May 2016

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February 6th, 2016

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network post: carol danvers (to dean winchester)

You ever get the feeling you're the odd girl out in your group of friends?

Course not.

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Cold water is very hard to sing through.

Are you okay? You got very slumpy last night at the class.

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I don't know about you, but next week, I'm getting my dancing shoes on. Metaphorically. I don't have a pair of heels magically here, but I know how to shake it with some low shoes.

Anyone else interested, I'll be hosting a night at the Rose for anyone wanting to cut loose for a few hours. Head on over after the movie next Saturday night!

Anyone with digital music they'd like to hear, send it on over to me, and I'll get it on the list.

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Since it has recently been a question, I thought it pertinent to make an announcement:

The Rose, our local Mount Weather tavern, is not for children. That said, we judge whether you're a child or not based more or less on how you look and how you behave. If you show up being fifteen and not looking eleven and ask politely for a drink and don't cause any trouble, I don't particularly care.

Regardless of your age, we will boot you out if you can't behave yourself - and please, please do not get any notion that because I'm small or because I'm an elf I'm not capable of ousting you - but as long as you appear to know how to conduct yourself, you'll be fine. And if you have questions on how to conduct yourself, feel free to ask. I've got a good barkeep's love of giving advice.

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thread: castiel + gabriel

WHO: Gabriel + Castiel
WHEN: After this conversation
WHERE: Gabriel's room or somewhere near it!
WHAT: Castiel goes to his brother in order to explain just what, exactly, happened to Heaven after Gabriel's death.
WARNINGS: N/A? I mean, the recap's ugly, but Cas isn't gonna milk it for ratings.

Castiel simply had to trust that he wasn't going to meet his third death by archangel. )

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The magical chess pieces were interesting. I wasn't very sure about the point usefulness at first, but it would make it a lot easier to play while doing something with your hands at the same time. Especially if your opponent takes a long time to decide on their move.

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log: bull+dorian

WHO: The Iron Bull + Dorian Pavus
WHEN: Friday night!
WHERE: Their room, mostly on top of their "bed", which is really just a few mattresses on the floor because they broke their bed on their first night together and the bedframe's too small for Bull anyway.
WHAT: Dorian and Bull have been taking it slow with their usual sexual behavior ever since the de-aging plot, which rattled them both. Dorian's pretty damn restless about it, but Bull isn't going to let things go back to normal until they check in with each other.
WARNINGS: TBH, this is tame, but there's (light) discussion of BDSM, etc.

I trust you. Do you trust you? )

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[Filtered to Phil Coulson]
Keep next week open.

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Know what? I am glad you all enjoyed the magical additions or whatever to the game but its not going to ever be what the lessons or the tourney are about every month. And no way are we going to be playing some weird version that crushes the pieces. What a waste?

For me anyway, its about more than just sitting there, its not something you can do while multitasking, not in any tourney setting, whatever you do on your own time is up to you but its not Chess. Chess in that setting, its focus, its determination, it's skill. Why the hell do you need magic to make that better. It's already better. Magic can't do everything. More to the point it shouldn't do everything

But look, If you want to crush the pieces, get someone magic to replicate them and hope it doesn't screw up. But you're not crushing any of the sets we have. There's not an endless supply.

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[Friends minus Phoebe]*
Before one of you finds out and starts teasing me and accuses me of hiding it, I thought I'd just let you know that I'm seeing someone - Phoebe Halliwell.

be gentle.

*includes Team Bus, MCU Avengers, Pepper, Peggy, etc. - feel free to assume

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Who: Finnick and Annie Odair
When: Backdated to mist plot
Where: Finnick and Annie's room
What: Finnick is affected by the mist, Annie helps him through
Rating: Moderate (non-graphic mentions of sexual assault)

... )

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Now, I've looked everywhere for it, but I can't seem to find my pipe! If this is some kind of trickery, it's certainly not welcomed. That was a Baggins heirloom it was, something I had with me from the Shire. Bit of pipe weed gone, too. It's such a shame...I'd be most grateful if someone could help me find it.

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You've caused quite a stir.

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I can't recall a time I've got so long without hearing the words Kaiju or Jaeger. This sudden and unplanned retirement is jarring.

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network; asala adaar (033)

Could I bend your ear about something important?

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This place certainly takes some getting used to. I mean it's all very fascinating and there's certainly plenty here to keep me busy but I still have moments where I can't believe it.

For anyone who doesn't know me, I'm Leo Fitz, I got here a couple of days ago and have just been getting to know the place. I'm working as an engineer as that's what I did back home but this will be a bit of a different way to apply my skills than what I'm used to.

[Team Bus]
Anyone want to place a bet on if he'll try to talk to me? I don't really have anything to bet though so if I lose I might just have to owe you.

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I ain't looking to pile trouble onto trouble with this water problem, but who I gotta report gouts of fire shooting outta the wall when I walk past? Lucky this Cajun got good reflexes, all I'm saying. Down by the 506 H-block, if any of you repair types want to look into it.

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I figure I've given you enough time to get settled in. I figured I should probably check in and see how you are.
So how was your sex education class?

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Our test group for the trackers isn't big enough to get accurate results, so I'm calling for another round of tracker implants.

I know a lot of people worry they'll be tracked always, but they'll only be accessed if someone comes to the police to say that you're missing. With the number of people disappearing and the sheer number of things out there that can harm you, it would be helpful to figure out in a timely fashion which one is which for rescue.

I didn't get many willing to test them out, but the ones I did said they were going to do the implants. I think those will be the best bet, honestly. No one has to worry about making sure it's in their pocket.

Are you going to do one of these implants?

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Chatty to Grant

~ I'm coming straight back to the room.
~ I love you, Grant.
~ I'm going to remind you of that as soon as I get back.

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network; alana (002)

Yeah, not showering never doesn't suck, but as long as you guys keep bringing on the free food and laundry services, I can't complain too much.

I am so sorry if Hazel taught the other kids any new words. I have no idea where she learned those.

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Okay, this is new. I mean not exactly, I've been to other worlds. Well... just one, a spirit world. But that's not this, and this isn't home, so.

Yeah, this is new.

Anyway, I'm Korra. I've been assigned to the Alpha team as a soldier, and I've got to say I've been in plenty of fights and my fair share of wars, but a formal soldier and military thing's a little different for me. Are there uniforms? I hope not

I've got a few other questions... Hold on, I wrote them down earlier:

1. Any other elemental users here? We call them benders back home, but I guess that term won't get me too far here so I'll be more broad. People that can control fire, water, earth and air?

2. I asked already, but hoping that by chance she snuck in... Has anyone run into a woman named Asami? She's gorgeous, you can't miss her.


Here's to introducing myself a little more thoroughly. Is the military here more of a formality, or has it been established because it's frequently needed? I'm also willing to answer as much about myself as I need to to make you feel comfortable working with me.