May 2016

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February 7th, 2016

[info]kayleefrye in [info]the100

» I'm at the tavern with all my new friends.
» Folks's nice. Everybody's so nice.
» Still wish you was here.

[info]sisterskeeper in [info]the100

network post: simon tam (to roommates; river)

I don't want River living with someone she doesn't know.

I'm packing up my things, and I'm going to try and find alternate living arrangements before the weekend's over. I don't I don't want her living with people I don't know, either.

So, if things look sparse, that's why.

[info]mentore in [info]the100

I tend to get into the worst kinds of trouble when I am allowed too much leisure time. With that in mind, I've made a list of skills I wish to learn and a list of those I am qualified to teach. Please let me know if a trade appeals to you, or if you would be willing to pass on your knowledge for something else entirely. I am quite flexible, I promise you.

Skills Wanted:
- Proper handling of modern firearms
- Better understanding of technology, including this, what is it again, tablet?
- More advanced needlework
- Any languages not listed below

I am proficient with a crossbow and a small gun of sorts, but firearms have come a long way. I would prefer to keep all of my fingers. As for the needlework, I can stitch a wound, sober or not. I can even sew a parachute I am not afraid to deploy. But I usually paid someone else to do any actual tailoring. Also, it is not a skill, but I am rather fond of paintings and would be grateful to obtain a few.

Teachable Skills:
- Italian. Latin. Some French. Some Turkish, but it is embarrassingly bad. On second thought, no Turkish.
- Sword fighting, dagger throwing
- Acrobatics
- Stealth and tracking
- Grappling, quick and deadly take-downs
- Pickpocketing Dancing.
- I was once fairly good on the lute, but saying I am out of practice would be an understatement

All right, I believe I have talked about myself too much. Thank you for your time.

[info]hellhound in [info]the100

Chatty to Lydia Martin

» Valentines Day.
» Is that a "no", or a "yes", or a "maybe"?
» I'm asking for a friend.

[info]ihaveashotgun in [info]the100

Catherine, I have a surprise for you. :D

Thank you for your help, Isaac! And everyone that went out on little salvaging runs with me, especially in this weather. I managed extra materials for the communication devices, though I still want to look into something more.. um. Reliable. Better? I might start seeing about replicating omni-tools, but I don't know if it's something I can do without all of my gear. And I miss eezo.


[info]ofpsychics in [info]the100

Tall, blue flannel, black boots. If you're planning on going outside today, you might want to rethink it, otherwise we're going to have to send out a search & rescue party for you cause you're going to get hit in the head with a chunk of ice off of the trees.

Search & Rescue, know that you're probably going to have to go rescue someone that didn't heed the warning today. Most people don't.

Alright, I'm getting desperate. Can you do a spell or something to make the water hot enough so I can have a shower?

[OOC: Feel free to claim this for your character! Either they can go out and do it anyway or they can heed the warning, it's open to whoever gets there first.]

[info]drinkwithme in [info]the100

Filtered to Eponine and Apollo

Eponine, I fear we may have to save your brother from the charts.

Apollo, we may perhaps need to teach Gavroche some other way. Your lectures may be punishment more than lessons at this point.

[info]spiritmark in [info]the100

network post: dorian pavus (to tevinter; bull)

I think it's about time that we three countrymen gathered together, yes?

Drinks and creative swearing in our mother tongue?

Officially: yes. You don't truly need my permission, but you have my blessing, and it means a great deal that you thought to ask.

(cw: in the comments there's a rather ugly fight regarding privilege, class, and slavery, for anyone who doesn't need that in their day)

[info]bullheaded in [info]the100

» Alright, how bad?
» I gotta borrow Seeker's shield for a few days?

[info]fenrisbroods in [info]the100

[Chatty to Hawke]
>> How angry would you be with me if I grabbed the Magister by the throat to pin him against a wall?
>> Not to kill him.
>> I know they are touchy about that here.
>> Just until he turns blue and loses consciousness.

[info]thisisuppity in [info]the100

Oh hell naw, this is fucked up, you know that? Kidnapping is some serious shit. I don't know a damn one of you, and I ain't looking to. It's all white people. This worse than Bon Temps.

The ass end of the world and all of us are fictional, and every goddamn one of 'em: white. There better not be no Scarlet O'Hara here, or I will beat her ass on principle.

[info]youngestsolo in [info]the100

Who: Anakin Solo
When: This afternoon-ish.
Where: Whatever corner Anakin's set up his Imperial Droid project in.
What: Tinkering with an Imperial probe droid and having a lot of thoughts.
Rating/warnings: Teenage sexuality questioning stuff but mostly low.

Droids at least made sense. )

[info]augustbooth in [info]the100

Pretty sure my teenage students are in for a whirlwind come tomorrow. As long as they don't turn out like teenage me, I'll have been successful.

And Miss Walker, whoever you are -- you are a natural on the radio. I don't usually even like radio. Call it the snobby pen-to-paper writer in me.

[info]snipps in [info]the100

I am entirely out of practice. Should any of you wish to spar, I would be more than happy to oblige. I'm struggling with the weather here. I never could get used to the cold.

[info]swhite in [info]the100

As some of you have heard, the residents of Camp Jaha had decided to rename their village. From here on out, it will no longer be named at Thelonius Jaha. It will be called Arkadia. Tonight also begins their campaigns for council positions. Anyone who would like to volunteer to assist may do so on Level 7.

I honestly can't wait till these people are gone. That warehouse is too cramped, and our food supplies are hanging on by a thread.

Brace yourself. We're very nearly out of coffee.

[info]willparry in [info]the100

The Magisterium's power hasn't come to this world or it did and that's the reason for war so I don't have anything left to lose when I tell you I've seen more than my fair share of different places. There have been worlds within worlds - beautiful places that would require books to describe, and stark places that made me want to shrivel from loneliness put together with places who hold those so dear that someones it took all of my willpower not to break my own oaths and let myself die jus ... stop, it's too

So, we've (some of us) made friends in Medical. We listen, we patch you up and make sure you're comfortable. It's made me curious about you, really.

Where are you from? What is your world like?

[info]brokenlily in [info]the100

If you absolutely must confront someone in a physical manner, I respectfully request that you do so in an area that is has enough room for those who are not involved to be able to give wide berth, if necessary.

[info]mocking_you in [info]the100

Who: Bobbi Morse & Phil Coulson
When: Immediately after her arrival
Where: Medbay
Rating: Medium - There's one cuss word and light discussion of torture, character death, and a few AoS spoilers here and there.

If you're under pressure // There's a mask above your head // Make sure yours is secure // Before you try to help your friend )

[info]septimussmith in [info]the100

Given that I used to be a book, I would appreciate curtailing any behaviour which would potentially injure them. This includes drinking too near to them and it most especially involves fighting round them, too.

Whoever you are, I do hope your knuckles smart for days.

[info]fromfreedonia in [info]the100

Where are you now?

The room across from you is taken now, isn't it.

[info]liedetector in [info]the100

I'm not really that great... talking to people. I come off as a little too blunt. Mostly because I get so fed up with the lying pinging all the time. I kind of have no patience for it.

But you're nice. I like you, so I was wondering if maybe you wanted to hang out?
How are you doing?
I'm trying to reach out to new people. Like you've been saying.