May 2016

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May 9th, 2016

[info]lukanthropos in [info]the100

log: remus+felix

WHO: Remus Lupin + Felix Dawkins
WHEN: Backdated to Friday night, after MJ's dance party at the Rose
WHERE: A hallway on the way to Remus's room, then Remus's room (with the assumption that Sirius ain't there at the moment)
WHAT: Remus and Felix got a little drunk at MJ's dance party, Remus may have given Felix a little lap dance, and after being stupidly romantic and kind of dirty with one another in a hallway, and after sex in Remus's bed (and not the hallway, you're welcome everyone), Remus has a proposal for Felix — because they've shockingly been together for about a year.
WARNINGS: There's some sex talk, it's a little blunt but not terribly explicit (except for the brief part where they're definitely having sex, but that's still not that explicit).

I want to live with you. )

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network; felix dawkins (024)

( ooc; slightly backdated to saturday morning, 5/7 )

Remus asked me to move in with him, and I said yes. So that's probably happening soon.

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network post: remus lupin (to marauders)

Hullo — I've tried to bring this up the past couple of days and never seemed to find the right moment, but —

I asked Felix to live with me. Which ... that means that in order to live with him, I'd have to move out. — And it's not personal! It's not. Of course it's not. But I [...] want to try this with him. If If that's all right.

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Chatty to Matt

>> I need a word with you.

[info]undercover in [info]the100

So this is new. Like really new. Morgan Freeman warned me about what's Through the Wormhole, but I'm not a scientist so I guess I always thought of it like a TV show. You know, just speculation. Not truth. Not something that could actually happen to me.

And yet, here I am...

Is there aspirin or anything else like that around here? I've got a whole huge headache sort of thing going on right now.

Which is why I didn't even think to introduce myself. I'm sorry. I'm Sharon Whitman.

So I know some of you guys are here. Natasha filled me in.

Is this really legit? Romanoff seems to think so, but she also likes to play that game where you can't tell if she's serious or not.

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What did you say was the last thing you remember?

[info]skyhunter in [info]the100

I'm declaring the candy field a Mother's Day free zone.

[info]supersmiles in [info]the100

Bruce and Selina are both gone. Nothing really to say, just wanted people to know.

If we could get someone to whip up a Ben & Jerry's, that'd be great. Some of us can't get drunk to cope.

[info]abandonedship in [info]the100

I have vanquished the evil chocolate bear which stalked our land of candy. It is no more. It was a vicious fight, but the beast was felled among the sweet and sour trees of the gumdrop forest. I would consider putting its head on my mantle, but that is how you get ants.

This was almost better than Satan's cake pops! I should kill things more often.

[info]mentore in [info]the100

Can you fit something wildly impractical and potentially fatal into your schedule today? I believe I promised you a chance to fly again.

[info]willingtopay in [info]the100

Steve's AMA!

All right, Mount Weather. If you've ever wanted to know something about me, now's your chance. It's time for my Ask Me Anything. I'd been asked to do this in my own world, but I always figured it would end up being more of a chaotic mess than anything enlightening.

I think most of you know who I am by now, but in case you're new, I'm Steve Rogers. Back home, I went by Captain America. I spent nearly seventy years taking a nap in the Arctic and after that I led the Avengers in protecting the world from whatever threat came our way. Here I'm one of our councilors. If you have any questions, I'll be answering on and off for a few hours.

[info]mocking_you in [info]the100

[Filtered to Peggy Carter]
Hey - when you've got a chance, sometime this week, are you available for a drink? I just need some perspective on a situation.

[info]madseasons in [info]the100

Living underground isn't so bad if you're already mad. Stay or go, what a question. How does one decide.

Filter: Matthew Murdock
I told myself I wouldn't contact you, but at least this isn't your quarters, hm? I noticed your blonde something is gone. ...I'm sorry.

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Who: Leonard McCoy & Jim Kirk
When: Backdated to post-Storybrooke
Where: McCoy's Room
What: Jim came to harass Bones. Because it's how he does.
Rating: Bones has a potty mouth, but it's pretty tame

--- )

[info]dammitjim in [info]the100

Who: Christine Chapel and Leonard McCoy (and NPC Lauren)
When: Tuesday April 19, after this
Where: The Tavern
What: Old friends catching up
Rating: Bones has a potty mouth, but it's pretty tame

--- )

[info]anomalia in [info]the100

So which of you do I get to thank for teaching Kira the Mother's Day dance she did yesterday? Because it was inspirational, and I'm leaning towards blaming the sugar high.

[ Aramis/Porthos ]

[info]thebuffster in [info]the100

So we should probably talk about what we wanna do. I'm in the guard, so I'll be shipping out at some point to one of the settlements, so I may not have a lot of time to figure out where we might want to go.

So I'm open for ideas?
You guys got any idea where you might go?