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September 19th, 2013

[info]aspectabund in [info]nevermore_logs

Who: Maddy, Jamie, & Thomas Kemp, Nerd [Joss]
What: It's Maddy's turn to get tested
When: Wednesday afternoon
Where: Testing center

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[info]flare_star in [info]nevermore_logs

Who: Jamie Kemp, Theseus Stavros, Thomas Kemp, Maddy Kemp, Emma Kemp, and open to any of the other Kemps who would be there
What: Family dinner, and meeting the boyfriend!
When: Thursday night
Where: Emma & William's house

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[info]history_repeats in [info]nevermore_logs

WHO: Greed & Zoe
WHEN: Thursday
WHERE: Greed's apartment
WHAT: Tickets!
WARNING: Some nudity

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[info]gardhouse in [info]nevermore_logs

WHO: Lyra & Little [Open to Thanatos]
WHEN: Thursday evening
WHERE: Lyra and Thanatos' place
WHAT: Comfort and dinners

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[info]awaitingstorms in [info]nevermore_logs

WHO: Nina [Narrative/Open]
WHEN: Friday night
WHERE: The stripclub she works at that I named something but now forget
WHAT: Hey, it's a good old 'catch up with ignored characters' narrative
WARNINGS: delicious delicious sexualisation of a native culture.

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[info]reptileblooded in [info]nevermore_logs

WHO: Lilith & Envy
WHEN: Late Thursday night
WHERE: An abandoned ward of Pilgrim State Hospital.
WHAT: 'Buying' from Envy
WARNINGS: Talk of sex trafficking/rape/and related awfulness.

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[info]neptune_storm in [info]nevermore_logs

Who: Poseidon and Wrath
What: Wrath pulls a favor for her brother. Poseidon's been handed his ass in Hades by Zeus, he's not afraid of Christians.
When: Thursday
Where: On his way home from work
Warnings: It's Poseidon and Wrath, it's gonna get bloody and all kinds of nasty.

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[info]argyropeza in [info]nevermore_logs

Who: Thetis, Achilles, The Fates
What: My husband is the biggest asshole in this pantheon
When: Thursday afternoon
Where: The Fates' shop

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