May 2016

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April 25th, 2015

[info]lukanthropos in [info]the100

thread: remus lupin + felix dawkins

WHO: Felix Dawkins + Remus Lupin
WHEN: Saturday, April 25
WHERE: In the kitchens, and then off in the tunnels somewhere
WHAT: Remus has been feeling drained by the situation going on in his group of friends, on top of the paranoia of lying to the entire community, and so he's started chatting with someone new. And, of course, lying to someone new.
WARNINGS: Probably none. Discussion of sexually-transmitted diseases, namely HIV/AIDS. Mild. Warning probably not necessary but just putting it there for safety's sake.
STATUS: Complete!

Sometimes Remus felt he should have been ashamed of how easy it was to lie. )

[info]rubythewolf in [info]the100

Mary Margaret & Emma
Since I've been here I've been thinking about something. Do either of you know when the next full moon is? I wont have a problem with control, but I can't exactly hide in my room without telling my roommates. I don't know if I can take the risk with going outside, unless I tell everyone not to be freaked out by a large wolf walking around.

[info]alittleparanoid in [info]the100

The hell is this? Who do I lodge a complaint with? I got a major problem being here.

[info]bornunder in [info]the100

Probably should've mentioned it sooner, but I have... plans for the evening. So later, after Bobby's welcoming party, I'm going to head out.

I don't know when or if I'll be back tonight.

I might not be around tonight. Or I might be in late. I'll try not to wake you.

[info]youknowspies in [info]the100

It's not a good sign when they start limiting your carbs at mealtimes, and not for health reasons. But there are a lot of people here, eating up a lot of food. Is there anything the rest of us can do to help?

Filter to Natasha Romanoff
You might have guessed that I'm not really Chuck Finley. Mike's told me you know about his cover, so I don't see any reason for me to keep mine around you. The name's Sam Axe, and I worked with Mike for several years.

[info]magicplantman in [info]the100

Hey folks, I know that there are rumors going around, and we really don't need a panic about a food shortage.

The truth is that we are running low on our stores of grain, so things that are made with flour are being rationed. But we do have some short-term solutions. There will be a wheat crop that will be ready to be harvested in a little over a month, and we've started another wheat field in the hydroponics fields that will be ready in about three months and which should accomodate the growing size of our community.

We also have various nuts that we're going to be able to grind up into flour, as a substitute. We have almonds and jobi nuts in particular. Jobi nuts are pretty plentiful around here, so we'll be using mostly those, although I've been told that if they go bad they cause hallucinations, so keep if you notice anything off about something made with them, let us know.

Remember we do have other foods being grown, and because we're able to grow vegetables year-round, we won't go hungry. But things will get a little lean, and you need to be prepared for that.

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Filtered to Nico di Angelo & Julie Power
I'm being So, slumber party?

Alright. Food shortage aside, anyone interested in a game of FMK? My Saturday night's suddenly very free.

[info]westen in [info]the100

I guess it's my turn to come clean. I'd like to be honest here -- and I can't do that as Chuck Finley.

How did Fi say to start

My name is Michael Westen. I used to be a spy. I won't bore you with the whole story, but I was targeted by some bad people. They destroyed my life for a while, and once I built it back up, I nearly destroyed it myself. The only way I could finally get out was to fake my death. That was a year ago; I've been living under a false identity ever since.

Aside from a few key details, most of what I've told you about myself has been true. I do have a wife, Fiona, although our marriage papers are fake. Charlie's ours now, but he used to be my nephew. We adopted him after my brother died, so Nate deserves all the credit for that kid. Anything else I can clear up, I'm happy to.

I thought I'd spend the rest of my life undercover. A spy's work is never truly done until he's dead -- or at least until the world thinks he's dead. But I'm not in that world anymore. My kid could grow up here knowing the real me, I don't want to waste that opportunity. I hope you all can forgive me for not coming to my senses sooner.

[info]falsworth in [info]the100

There is a gymnasium here, yes? Would anyone like to join me in a sparring match?

[info]guide_your_soul in [info]the100

» There's a slumber party on going in my room.
» Want to join?

[info]falsworth in [info]the100

Who: Monty Falsworth & Michael Westen
When: The evening of April 25th
Where: The Gym, 602
What: Monty’s got PTSD, doesn’t know how to work through it. So he fights.
Rating: Uh, probably a little high, because Monty’s a soldier and curses a lot.
Warnings: For some PTSD, mentions of war and death, and maybe other things. Will update as needed.

Anger was Monty’s companion now, at nothing; at everything. )

[info]explosivebow in [info]the100

It was really nice of Cher to pack up her closet and send it to us, wasn't it? Also, the world's ugliest bathing suit has been found. On a positive note? We're all set for Halloween.

But seriously, check out this bathing suit:

cut not filtered )