May 2016

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October 18th, 2015

[info]someonehasto in [info]the100

Who: Damon Salvatore
When: This morning, just before he becomes normal
Where: Starts in Mount Weather and out into the forest
What: Turning back into a vampire, and running too far.
Rating: Kinda 15ish, warnings for vampire feeding mostly
Status: Complete

Damon had not enjoyed his time as a human. )

[info]removedhisheart in [info]the100

[Filtered to Nathan, Duke and Audrey]

Right. So, troubles then. What the bloody hell are they?

[info]theantman in [info]the100

Not to downplay the fact that half of this place turned into an episode of the Munsters, but that's way out of my scope of understanding. What I can wrap my head around is that I have a few trackers ready to go. I'm running out of parts to do more, but it's a start, right?

Is it just me, or have things been really crazy around here lately? More than usual, I mean.

[info]odetolove in [info]the100

WHO: Finnick & Annie
WHAT: Annie arrives!
WHEN: uh. Thursday?
WHERE: medical -> their room
WARNINGS: mentions of character death, hunger games stuff, all the feels.

... )

[info]featherington in [info]the100

Chatty to Cullen Rutherford
» Darling, please indulge me for a little while?
» I've been knitting all day and my hands need a break.
» So I'm having a cup of tea, and wishing for a fire, and a book.

Chatty to Alison Hendrix
» How are you, Ali?

[info]bornunder in [info]the100

Two things. First: I'm really, really sorry to everyone who was affected by me, Dean, or Crowley in the last few days, including those of you who had to watch your loved ones being possessed. The real reason Dean ended up possessing anyone at all is because I, temporarily a demon myself, exorcised him from his body and wouldn't let him back into it.

I did the same thing to Crowley, and I don't yet know if he managed to hurt any of you, but that goes for him as well. I didn't become a demon by choice, but once I was one, I definitely intended to cause trouble. I'm just really glad I didn't try to kill anyo If there's anything I can do to make up for it, please let me know.

Second: I've been wanting to do this since the moment he became a demon, but we are going to cure Dean and find a way to prevent him from changing into a demon again. To do that, we have to find consecrated ground. It's been difficult to find around here because everything is so grown over, but Dean is in custody and we've been given the go ahead to put an official team together to find it. So, I know it's probably too much to ask for anyone's help, but we're looking for volunteers amongst the soldiers and scouts to join us. Anyone who has a special sense for ground that has been made holy would also be useful, to help us cover more ground.

Angel, I hope you're still on board to help us with that. And since it's easier for you to travel in the dark, we can leave tonight and cover as much ground as we can before sunrise. We need to find it quickly so we can put this right.

[info]istillsing in [info]the100

[Filter: Angie, Verity, Liv, and whoever wants to say they found/contained Beth last night]

I'm so sorry. Those things I said and did -- I never would've done 'em in my right mind. I hope I didn't do too much damage.

[Filter: Liv]

I don't think you're a monster. For the record. In fact I know you're not. You're a person, a good person.

[info]westen in [info]the100

[Filter: Law Enforcement & Haven-ites]

I think I might have a Trouble.

Either that or we had a very highly localized earthquake yesterday. Or it's one of Alison's kids Please don't let it be one of Alison's kids

[Filter: Alison Hendrix]

When's a good time for me to come over and get started on repairs?

[info]ladynoble in [info]the100

network post: donna noble (1)

It's not demons or anything, but I've got ANOTHER ME tied up in my room and I'm gonna need someone to do something about that.

Maybe soon.

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network; asala adaar (026)

We need to talk about Dean, now that he's in custody. The Council has decided to declare him unable to make his own medical decisions. He's essentially a psychiatric patient now, regardless of where he's being held, so we've decided that Sam has the right to cure him despite his protests.

That said, this cure needs to come sooner than later. We can only keep him locked up for so long before it looks as if we're just making excuses to get out of punishing him for possessing Alison Hendrix and Matt Murdock. How close are you to actually being able to do it?

[info]thebigbad_ in [info]the100

network; bigby wolf (007)

After 40+ hours (where most of you were distracted trying to kill each other or something), Snow gave birth to six healthy babies last night. We only expected one, so we're still working on names, but every single one is a chip off the old block. They got enough from my own dad that they're already trying to fly, so if you come by, know that we don't just tie babies down to their beds for fun.

We're asking that only friends visit, and even then, come at your own risk. Snow is punchy on her good days.

Sorry for being such a beast while they were on their way. Literally.

I'll fix that chair.

[info]odetolove in [info]the100

The girl that sang in the mess hall. What was her name?

[info]stillactive in [info]the100

network; echo (003)

Sorry about making you deal with this. I haven't gone haywire like that in a long time, but thank you for getting me to Claire.

[info]teamclone in [info]the100

WHO: Ben Reilly and Benjy Parker
WHEN: This evening! Oct 18
WHERE: Casa de Parker-Reilly-Angel
WHAT: Ben falls into old habits from home while with his nephew and gets hit with feels.
WARNINGS: Spoilers from Scarlet Spiders?
STATUS: Complete, but open to those who'd be passing through Casa de Parker-Reilly-Angel

It’ll be a good ending though, just you wait and see. )

[info]elegyofgrey in [info]the100

network post; jean grey

I kind of liked not hearing what everyone thinks about their dinner / impending doom / whatever crazy's on this week's agenda.

[Rachel & Betsy]
I need to practice.