the night before. It must be obnoxious to watch the rest of us just now, so February 13th is officially Singles' Night at The Rose. Come to meet other single people, or just get drunk and complain about everyone else.

The rest of you can just go have sex or something, and then come back on the 14th.


[Filtered to Alistair Theirin, Nathan Drake, Luke Cage, and Lilu Potter]

Right, so I've just found out about this Valentine Festival from the Iron Bull. Should we do something in the Rose to celebrate? And if so, what? I understand the festival typically involves festooning things with pink and heart shapes. Is there more to it than that? Nathan, Lilu, Luke, you're from Earths. Do they have this on yours?

Feb. 1st, 2016


Your Maj Alistair, are you all right? Kallian just contacted me privately, because she's seeing Darkspawn and swears on the Maker that the Taint is overtaking you. I assume you're in your right mind and she's afflicted with the same issues as a few others I've seen, but I don't want to make too many assumptions, on the off chance I'm dead wrong.

Regardless, I'm coming by the tavern just in case.

Is anyone else having issues? Darkspawn, seeing things?

Jan. 20th, 2016


[Filtered to Dragon Age]

I have been trying to maintain my friendly and personable tavern lass attitude, but I swear on Andraste's supple arse that if I have to read one more instance of hand-wringing and wailing from people who have clearly never been hungry for more than an hour or two and don't seem to understand that the bloody dragon attacked our home, I am going to lose my mind entirely.

Whew. Sorry. Needed to say that. I feel slightly better now.

Jan. 17th, 2016


I have two big announcements:

One: Teamwork, ingenuity, magic, and dedication to the pursuit of quality drunkenness has granted us a glorious gift: the queen of all liquors, the water of life...whiskey. With a little help from Messeres Nico Minoru and John Constantine and Serah Kili the smith, we've been able to age it in magical barrels and have produced something that is, I dare say, quite drinkable.

Two: I realized that a name for the tavern's actually been staring me in the face this whole time, and I just didn't see it. The place is henceforth to be called The Rose. Feel free to ask me for the story on why, unless you're the type who hates mushy stuff - if that's the case, you'll only be disappointed. Now, who's got some artistic talent and wants to make us a sign for the place?

Jan. 11th, 2016


Fight Club on Friday; same time and place as last time. Let Evie and I know if you're interested. Let's skip having a battle beforehand, yeah? That was ill-advised.

The rules for those of you who are new drop-ins: no props, no weapons, no powers save those you can't help. All levels of experience welcome. First one to go down and stay down loses; the winner goes on to the next round until everyone's had a go. The matches are random so no whinging at me if you don't fancy your partner. First time you cheat, you're out and that's that. Last month's winner was that Russian bloke whose name I can't be arsed to look up to spell properly, but he gets first dibs on his partner. Congrats again, mate.

Thinking of something else, too; see if it drudges up any interest. Anyone without much background in fighting or self-defense - do you want lessons? I could use a project. I'm only human but I learned young, and have practical knowledge of how to get a bruiser off your back. Don't believe in following specific artsy-fartsy styles of fighting much, but I do believe in being able to defend yourself. Drop me a line if this might be something you fancy.

[ OOC - Please check the 01/15/16 sign up list here to determine a) if your characters you want included are included, and b) if there are any dropped or disinterested characters on that list that need to be taken off. Then, comment on this entry with any updates that need to be made. Sign ups close 01/13/16 at 12:00PM EST! ]

Jan. 10th, 2016


It was suggested that I write to announce my arrival. I am Cassandra Pentaghast, from Nevarra, of the Seekers of Truth. I understand that several of my friends and compatriots have already been here for quite some time, and that this is not a trick, nor the result of the Fade's lawlessness.

It is most strange, whatever this is.

[ Filtered to Dragon Agers ]

I would prefer my other titles be kept to our eyes only, unless they have already been made public knowledge.

What magic is this and how do we stop it?

[ /Filter ]

Dec. 30th, 2015


network; alistair theirin (006)

I know we're all mildly excited to drink to the new year, but let me tell you this ahead of time:

If you throw up on the tavern floor, you will be the one cleaning it.

Dec. 27th, 2015


network post: kaidan alenko

I always thought I was just lucky that my L2 implants only cause migraines, when so many other L2 biotics suffer so much worse — but I think I spoke too soon. My migraines are getting worse, and pain is spreading, mostly through my shoulders and down my arms. I keep forgetting things, little things, and every time I have a lapse in memory or get confused or zone out I start to think that the L2s are catching up with me.

I haven't told Shepard. I didn't want to complain; he has enough of his own shit to deal with.

Dec. 5th, 2015


It's strange how people who have always been able to rely on the rule of law react to a mess, as opposed to those of us who haven't.

The people here who grew up in stable societies or in the dominant group of their society tend to assume that nothing's going to "go too far." It never occurs to them that "just a little brawling" is going to end up with a few corpses at the end, or that "getting a little disorderly" could land them in any greater trouble than a night in the gaol.

When I was seventeen, a bunch of drunk human lords showed up at a wedding in the village square. We asked them to leave, but the law was on their side, because they were humans. The law was still on their side when they kidnapped several of the women and carried them off to their estate to be abused. The law was still on the humans' side after the women fought their way out. And that sort of thing was a regular occurrence: humans doing whatever they wanted, particularly the wealthy ones, while those of us at the bottom tried to either de-escalate any situation that looked like it could turn bad, or keep our hands on our blades and our feet ready to run.

I've spent a lot of time with humans, and even in my own world their casual approach to a lot of things remains strange to me. Here, most of the humans are completely alien to me. You start a fight, and it never occurs to you that anyone might end up dead in it. You get drunk and belligerent, and it never occurs to you that anyone would look at you and think they'll probably have to put a knife through your ribs for their own safety before the night is over. You walk in a room and it never crosses your mind that someone might report you to the guard for stealing just because your things are too nice for you to have--and if such a thing did happen to you, you're sure you can just explain and they'll let you go without a scratch. I don't even know what to make of feeling that safe all the time.

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