May 2016

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February 19th, 2016

[info]masterburglar in [info]the100

Now that I've my pipe back from before, I think it's quite time for me to start writing again. I had a start to a tale that I've been wanting to tell, though I hear it's already been written and many of you have read it. All the same, I'd much rather tell the story in my own words, as it was meant to be told. At least, my own words in this present, mind you not the present version that you've all read.

Bit presumptuous to start a tale about the company talking about myself, but write what you know is what they always say. I suppose it's a good starting compared to any. "In a hole in a ground there lived a hobbit..." Simple enough to begin! Now then. On to writing!


I'd love to hear your stories, your versions of what transpired. I would dislike telling a tale that was false, after all.

[info]maskedmenace in [info]the100

I think someone's tiny fuzzy elephant pet left a present in the mess hall entrance. Heads-up, people. Or heads-down, I guess.

Wow, hi. There's a lot of you now. I've been doing my best to catch everyone on the way in and give the welcome spiel, but just in case I missed anyone...

Look, Simba. Everything the light touches is our kingdom --

Wait, wrong speech. I'm Peter. Officially, I'm Second-in-Command of the tech departments, but that sounds super intimidating. I'm just the guy you can come to if you need something or need something to happen to get your job done. I know there's a lot of itchy fingers and questions about when we get to work on personal projects, and... trust me, I feel that pain, too. I'm hoping once spring shows up, we'll be able to get some more supplies in here, and I can give some of you a thumbs-up to do your thing. But hang in there, okay?

[info]deliciousfriend in [info]the100

I suppose hoping that this place was nothing more than a honey dream gone rancid and that I'd wake up back in London in team was optimistic of me.

Not that I'm ungrateful for the hospitality - I'm not - but what do you want in return? My loyalty? My skills? I noted that you don't seem to have a currency and you're not getting any brass from me, regardless.

Not rhetorical, by the way. No one gives anything for free. So what is it? Where's the catch? Enlighten me.

[info]shocktrooper in [info]the100

Peter, buddy. How are you at basketball? I'm dying for a weekly pick-up match. Nothing serious, just a little time in the gym.

Sun's out today. Want to have a cup of coffee outside and chat?
Got plans tomorrow morning? I was thinking we could go for a jog, get some fresh air, shoot the shit.
So I may have suggested to Liv that she start wearing the engagement ring again.

[info]liedetector in [info]the100

I'm heading to the figh club tonight to cheer on Lady Maria. Do you two want to come with me?

[info]continuityerror in [info]the100

netpost; billy kaplan

You'd think I'd have learned my lesson about alternate universes by now. They -- never, never, never, never, never, never -- work out well. But dear Pod God, if you're up there, listening to this nerdy secular Jewish boy from the upper west side, could you send me my brother for my birthday? You've got two weeks. My mom will make you pancakes. When she gets here.

Teddy, Kate, & other friends [feel free to assume]
So, how young is too young for tavern birthday adventures? Please, please, please tell me it is cool to drink blue alcohol and quote Tolkien. I really need this right now (or like, thirteen days from now, okay). It sucks you're all weirdly older than me.

[info]believeinmagic in [info]the100

You wanna get a drink after dinner tonight? Everyone'll be at the fight club, which means the tavern will be quieter.

You game?
Are you heading the fight club thing tonight?

[info]madmaninablubox in [info]the100

Right, so me, myself and Clara are off to investigate snowmen, with big giant teeth. Brilliant, aren't they? You coming, Eyebrows?

Any ways, need to find the Great Intelligence. I know some of you have seen it on the telly. Big glass ball full of snow. Might need more than six eyes. And you lot all seem to be able to look out for yourselves. But, be careful. They can pop out of the snow anywhere. And, they are very dangerous.

If you're coming, meet us by the doors in five.

Everyone else, stay inside. Trust me on this. I'm The Doctor.

[info]bluethree in [info]the100

[posted after fight club]

I never thought I'd enjoy losing this much, but it's hard to be bitter when there's this many good opponents. I'd say congrats are in order for everyone. It was fun as always to fight even if I lost my first match again, and always great to watch so many different styles in use.

Congrats on doing well in fight club. How would you feel about giving me some sparring lessons? Is that weird to ask?

Seems we could both use more practice.

[info]cdrcullen in [info]the100

I can't say that fighting a man who has my face is the very strangest thing I've ever been party to, but it's certainly up there. A match well fought, Becket, and I am sorry about your shirt.

Ser Aramis, thank you for so expertly putting my shoulder back in place after so expertly knocking it out.

And of course, congratulations to the victor of the day. Well done, your maj Alistair. You do Ferelden proud.

[info]absorbs in [info]the100

» Hey Cajun
» Take a walk with me?

[info]ignoretheodds in [info]the100

Man, I don't think I've fought like that in years. Rey, my hat goes off to you. You too Alistair. Congrats on winning it all. Felt like being back in Iowa, except it's a bit different to fight when there's no tables to throw someone over.

We should do a dinner or something soon.

Christineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, will you or Lauren kiss my boo boos better?

Sulu, you should start a fencing club here.

Spock, what are you doing tonight?

[info]humanhurricane in [info]the100

Alright, I see you have your nurse hat on, but can we talk about what a damn fine showing that was? Have you been training without me?

[info]isaaclahey in [info]the100

Well. That started out shockingly awesome and ended up kind of embarrassing.

Which kind of seems like my life in a nutshell.

But man, I like Fight Club.

There was someone who wanted to try to fix my messed up healing. I can't remember who it was, but I know there was someone. Ring any bells?

I'm healing through some bumps and bruises from today, so I figured it'd be a good time to take a look.

[info]mouthymerc in [info]the100


no one told me there was a fight club

also am i still making that trip to see if azkaban is still around?

[info]lastmutanthope in [info]the100

[Rogue (616)]
What's wrong? There's something. With you and some of the others. It's distra
Can we talk?
ETA: [Anakin and Obi-Wan]
I think I'd like to try meditating more often - can either of you help with that?

[info]godofstories in [info]the100

» You're busy for dinner tomorrow.
» Related question: do you know Samirah and Magnus yet?

[info]changingtide in [info]the100

Who: Finnick Odair and Katniss Everdeen
When: Backdated to Feb. 15
Where: Their room
What: Finnick and Katniss discuss how attraction works
Rating: Low

... )