May 2016

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February 5th, 2016

[info]drinkwithme in [info]the100

[Left on Enjolras' pillow before Grantaire left for The Rose]

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[info]poedontdoit in [info]the100

I've come to appreciate water over sonic showers, sure, but nothing wakes a guy up quicker than a blast of ice shower all morning.

Luckily, you have me as one of your wonderful base mechanics. We'll take care of it, so don't panic. Might even help everyone cool down from last night.

FILTER TO MENTAL HEALTH STAFF - Trigger for gross overuse of Force powers & torture interrogation likely in comments. )

[info]ignoretheodds in [info]the100

Dr. Ravi & Nurse Claire, a huge thank you for the seminar. Very informative and much more engaging than anything medical provided back home.

On a different note, I think there are a fair amount of us who used to fly or pilot before we came through here. Would anyone be interested in getting together, comparing specs of what we flew and the tech involved and seeing if there's any possibilities for that sort of thing here?

So, did you learn anything in the sex ed seminars? Because I have a list. Should we compare lists?

[info]seattleangel in [info]the100

(008) Max Guevara

I kinda figured all this hot water from the faucet stuff was too good to last.

Which leads me to my next question where can I get one of those flannel shirts?

Hey. So about the other ni

[info]shocktrooper in [info]the100

Yes, that was my girlfriend who let out a woop when I won the Mount Weather penis. She's pretty much the best.

Things I never thought I'd do in my lifetime: be happy that I won a dildo.

[info]lastmutanthope in [info]the100

Anakin and I found a couple books in the library about different associations between months and birthdays and zodiacs and things like that, but I'm wondering if anyone here has ever picked their own birthday before?

[info]x_facility in [info]the100

That was... very interesting.

[info]justanothersuit in [info]the100

[Chatty to Mechanical Staff]
Please read this as me not knowing the source of the water problem or how it's all set up, but if it's really just down to a busted heating element or a water heater going out, there are a few of us that could likely help heat up reservoirs of water in the same way until this is all fixed.

Or even if you want to test it and see if we can do it, at the very least. It works on a small level; I was able to heat my own shower by warming the pipes. I'd be willing to help on a larger scale and while I can't speak for Kara, I think she would, too.

[Chatty to Lois]
If you need a hot shower today, I might be able to help with that. If you've already experienced the ice cold shower, however, I may be too late.

[info]youngestsolo in [info]the100

(021) Anakin Solo

Think of it this way: You didn't need coffee to wake up this morning.

[Filter: Friends]
I have a droid to take apart and play with. This is basically the most brilliant.

[Filter: Nico (di Angelo)]
You should come over and we could tear it apart together.

[Filter: Dr. Ravi]

[info]virtualvirgil in [info]the100

I hate this time of yea Sorry to hear about the cold water. I'm sure everyone's doing what they can to make sure it's fixed in a prompt manner. Going without a shower for a day or two won't kill you; in fact most scientists agree that showering every day will irritate dry skin and cause your body to produce excessive amounts of sebum in the scalp, which results in oily hair and dandruff. You're much better off showering every three days or every other day, if you must, unless your work produces a lot of sweat.

But then again, I can't smell you anyway, so I don't really care.

[info]victoryred in [info]the100

WHO. All the ladies on this filter, plus new arrivals and anybody who might find themselves at the Tavern at the time.
WHAT. MCU Ladies Night. Same world, different timelines! IC/OOC post
WHERE. The Tavern.
WHEN. Tonight/last night/now. Doesn't matter to me!

For all of her inability to seek out help or even at times to draw herself into such a place in which she could pitch herself toward opening up, Peggy inherently craved sisterhood. And she supposed she felt a kinship with the women from her world. Though each of them inhabited a time long past her own, she wanted to know them and be there for them when they found themselves needing a friend or an advocate.

And drinks were the perfect vehicle to that kinship. She arrived early, pushing several of the corner tables together and indicated to the bartender that the first few rounds were her responsibility. Finally, she sat in the corner, at one end of the circular table and folded her hands in her lap to wait for her fellows to arrive.

[info]dropthemagnolia in [info]the100

From my time, I remember stories about the resilient people who lived here in these parts a thousand years ago. I just read Christy, really And I always liked hearing about how they banded together to survive. They had all these remedies and instincts they used, scratching life out of land that was sometimes beautiful and sometimes inhospitable.

I feel kind of close to that thought when I'm out in the woods.

Today, I'm going to try tapping some of the maples and birches. I know it's still cold but I figure if I just wait til the middle of the day, I can catch the sap running.

[info]familiarscene in [info]the100

So, Wizard's certainly different.

Not sure if I'll ever get used to the pieces moving themselves.

[info]isaaclahey in [info]the100

At least cold showers wake you up faster? I guess? Is that positive enough? Optimism isn't always my thing.

I think they're also pretty decent for your skin.

And that's the end of my positivity for the day. Thank you, and goodnight.

[info]hotforteacher in [info]the100

So, is there a newspaper or anything here? Or is it all just the radio stuff?

[Filtered to Mental Health]

Umm, so I was in therapy back home. And, on a lot of anti-anxiety meds. And, I'm guessing you don't have anything like that here?

Trigger Warning: Potential for triggers involving torture in the comments

[info]ashtawawidiwin in [info]the100

How did sex ed go? Traumatise any teenagers?

[info]thewaywardson in [info]the100

network; dean winchester (029)

We're working on the heat, but it'll take a few days. Try to be nice to each other in the meantime. Takes a hell of a lot to heat a place this big, so when something blows, it blows.

[info]willingtopay in [info]the100

Bucky's back. He's His arm He's not in great shape, so I'm going to be over in medical for a while.

[info]mocking_you in [info]the100

I hear there's a gym here. Is it decent enough for training?

[Team Bus]
So now that I've had a couple days to acclimate, what have you all been up to here?

[info]testmeandfail in [info]the100

Network Post: Hikaru Sulu

I picked up a pair of those jeans that the Pod God dropped the other day. Apparently they are not designed for sitting down.

[info]kayleefrye in [info]the100

So they got a movie night goin' on Saturdays, and I was thinkin' maybe we could get a group together who could see the movie, then go over to the tavern. Get to know one another and the like. I don't know what The Notebook's about, but it can't be any worse than Alliance stories.

[info]changingtide in [info]the100

Who: Finnick and Annie Odair
When: Backdated to Katniss de-aging
Where: Finnick and Annie's room
What: Finnick is upset about Katniss forgetting them
Rating: Moderate (talk of suicidal inclinations)

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