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Feb. 22nd, 2016


I'm just checking in that you two are still here. Seems there's been a rash of disappearances, and it would suck if you guys vanished.


Ciao. Is there a priest in the mountain? Or at least someone able to take confession? Also, I would do a great many things for something salty to eat.

Er. Not while giving confession, obviously.

You are sad about your Constantine, yes? I have something that might help.

Or it might make things much much worse. I can't be sure yet.

Feb. 21st, 2016


network post: castiel

#thatmomentwhen You can't find the last edge piece for the puzzle you're working on.

I counted. All five thousand pieces are here. It has to be here somewhere.

Feb. 20th, 2016


Did John talk to any of you about actively going against Lucifer and making a move today?

I'm pretty sure it was a no since he doesn't trust much, but did John Constantine have a tracker on him? I can't fee


My Fight Club dreams came true last night. That's it. I've peaked. It's only downhill from here.

[ Filtered to Lady Friends (feel free to assume!) ]

Hey, I'm in need of a girls night. Let's drink fruity drinks and do each others hair and talk about skincare and boys!!

...or sit in my favorite dark corner of the Rose and practice our intimidating glowers. You know? Let's just go with that.

[ /Filter ]

Filtered Private - TRIGGER WARNING for mentions of abuse )

Feb. 19th, 2016


I'm heading to the figh club tonight to cheer on Lady Maria. Do you two want to come with me?

Feb. 16th, 2016


What are we going to do about him?

Also, seems we lost quite a few members. Time to get some more. Preferably those with superpowers.

Feb. 15th, 2016


So. Lent in the Apocalypse - entirely excessive? Borderline ridiculous? Or I am officially a terrible Catholic for failing before the second day was out?

Actually, forget the last part. It's possible I nailed that coffin shut when I tried to assassinate the Pope inside the Sistine Chapel.

(For the record, he was a vile excuse for a human being, and his equally dispicable son did the honors eventually. But still.)


Well, well, well, isn't this an interesting place. Not my creation, which is strange and doesn't seem like the Father's, usually he leaves his fingerprints all over the place. And you know how difficult it is to get fingerprints off the silver. All that polishing. But the multiverses, that's cute.

Anyways, the kind and lovely people in medical - sorry if I confused you with not being injured, it's a thing - said I should introduce myself.

I'm Lucifer, Lucifer Morningstar. No, it's not a stage name, but I am fairly good at tickling the ivories. Or the violin, but it's been awhile since I've picked up one of those. Do you know how many bad renditions of "Devil went down to Georgia" and "Danse Macabre" I've had to endure? Practice your instruments, people, it makes a difference.

Yes, so I'll be joining the lovely people in Law Enforcement as an officer - it's truly ashame Chloe isn't hear to see it. And Haymitch, Sydney, and Willow - I'm your new roommate, I believe.

Feb. 13th, 2016


unValentines cards

Delivered anonymously to: Zed, Logan, Max G, Stacker, Peter Q, Audrey )

Delivered to Ravi, August, Lincoln (not Campbell), and pinned up somewhere Catherine's likely to see it )

Feb. 11th, 2016


I'm not Hallmark (store that sells greeting cards, for those not from a world that has one) or anything, but I've got a little cardstock and a few colored pens, including red. If anyone wants to go with a more homemade touch from Catherine's good suggestion, I can do up some hand-sketched cards for Valentine's Day.

No promises you won't end up with some kind of prophecy on yours, but at least it'll be unique?

That was probably a joke, I swear. Feel free to filter me with questions or ideas or requests, if you'd rather keep it secret.

Feb. 7th, 2016


I'm not really that great... talking to people. I come off as a little too blunt. Mostly because I get so fed up with the lying pinging all the time. I kind of have no patience for it.

But you're nice. I like you, so I was wondering if maybe you wanted to hang out?
How are you doing?
I'm trying to reach out to new people. Like you've been saying.


Tall, blue flannel, black boots. If you're planning on going outside today, you might want to rethink it, otherwise we're going to have to send out a search & rescue party for you cause you're going to get hit in the head with a chunk of ice off of the trees.

Search & Rescue, know that you're probably going to have to go rescue someone that didn't heed the warning today. Most people don't.

Alright, I'm getting desperate. Can you do a spell or something to make the water hot enough so I can have a shower?

[OOC: Feel free to claim this for your character! Either they can go out and do it anyway or they can heed the warning, it's open to whoever gets there first.]

Feb. 3rd, 2016


Despite my initial misgivings I have volunteered myself to act as a voice of Thedas in what is called an "AMA", or "Ask Me Anything". Despite the nomenclature, do not ask me anything. I will only answer questions that I can answer truthfully or fairly. However, as I have had my hand in a wide variety of political maneuverings, religious ceremonies, and assorted adventures, I would hope that I possess the ability to respond to most queries with enthusiasm and accuracy.

My name is Cassandra Pentaghast. I was a Seeker back home for many years, eventually starting the Inquisition and becoming a high-ranking representative of the Chantry called 'the Divine'. I have not been fully honest regarding my position in the Chantry because I had reason to believe that this place was the result of magic or ill-intended illusion. Now, I am not so sure.

Thank you for your time.

Feb. 2nd, 2016



Childcare is experiencing a sincere lack of care, namely of the adult oversight variety. I did not have time to enlist Captain America to do a rousing speech, but, truly, must I say more than think of the children?

Thor, whatever you happen to be doing, cancel your plans. I already volunteered you to help me.

Jan. 27th, 2016


This is certainly unexpected. I'm not entirely sure that I know how this works, but I understand that this is a way of communication?

So, hello. My name is Lucy, and I've just arrived. I've received the whole introduction, but I suppose I'm now on my way to find my new home. It's hard to believe that I've found myself landing in another world again.

Jan. 23rd, 2016


network; elena fisher (003)

Attention music, art and lit nerds! Are you a well of seemingly useless trivia? Are you a well of wonderful trivia? Did you annoy all your friends with your obsession of any particular genre of music, art or literature? Then Elena Drake wants you to pour your heart out on camera so I can shamelessly use your words and passion to make one or two half hour long episodes a week about the topic of your obsession.

Specifically, I'm shining a spotlight on the things we have available to us here. We have a limited range of the available music and other media (and thank you to everyone who was dropped into this world with their iTunes libraries and iPods who graciously donated their stuff to the radio station), and I'm putting a show together that will educate people about what we do have and let fans celebrate it and talk about their experiences at home. Consider it half informational, half nostalgic in a History Channel format.

The warehouses here are full of things for archival purposes, so I'm specifically looking for artists and art students to talk about the visual art in the vaults, music nerds to talk about the different artists and genres that we've been broadcasting over the radio, and literature buffs who can talk about the classics in our library. Once I know who we have and what you're all interested in, I'll draw up some episode summaries and start scheduling when I can film whom. I'm also interested in doing episodes on everyone's reality-specific holidays and customs if you're willing to talk to me about that.

The working title for this is "Life in a Can". It'll be better when it actually airs. Maybe. Production on this series isn't going to be an official job, but if anyone has experience in television and media production and is willing to donate their time, I could use an extra camera person, as well as a couple of people to help me research and edit each episode. We're going to have a bit of a low budget feel, since the only cameras we have access to are my hand-held from home and my iPhone, but I can give anyone who came with their laptop a copy of the video editing software I have on mine. (In fact, I'm uploading that to the servers tonight, so that anyone with a compatible device can grab it and edit anything they feel like making.) The goal is to do two shows a week: one on media history and analysis, one on a custom or a holiday.

Still dying?

Jan. 17th, 2016


Forget about Manny. Forget about anything he's ever told you. That bastard deserves to die.

Jan. 12th, 2016


Be careful if you're going out to look for the dragon.

.... And yes, I'm aware that coming from a psychic, that sounds like "beware the ides of March", but I really don't have anything less vague. I'm sorry.

So is this how it's going to be from now on? Being awkward and weird and distant with each other?

Jan. 4th, 2016


My brother is gone.

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