May 2016

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February 18th, 2016

[info]amonginsects in [info]the100

network post: erik lehnsherr (to AU family)

I think it's time we got together and discussed the elephant in the room, now that Wanda's back.

It must be said that we aren't truly related, not by the laws of our universe, but our worlds are all fractured pieces of each other. Piece together enough, and a picture emerges:

  • [...] I may have a son, named Peter, whose power is exceptional speed.

  • In other universes, Peter — or Pietro — has a twin sister, named Wanda.

  • In Billy's world, Billy is Wanda's "spiritual" son, which involves some complications that I can't explain.

  • Raven has a son with Azazel — as does Mystique, I believe.

  • Mystique is adopted mother to her world's Rogue.

  • Raven/Mystique's biological son, Kurt, in another universe, has a child with Wanda named TJ.

I may have missed something.

Like it or not, we're all of us tangled together. I think a family dinner is in order.

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Chatty: Mystique to Rogue (616)

» So. Family.
» There are some things I know of from another universe, but I'm not sure if you're aware of them.
» Would you like me to say more?

[info]origamicorvidae in [info]the100

Anyone who's wanting to keep one of those things is going to need somewhere secure to keep it. If anyone recognises them and knows what sort of living conditions they need, can you let us know? Assuming Command says it's okay we should be able to put something together to keep them away from places they shouldn't be.

And see if anyone in Animal Husbandry can check none of them are pregnant.

They are kind of cute.

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Anyone considered that some of the people on that database will horribly abuse the whole second chance thing. I mean, I get that it just means we'll watch them closer but all the same. Do they get subjected to more scrutiny  than those of us who might have been considered a potential risk before this database.

Not disputing its a good idea. Just, open to manipulation

Original Team Bus
Coulson, Simmons, Daisy


You need to put HYDRA in there I get it. But be thorough. All of us them. Whitehall, Von Strucker, List, John

If there's anyone here who doesn't know about me at this point they'll figure it out. Or someone will tell them. But you know the risk if any of the old guard come here, its not them directly but what they'll influence if they get the same second chance as the rest of us.


Tried to talk to the team about that database. About HYDRA. Ended up just telling Coulson.

How long does hell last?

[info]thegoodblood in [info]the100

Who: Alfred & Evie Frye
When: February 17th, late evening/early morning
Where: Gymnasium
What: Alfred and Evie practice for fight club when things get uncomfortable. ~angst!~

That was... not exactly how I intended things to go. )

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Going to play The Never-Ending Story tonight and The Little Shop of Horrors next Wednesday. Between the fire swamp in The Princess Bride and the swamp of sadness in The Never-Ending Story I'm pretty sure those two movies were single-handedly (double-handedly?) responsible for instilling a phobia of quicksand into an entire generation.

That isn't even a joke. I remember reading a lot of studies on kids no longer being afraid of quicksand in the first decade of the 21st century, they* were honestly baffled by it. (*researchers)

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You wanna talk about why you were drinking last night or you just wanna borrow a hangover cure?

[info]dontdie in [info]the100

As a reminder, tomorrow evening is the monthly Fight Club match up. I tried to make the date Valentine's Day, but Jacob disagreed, so you're welcome for the wait.

If you're new this month, we have a few simple rules in place. No weaponry, and every match is randomly drawn from a hat so no whining about who you get paired with. Powers are left "outside" of the ring, meaning they aren't to be used in these exercises. We're well aware some people are naturally more strong due to their powers, and we just ask that they not go overboard with things.

Leave your revenge and vendettas with your powers and weaponry. Keep your grudges to the level of who beat you last and no killing or even horrendously maiming someone. We will pull you out if you purposely try to permanently injure someone and you won't be welcomed back. Accidents happen, of course, and it's usually fairly easy to tell what is and what isn't an accident. I don't particularly care who wronged you before you entered this place, it's not going to be on our heads if you decide that now is your opportunity to kill that person. At least pretend to act like the adults I know you're all capable of being. In some fashion.

Do I truly overthink everything?

Don't answer that. Forget I asked, actually.

Private Diary Entry. )

[info]thirdcharmed in [info]the100

So - who and what are we putting into that database?

And should I put Cole in?

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[Filter to Loki]
So, there seems to be all this talk about how making a potential threat list is a great idea. I doubt I'll add anyone to the list for various reasons, but I'm curious.

Those frost giants? From your world or are they from yet another world?

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You know. Kristoff would love this little thing. I mean, okay not as much as Sven. But, I think even Sven wouldn't be able to not love her.

Just look at her little face, Elsa! I think I'm going to call her Svetlana!

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So, in between the drinking and the storytelling and the weird little everythings happening around here that's working its way into my memoirs (otherwise known as Shit is Still Crazy), I decided I could put some efforts into the next chapter of Hard in Hightown. I usually do these in nine parts, and if you haven't read the first eighteen chapters, sorry - I didn't manage to snag them before getting carted off into the wild blue whatever it is that pulled me here.

Still, I've seen weirder shit, so they might show up here at some point. Don't hold your breath or anything, but considering I've personally seen a chapter I didn't write yet in the Fade, anything's possible.

[attached] Hard in Hightown: Chapter 19

[ooc | below the cut is a link to the first 18 chapters (canon) if you're curious... there's also Chapter 19, which I've written myself in the same stylings. It's going to be rather cheesy detective stuff, I hope you enjoy it as I continue it.] )

[info]controlmyown in [info]the100

[Steve and Natasha]
Are we going to continue training here? It's just the three of us from the new team, yes?

[info]permanenthigh in [info]the100

So the only thing that could have made the weekend better? Bacon. I was seriously craving bacon on Sunday morning.


So, you know if you ever want a repeat performance. I won't say no.

[info]cityelfwarden in [info]the100

[Filtered to friends of Kallian and Alistair (feel free to assume)]

Alistair and I have some extremely surprising and extremely happy news. Ordinarily I'd want to tell everyone in person, but you know what a gossip mill this place is, and I don't want any of you finding out somewhere other than from us.

Alistair and I are going to have a baby. Late this summer, Christine thinks. As any of you who have any experience with Wardens know, the odds of this happening are very slim, so we're feeling like we just won a hundred sovereigns on a bluff.

And apparently drinking alcohol is not good for pregnant women, so I am now taking bids on my alcohol rations.

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for maya lopez

Left hanging on the door to 506M. )

[info]whitelightwitch in [info]the100

[Filtered to Teachers]

So, how's this all being organized then? Are we teaching by subject, or age group, or what?

[Filtered to Constantine]

So, hey. I had fun the other night.

Thanks. I really needed that chance to unwind.

[info]firstcharmed in [info]the100

I didn't get one of those little animals but they're pretty cute. Hopefully they aren't some kind of gremlin things. Seeing the movie the other night made me think of that when I saw them.

[Cisco Ramon]

Weird question. Do you play chess? I learned how after I came here, there's a chess club on Thursday nights and right now they're demonstrating wizard chest which is really cool. I thought you might like to see it.

[info]abandonedship in [info]the100

Very well, I cannot contain myself. The art that has been salvaged and kept here in Mount Weather is magnificent! It is perhaps a mere compliment to what keeps our bodies alive, but I feel as if the vivacious paint strokes in some of these works keeps our souls alive. Do we have any record of the artists? I lost myself for nearly an hour in the beautiful blues and greens of a painting of waterlilies. And there was another of someone screaming upon a bridge; it is as if the work slithered its way into my head and planted a seed of terror!

We did not have much in the way of artwork in Yharnam; most of our artists had other concerns than creating. But we had architecture - dizzying spires and elegant gates. The day that they set fire to the historic cathedral in Old Yharnam I cried, and I had not cried for the people left behind. That must make me cruel, but it hit me very hard. It is difficult to explain; it felt like it was heralding the death of many generations rather than just one.

And home - Cainhurt Castle - it had art, and artists still very vibrant and ambitious and lively. There was always the gift of immortality offered to the artists of worth. But somehow all of their work looked the same in the end. Too much red. It should be used solely as an accent, no?

Like these lilies. The artist used pink and gold to signify light and shadow; it is ingenious.

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Chatty: Magnus --> Samirah

-- Right. So.
-- Jack and I are having a disagreement.
-- I need your opinion.

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I was just attacked by an evil snowman who tried to kill me. This is not a drill. It looked like this:

Pic Under Cut )

I thought you should all be aware.

If anyone who is a slower runner than me wants to join me tomorrow in the forest for... company... I am not opposed.

[info]arachnophilia in [info]the100

I am so sick and tired of this universe jumping crap and everything going to shit.

You know what? Avengers Assemble. So you can all kiss my ass.

[info]dropthemagnolia in [info]the100

I remembered a book I read when I was little by this man named Aldous Huxley. And besides all the speculative parts of it (his society doubled in on itself), I remember more reading about him once saying his father said walking in the mountains is like churchgoing. These days, I think I understand the sentiment. Even if it's still cold - I'm happy about it, being out in the wilderness. Feeling like I could melt right into the trees and the shadows. Feeling the generosity of the mountain when it yields up riches for us.

And to think, I probably took enough sap from the big old maples I found to keep us in syrup and other things for a while. Tapping was a skill we never really had at home (didn't have need for it, really) but I wouldn't mind trying to make some molasses out of the dregs of all this. Cause when you got molasses, you got molasses cookies. And with the holidays just passed - well, we're late. But better late than never.

Veronica? You like molasses?

Speaking of holidays, I heard bells a couple times today. Strange, right? But I was probably getting close to one of those Grounder encampments and it makes sense they'd use those bells for communication.

None of this is learning to control powers, I know. But what it is? Learning to be happy in your own skin and the ground under your feet. Right now, I'm satisfied with that.

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[Filtered to Damon Salvatore, Betsy Braddock, Phil Coulson]
I think there's something going on with Grant and I didn't know who else to turn to or talk to. He's... well he's not himself and I'm worried about him. He said he's fine but I don't think he is.

[ooc note: Kara hesitated for a long time before including Betsy and Coulson in the filter on this entry.]