May 2016

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March 21st, 2016

[info]justed in [info]the100

Network Post

[Erik Lensherr, Rogue (616)]
Mr. Lensherr, we'd discussed briefly some possibilities for separating the Witch from her wand which is her most obvious weapon. In my world we were able to do so with difficulty, but the method has been described as "charge and pray" and was regarded as a suicide mission at the time. While there are those who would be willing to do the same again now, we should at least make an attempt at something less lethal. The wand is made of gold, and Rogue suggested that your ability might help in removing the wand without risking anyone too close to her.

All of which is quite a lot of words to ask for your help, but considering the most you know of me from our conversation with the other X-men are my worst failings, a few words are likely owed.

I don't want to raise premature hopes, but I should also tell both of you the recent pod drop gifted one of our magic users with an ingredient that may help with a cure

[info]maskedmenace in [info]the100

Okay, here's the thing: I don't know how everyone got their powers, but I know there's gotta be a few of us who would be on a talk show titled "How Radiation Changed My Life." Mostly because our world was selling radiation-based powers like fad pants for, like, ten years.

What am I getting at? Maybe go get a non-routine checkup if you've been here a while. Maybe just let some people in the labs know that you glowed slightly in the dark even before this place. Just to be safe. Okay? Okay.

[info]katebishop in [info]the100

The Pod God is a regular old prankster. I got Noh-Varr's the soul bow in the pod drop.
This isn't mine, and I think it's a cruel joke that some idiot up there thought it was a great idea to send me the weapon of my ex-boyfriend when I returned it to him. He broke my heart. I don't talk about it much, because there's no point, but even if he tried, I don't think that I could forget that. I forgave him, but I could never trust him again.

So why did I get this thing? It's got its upsides. It never runs out of arrows 'cause it's all psionic crap, so that's a plus. Not nearly as messy as a regular bow and arrow. It might even bring down a Harry Potter werewolf if we had this issue again. Breaks through shield magic even. I guess it's handy, and just like me, it never misses.

Maybe I can paint it purple. Make it mine.

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[info]teddyaltman in [info]the100

I have a sword?

I have a sword! Does this mean I'm like King Arthur?

Sorry if it wouldn't let you touch it, btw. I didn't know it was for me or I would've gotten it sooner. I was expecting my Pokémon cards instead. Whoops.

[info]jesushotsauce in [info]the100

So, is there like... rules in place about what kind of animals we're allowed to have? Provided they're not eating people and stuff, right?

[info]lesbianwitch in [info]the100


So I am curious to know how those of us who can wield magic, what are the approaches and how they differ. I am sure people have talked about this before but is there anyone who can give me an indication of what is possible or not here?

Also, do magic users met up to discuss such things?

[info]electrodynamic in [info]the100

I think I put my f I got something the other day that I think you'll remember.

[info]nosuitnoservice in [info]the100

Two part question:

a) Who else has a computer from roughly the first couple decades of the 21st century
and most importantly,
b) What games do you have?

[info]asala in [info]the100

network; asala adaar (037) - AMA!

Assuming the sky doesn't literally fall or freeze today, I'll be here for a few hours to answer any questions. (And before anyone asks "How often do you smash your horns into things?", the answer is "Often.")

[info]victoryred in [info]the100

I will say that woman does know how to clip off her consonants. What a rather hilarious situation, because I think she sounds very much like my mother. All the better that these home-grown gifts to arrive in perfect time with her voice. I fear she might next send me to my room for muddying my pinafore.

Alfred, if you want to see a photo of my brother, I've got one in my new/old handbag.

I've a whole handbag of delightful cosmetics and a mind to share.

I'm quite sure you're all aware of my habit of cultivating stockpiles of ammunition for a rainy day. In addition to all the weapons I've got already, the pod dropped off another collection of Howard Stark specials, including:
  • A gamma cannon we used to seal zero matter into a different universe. It's got one charge to it, then it looks like the batteries are good and fried.
  • A tool that will more or less wipe a person's memory for a good several moments.
  • I've still got that bloody Midnight Oil, too

  • And I suppose the reason I'm telling you this is I trust you all to know it's here and make good decisions if it's ever needed. Otherwise, I'm sitting on it with no real use.

    [info]partnerintime in [info]the100

    HEY Mount Weather bitches, better get to dinner early tonight, because I've made the best goddamn catfish you'll ever put in your face. Not gonna lie, it's gonna cure a TON of ills. We're talking hella crunchy, just the RIGHT amount of spice, it's the goddamn catfish of ANGELS.

    So get your butts to dinner and don't be dicks and fight over it. I'm in this gig for adoration, not like, a full-on coup. You're welcome.

    [info]willingtopay in [info]the100

    I have something for you, if you want to meet somewhere. Or I can just leave it for you... wherever you want me to?

    [info]teamclone in [info]the100

    [Filter to Tech: Engineers]
    Boy, when it rains, it pours, right?

    Ok, only slightly unintentional storm humor there. Looks like we have a situation outside with the RADARs. Looks like one of the dishes is kaput already, so that needs looking into as well as making sure the system didn't take any extra hits. So, strap on your Wellies! You all already penciled in a little hike for today, right?

    [info]taintedhawke in [info]the100

    In some ways, the PodGod must have been working with Andraste to smile upon us, as I received a chest full of magical items from my home. Lyrium - in multiple forms - was just one of the items.

    I think it's going to work. I think my idea with the rite has the potential to work. This morning, I got ... a flutter. Almost. A glimmer of change. But I don't know if I'm simply not powerful enough or the stone magic is just too much for it to break through. I admit I'm being overly cautious, as anything that could harm the butterfly could easily harm Marie, and I will do everything in my power to prevent that from happening. It is not a full Rite, by any means, especially by the fact that Marie is not connected to the Fade, and neither is Jadis. It's... magic is especially fluid, and this is a bit like reshaping something that would otherwise be ugly.

    I suppose I should come up with a name for whatever it is I am doing, now that I think on it. Something about stripping-

    No, no. Too open to dirty minds running with it. Don't get any ideas!

    [info]absorbs in [info]the100

    [Mutant Dinner Filter*]

    I meant to organize one of these ages ago, but it ain't exactly a surprise that my mind's been singularly focused for the last few weeks. But us all getting together is important and I really wanna keep it up.

    So if we ain't in the middle of a battle then I'm gonna propose we all do dinner and a game on Saturday.

    The only rule I got for it is no hurting anyone during the dinner or game. You're free to glare and argue all you wanna, but you're gonna miss out on all the fun stories we manage to pull out. I thought the space pirates went over pretty well last time. I'm sure Rachel would love to tell everyone about that time she was a dinosaur.

    So what do y'all think?

    * If your character was on the last one they're on this one. New additions: Alex, Hank, Claire, Billy and Teddy.

    [info]willingtopay in [info]the100

    -- I don't know if this thing with Rocket is going to get any better. I'm sorry. I tried to

    [info]hellotrickster in [info]the100

    network post; gabriel


    My dog arrived in the pod drop. Hope none of you are allergic.

    [Team we don't love Luci]

    Cage is done. So am I.

    [info]kazilik in [info]the100

    How much foam is appropriate for tooth brushing?

    [info]electrodynamic in [info]the100

    Hey, guys, there's someone here I think you've all been missing. Goes by Trip. Thought it might ring a few bells.

    [info]kindagood in [info]the100

    network; meg (001)

    Someone around here needs to give me one good reason not to murder Crowley that doesn't sound like total bullshit.

    [info]bornunder in [info]the100

    You awake?

    [info]withoutgrace in [info]the100

    network post: lucifer (to sam)

    It's like you're avoiding my calls or something.