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May. 12th, 2016


I'm sorry we ran out of coffee. We still have tea left if people would like to try that instead. I can recommend a few types.

[Private to Sydney Sage]
Do you have time this week to help me make that list?

Apr. 25th, 2016


Oh! So that is why humans have such long limbs.

Temeraire, have you seen these images? They are very educational, although I am not sure how some of these positions are possible. I have tried to replicate them but perhaps they require two humans to achieve.

Apr. 18th, 2016


Hiiii. I'm Judy Hopps. Officer Judy Hopps. I wasn't really expecting to wake up — here. I thooooought maybe I stepped on the wrong train and got off in Rainforest District, but this doesn't look like a rainforest at all. Lots of green, kind of wet, but not a rainforest.

Then they tell me I'm on Earth, but no one here looks like any animal I know at all. Never seen anyone like — what are you called? Forgive me if that sounds rude or unthinking, I've just never seen anything like you.

I'm an officer in law enforcement, so hello! I'm your new coworker. I REALLY hope I don't have to start all over with the token bunny stuff again

[...] There's no parking meters here, right?

Apr. 12th, 2016


MW: network post laurence

The concept of a night of cards tomorrow night is oddly comforting. It's good to know that some things stay the same.

I don't suppose there's anyone here who'd be willing to join me in a game of whist?

Are you the type of woman to enjoy a game of cards?

[Iskierka & Temeraire]
I have not yet had any look in my search for Granby, but given the number of strange things that happen here, I am determined not to give up hope.

Apr. 11th, 2016


Does there happen to be any language enthusiasts or code-breakers among our number? Please leave me a message here if so.

Filtered Private )

Apr. 1st, 2016


Brace yourselves. This is a lot to take in here.

Mount Weather's military divisions were hit hard in the recent large wave of departures. As our reduced population does nothing to reduce the size of the area we need to protect or the size of the threats we may face, we are reorganizing, consolidating, and calling up some additional volunteers to ensure the safety of our home and its citizens.

The Soldier and Guard divisions have been merged, and will share duties among three squads: Bravo, Charlie, and Echo. To maintain a 24-hour guard on Mount Weather, the Scout divisions will also be taking one shift per week, alternating days and nights. The Mapping division is being consolidated into one group, reporting to Sgt. Spock. We called up Fair Weather Friends, so you'll need to take a look at this if you've signed up for the position.

All Mount Weather Military members may find their current assignment and schedule in the following list:

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Mar. 31st, 2016


Iskierka, Temeraire, where are you?

Mar. 26th, 2016


[Granby + Temeraire + Iskierka]
I'm planning on attending the Easter morning service tomorrow if any of you should care to join me. Providing you don't talk through it.

Mar. 22nd, 2016


With the batch of Podkru we lost a month ago, it's become clear that we've lost quite a few positions. Several of our jobs are dangerously low on staff. Unfortunately, they're all pretty important to make sure this place runs. If anyone has any kind of experience or would like to switch positions (or even take a few hours volunteering), you would be so helpful.

The positions we're desperately in need of are:
  • Farmers
  • Fishers
  • Radio Operators
  • Nurses
  • Laundry Services
  • Shoemakers
I know these positions aren't the most prestigious but they are vital. I'm taking on ever shifts in fishing, radio, and laundry when I'm not out of the compound. If you can help, please do.

Mar. 21st, 2016


How much foam is appropriate for tooth brushing?

Mar. 19th, 2016


I must say, I was not expecting a gift from whatever circumstance brought us here, but I am grateful to have received more appropriate clothing. I had not realised that I missed Aviator green.

Temeraire, there are some clothes from the Emperor in China which may suit you.

[Medical + Mental Health]
I do not even know how to word this, but I have been informed that there may be those among you that might be able to help. Not long ago, I suffered a bout of amnesia and while a fair amount of my memory has returned, there are still some gaps from the last eight years. I do not know if there is some way to aid the process of recovering lost memories.


Guess who has his broomstick now?

I guess the pod god really does do nice things now and then.

Mar. 17th, 2016


I need to practice. I will be in the gym.

[Filtered to 505I: Mindy Macready, Julie Power, Maz Kanata]
A tiny man gave me a pot of gold. I don't need it. Do you want some?


Do any engineers want some gold? Laura said would you like it.

Mar. 16th, 2016


network post: Captain Laurence

Well, introducing myself does seem the proper thing to do, no matter how unnatural this device seems and so little art to the typeface. I believe this would go much faster with a quill and an inkpot, but I've been told those are but relics of the past.

I am Captain Laurence, of His Majesty's Aerial Corps, though I served in the Royal Navy for close to twenty years before that. Despite flying a Celestial, I confess this world of yours leaves me rather confused. It is as though I've hit my head all over again. I'm sure it will be a pleasure to make your acquaintance. I'll be serving in the military on delta squad.

I don't suppose there's any black tea to be found? Or gin, for that matter?

Granby, Iskierka, they said the two of you were here? I suppose trouble keeps finding us. It seems Temeraire is with us as well.

Aug. 18th, 2015


Oh dear. I am afraid I got quite caught up in reading all the books I could find, and several days seem to have gone by. I must say it is very convenient to be able to read them all for myself. Did I miss anything terribly important?

If I have not met you yet, my name is Temeraire, and I am a dragon.

Aug. 1st, 2015


New arrivals, all the time. With the comic books, and the superheroes. You'd think I'd be more excited.


I miss Will.

Jul. 28th, 2015


I don't suppose anyone is interested in practicing hand to hand with a partner, in the gym.

Or sharing a cigarette, if any still exist here.

Jul. 27th, 2015


There are so many things here that make no sense at all. And no one will explain them to me. And I have not been able to find Laurence or anyone from my crew, or even anyone I know, at all. I think I would almost be glad to find Napoleon, if he would only tell me what is going on back home.

Jul. 25th, 2015


Thanks to Sarah's wonderful suggestion, I've started planning sex education lessons for our children. For each age group, we will provide developmentally appropriate information, mostly focused on understanding their anatomy and preparing for the changes that will occur during puberty. We'll also cover gender identity, sexual orientation, body safety & consent, and the reproductive process -- including, yes, how babies are conceived -- again, always at an age-appropriate level.

Parents: Of course, you may have concerns about what your children will hear. Or you may wish to teach them yourself, but you're not sure what to say. Many of you come from a time when sex wasn't spoken about, ever, and even today it can be an intimidating topic! So you're invited, too. If there's interest, we can have a parents-only session first, to give you an idea of how we teach this subject and why it's so important. Otherwise, you're welcome to attend your child's lesson. If all goes well, we can start next week.

Not a parent? Don't tune out just yet! I'm also organizing a session for teenagers & adults who may not have gotten this education back home, as well as those who'd like a refresher. This class will include a little more grown-up information, including condom demonstrations and other safe sex tips. You'll also have the chance to ask questions in an open-minded, judgment-free zone!

If you're interested in attending, or in assisting with these presentations, please let me know. I'd especially love to have someone (perhaps from medical?) who can discuss the birth control options available here.

[Teachers & child caretakers]
You are all, of course, welcome to attend and/or teach these classes with me. We may not have a huge student population here, but they will need to be split into several age groups. Besides, the best type of sex ed is an ongoing discussion. Any of us could end up fielding questions from the kids we're entrusted with, so it's important for us to be prepared with answers!

Jul. 23rd, 2015


This kind of writing is very convenient, even if I do not quite understand yet how it works. Learning to use a pen is harder than I thought it might be. Chinese characters are easier to draw, I find.

My name is Temeraire, and I just arrived yesterday. I was told I could communicate through this remarkable device. I should like to learn more about this place and how I came to be here, and also if anyone knows how I can get back. I am sure Laurence will be quite worried about me by now, and also I am needed to help lead the jalan against Napoleon. They might try to manage without me, but then I should miss out on all the fighting.

Also I would like to be the proper shape again. Being a man is very interesting, but it is much more inconvenient than I imagined.

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