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May. 10th, 2016


[Filtered to Sera]
I did not thank you properly for training Crinitus. He is very good at sitting on command now, and he has taken to sleeping on top of Warner's head. I think he has come to enjoy the company of other animals.

[Filter to Dean Winchester]
You seem to know much of music like that of Storybrooke. I find that my enjoyment of it lingers despite how the memories have faded. The only musicians whose names I recall are Lynyrd Skynyrd, Charlie Daniels, and Johnny Cash, but I remember many more tunes. Could you help me find more?

[Filtered to Kate]
Pain is how you get stronger. Eventually it will be gone. Hawke says ice will help in the meantime.

You did well today.

May. 6th, 2016


Messere Minoru, your chocolate bear is not dead, but it is seriously wounded. Before anyone accuses me of sport-hunting, the bear started it.

I have potted a plant from the candy garden. We shall see if it lasts.

[Filtered to Veronica, Sera, and Remus]
I fought a beast of chocolate for you (mostly for Veronica), and have returned with spoils of sweets.

You may come to my quarters to claim your share after I have showered. I am covered in fudge-sauce blood.

May. 5th, 2016


network; asala adaar (041)

Someone guess what my favorite part of not being in the government is?

quick cut for baby stuff discussion! )

Something you want to get off your chest before you start a riot, or are you all right?

Apr. 23rd, 2016


log; seradaar

WHO: Seradaar
WHEN: Early morning April 22nd
WHERE: Their room
WHAT: Adaar comes back after the Lucifer thing and talks to Sera about her decision to resign.
WARNING(S): Vague shirtlessness? Eh.

What’s wrong? I thought you’d be happier. )

Apr. 17th, 2016


(mw) log: sera+cullen

WHO: Cullen Rutherford and Sera Adaar
WHEN: Late Saturday night/the wee hours of Sunday morning
WHERE: Mount Weather medical department
WHAT: Sera comes to visit Cullen and bring him a snack after the battle against the goblins.
WARNINGS: N/A; just references to violence and sadness.

Maybe think about resting. Sleeping. That's where you lie back, and you shut your eyes, and forget stuff for a few hours. )

Apr. 8th, 2016


mount weather.

I'm not going to insult you by asking how you are. Instead, I thought I'd ask if you wanted to go out hunting with me today.

Apr. 7th, 2016


Mount Weather: Chess Club

Is the chess club still on? The people I used to play with are all gone, and

[Filter to Sera]
How goes today?


mount weather: kili

In the world Tauriel and I are from, it would have been difficult for us to have a life together. Nevermind how I don't survive the battle - had I lived, we each would have faced banishment from our homes. She already had. For me. For wanting to do what was right.

My uncle was right when he said I asked too much of him. We could not have fought old scars and prejudices in a few weeks or a few months. Perhaps not even in a lifetime. The anger that our people held onto stretched back centuries. Our love alone would have likely never been enough to change their minds. I was prepared for that. I'd asked her to come with me to the mountain, but we each had duties to our kings that we weren't ready to disobey. I don't regret that. My uncle and brother and cousins needed me. Our people needed us. I couldn't turn my back on them. But I had hoped that when it was over, something would be different. Better. If the kingdom no longer needed me - if we'd all survived, Thorin would have been there to rule, and after him there would have been my brother - then I would have been free to do what I wanted. I could have followed my heart. I would have followed her anywhere. I wanted to show her all the things I'd seen. I wanted to watch her watch the moon rise over the mountains I once called home. I wish I could say it wouldn't have mattered what our people said, but it did matter. It simply wouldn't have changed my mind either. I had never been truly alone in all my life until I came here. Now I wasn't as ready to face disappointing my family as I thought I was. I've been angry, and afraid, and demanding in response. I wasn't sure how to be patient when we didn't know how much time we'd have. I wanted the life I knew I would never have in our world.

I wasted so much time on anger I found a place for a home that I think Tauriel would have liked. She wasn't made for living underground like I am, and she wanted to live among the trees, but now she's gone.

I think I'll build something anyway. So if she comes back, it's here, even if I'm not.

Apr. 3rd, 2016


MW: Chattys

[Chatty to Susan Pevensie]
>> I need to ask a favor of you.
>> Veronica has had a notebook that belongs to me.
>> It is blue and says Mount Weather Lexicon on it in both the local alphabet and the one we use in my world. She was adding to it for me, and
>> As things are collected and redistributed, could you please hold that aside for me?
>> I can get it from you after our guard shift tomorrow.

[Chatty to Sera]
>> Put any arrows in anything today?

[Chatty to Cassandra]
>> I was glad to see you put yourself forward for the Council
>> I think you'd do well representing the people here
>> Who are you hoping to see take the other open position?

Apr. 2nd, 2016


mount weather network; hawke (029)

Everyone from Kirkwall is gone. Without Dorian, Adaar and Bethany, the only one the demons in the Fade have to bother is me.

There's something... off with them. I'm not sure what it is. I've been trying to stay more lucid since the mess up with the portals last autumn, but I still can't pinpoint why they're so restless.

Mar. 24th, 2016


Has anyone else who kept one of the little long-nosed mice been able to train them to do anything? I am trying to determine if Crinitus is stupid or merely indolent.

Mar. 21st, 2016


network; asala adaar (037) - AMA!

Assuming the sky doesn't literally fall or freeze today, I'll be here for a few hours to answer any questions. (And before anyone asks "How often do you smash your horns into things?", the answer is "Often.")

Mar. 19th, 2016


So who wants Nug bacon?

Just kidding, fuckers. You can't eat my nug, no matter if it's got creepy human hands or not. They're cute and he's got a name (Dawnstone, but if the spy master shows up she'll tell you it's something stupid like Schmoopysnuggles or some shit. Don't listen to her.). You can't eat pets with names, it's a damn rule, alright?

Mar. 9th, 2016


Well. I'm here! I tried not being here, briefly, but nothing happened, so... here I am! Hello, Mount Weather. I'm to be a washer of dishes, which is a refreshing change from my previous job titles. I'm a bit flummoxed about the whole "fictional" thing - yet working through it - and on the whole am well delighted to be a guest in your lovely... town? fortress? hideaway? ...bungalow? until I figure out how to return once more to Yharnam and put everything back the way it's supposed to be.

My name's Sami - Sam's fine - and I like pastries, history, the soppiest of love stories and killing things that need killing. I'm also, incidentally, in a bit of a pickle. You see, I'm trying to figure out how to errrrrrrrrr be a God STRIKE FEAR IN THE HEART OF MAN get used to recent changes in my life, and mostly, that's just led to public intoxication. Not that alcohol really works on me, so I just have to make it work on me, but that's neither here nor there. Where's the pub? That'd be lovely, thank you.


Conversations about Bull's manhood and his asshole. Must be Wednesday.

Also, there's something weird about a shop where they're all smiling and know your name, no matter what they're serving. I think I'll take a pass, and look, you know if I'm not interested, it should say something.

[Thedas Minus Cullen]
So for anyone who was still on the fence about whether Cullen was or Cullen wasn't tickling that Mars girl's belly from the inside.... guess who just asked me to clear out of the rooms tonight?

Look at me, a regular gossip. I'm proud of Curly.

Mar. 4th, 2016



Mr. Stark and I require you in the workshop IMMEDIATELY. And also Miss Frye! Whomever's most adventurous today!


Mr. Stark thinks he can ride it, but I hold we are one whiskey too wrecked for that. And we haven't slept in two days. Three days? Honestly I'm not sure, the point is, you have got to see this thing!


I wish to reiterate what you may have already heard from your friends and peers: please do not accept any form of food or gifts from strangers outside of the safety of these walls, regardless of how harmless it looks or smells. We have reason to believe that such gifts come with a magical price, and until we determine our exact situation it is (as ever) clever to politely refuse any offerings from strangers.

Stay vigilant and careful as you come and go. I will more than likely redirect your questions to Rogers, Adaar, or the relevant Head of Department. Thank you.

Feb. 23rd, 2016


Alright I got three of these Sera-named 'tit holders' and two more sets of frilly panties. Claim 'em before my boyfriend burns' em cause he's jealous they're prettier than his.

Sorry, Warden. For dancing on your bar. I break anything, I'll fix it. You don't shit where you eat, people.

Feb. 18th, 2016


So, in between the drinking and the storytelling and the weird little everythings happening around here that's working its way into my memoirs (otherwise known as Shit is Still Crazy), I decided I could put some efforts into the next chapter of Hard in Hightown. I usually do these in nine parts, and if you haven't read the first eighteen chapters, sorry - I didn't manage to snag them before getting carted off into the wild blue whatever it is that pulled me here.

Still, I've seen weirder shit, so they might show up here at some point. Don't hold your breath or anything, but considering I've personally seen a chapter I didn't write yet in the Fade, anything's possible.

[attached] Hard in Hightown: Chapter 19

[ooc | below the cut is a link to the first 18 chapters (canon) if you're curious... there's also Chapter 19, which I've written myself in the same stylings. It's going to be rather cheesy detective stuff, I hope you enjoy it as I continue it.] )

Feb. 12th, 2016


I still do not understand the magic of this place or why we are here, but Kili trusts you and [...] that is enough for me.

I am Tauriel of the. Your forests are healing as well as expected, but still unhappy with the world at large.

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