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May. 13th, 2016


As it has been requested so much and in honor of Pietro being here, I made baklava again, more than last time. It may taste a little different, as I had to use different ingredients for the dough and the syrup, but I hope you all like it.

Jacob, Pietro will bring you some.

May. 6th, 2016


I am Indra kom Trikru. Heda has sent my warriors here to help defend you from anyone who would dare attack a member of the Coalition. Your people are my people now. It will not be like it was before.

May. 1st, 2016


Thanks to everyone for coming out to weapons club. It was a great first tournament and I'm looking forward to next month.

[Remy LeBeau]
Up for sparring some time? I feel I could use more practice against you and your staff if you're up for it?

[Anakin & Nico]
Took you two long enough. Are we all done with the brooding and avoiding now?

[Team Demigod, etc]
What say you all to a group dinner? Or group training?

Apr. 29th, 2016


netpost; billy kaplan

Let's solve the following equation: Best game of capture the flag ever + musical + Friday = ?????

Apr. 27th, 2016


Part of me things I should retire from Weapons Club now so I can keep my perfect record. Except it's more fun to participate, so I'll see you all next month?

Also, if anyone wants to join in - 6am trainings in the gym. Yes, it's early, but it's always a good training session.

Thanks. I think it's the training with you that's helped the most.

Did you get distracted during your fight?


Network Post

Congratulations, Magnus! And well done, everyone who competed today! You made the first Weapons Club enjoyable.

Sir Aramis, tales don't do you justice. If I had to be knocked out in the first round, at least I can salve my pride by saying I lost to a musketeer.

Still sore? Are you sure you're not


Congratulations, everyone! We've all managed to live with a zombie for over a year - successfully, I might add, since this has not turned the apocalypse into a zombie apocalypse. In fact, I might have even been your doctor at some point.

Thanks for not shooting me in the head right away.


ooc: pretend this was earlier, I got caught up in a book lol

Since we're finally settling back into a routine, we'll be watching The Lost Boys tonight in the 501 commons. It's a vampire horror-comedy, probably suitable for kids down to about 14.

Apr. 26th, 2016


Filter: 18 Plus

I'm grateful that fans enjoy writing about us but honestly? If we did all they like to think we do on the Enterprise, we'd never get any work done. Especially you, Jim. You are a busy boy in the world of fan fiction.

Apr. 23rd, 2016


Sooo I don't know if I'm more passionate about the fact that I beat as many people as I did in Fight Club or the fact that I lost to Thor.

Easily some of the best bruises I've ever gotten.


Network Post: Annabeth Chase

Sooo...I got eliminated in the first round at Fight Club. Not my best performance but Matt Murdock, I have to hand it're amazing. I'd love to learn some of those moves.

Hopefully I'll do better with the weapons fighting. I tend to be better with a dagger anyway.

[Demigod know who you are]

Anybody going to the movie tonight? The movie is "A Hard Day's Night." The Beatles are always cool.


Network Post: Hikaru Sulu

I was kind of disappointed that there wasn't one of those dolls that looked like me. I guess the Pod God's not impressed. Oh well.

[Phoebe Halliwel]

So...hi. I guess I should introduce myself. I mean the real me because I don't think we ever actually met before. I'm Hikaru Sulu but most everyone just calls me Sulu. Also, all the plant stuff was real. I have a degree in botany but I'm a navigator on a starship, here I work in the greenhouse.

Apr. 21st, 2016


So, last month, we talked about a weapons club and I'm happy to say we are getting it up and running. With the play and fight club, we were short on weekends this month, so April's fight club will be on Wed Apr 27 (info and signups here). In May we should be able to get it on a weekend that doesn't conflict with fight club or capture the flag. Can't wait to see a lot of you there.

[Military Sergeants]
It looks like I'm joining your ranks as the new sergeant of Charlie squad. I think I know most of you at least a bit since I've been here for awhile now, but I'm looking forward to working with you. I know previously we had some friendly competitions and such going between the squads and I'd love to get that back up and running.

Looking forward to working with all of you.

[Soldiers: Charlie Squad - Mikasa, Obi-Wan, Jenny, Stacker, Edmund]
With Sgt. Pentaghast's departure, command saw fit to put me in charge. It's an honor. I've fought with many of you in the past few battles, and personnaly, I think we're an awesome squad. Some of you might thing I'm too young for the job, but at home I was praetor, in charge of leading and training over 200 troops of Roman demi-gods and legacies. I think you know that I'm tough but fair.

Some of you have probably noticed that Edmund and I are in a relationship. I do not intend to treat him any differently than the rest of you, but I realize some of you may have a problem with this. If you do, please let me know and we'll work out a solution. Edmund and I both believe the squad comes first and he's volunteered to transfer if people think that would be best. For those that have been here awhile, this isn't the first time something like this has happened here, and people were able to separate things out.

My door's always open if any of you want to chat or have any suggestions. You know your strengths and weakness better than others.

So things got sorted with Edmund. And I'm now a sergeant. Not quite praetor, but still. Hopefully I don't mess this up.

I told Edmund what happened with my dad.

Why do I the urge to cook a big multi-course Italian-PuertoRican meal for our friends/family?

Apr. 20th, 2016


So, it's not quite the same, but I have Lola!

I may or may not be amassing a collection. Not quite the same as my vintage cap cards, but somewhere along the same vein.

Apr. 19th, 2016


Fight Club will be this Friday, though please don't feel obligated to join in if you're still recovering from the recent events. It could be a good way to let off steam, but we also don't want any vindictive feelings in the ring and people are still expected to maintain composure and follow the rules.

But I, for one, am looking forward to punching a few people in the name of the sport. Jacob and I hope to see you there.

Welcome back, everyone. The Military has shifted back to usual, now that everyone's returned. However we have unfortunately lost Sergeant Organa just recently and Command has asked me to fill in for her Sergeant spot. Large shoes to fill, as Leia was a fantastic leader.

But I don't suspect much will change, I plan on continuing as she had left off, with no adjustments at this time. Your orders remain as they were, and right now we're still focusing on clean up as command sees fit.

If you still require a few days recovery, it is absolutely yours. Please don't hesitate to let me know if there's anything else I can do to help.


Network Post: Thea Queen

Now here's one for you. Working in a bar made me miss.....working in a bar. I miss Verdant and there's no way anything like that can happen here because of space but yeah, I miss it even more now.


Chatty to Sydney Sage
» I feel like I need to apologize, even if I wasn't really me there.
» I hope you know I would never.. you and Adrian are great together. I'd never want to do anything to get in the way of that.

Chatty to Billy Kaplan
» Hey, you


Seeker Cassandra Pentaghast has left us. Vanished in the normal way, as I was sparring with her.

[Filter to Lt. Gen. Asala Adaar]
I would like to formally recommend that Sgt. Aclassi retain his rank and take over leadership of Charlie Squad in Sgt. Pentaghast's absence.

[Filtered Private]

I am not alone. Even
As I stumble on the path
With my eyes closed, yet I see
The Light is here.

Draw your last breath, my friends.
Cross the Veil and the Fade and all the stars in the sky.
Rest at the Maker's right hand,
And be Forgiven.

Apr. 18th, 2016


Small town life isn't really my thing any more, but I can't say I'm happy to be back here.

You guys haven't figured out a way out of here yet?


I understand the mage responsible for the latest disaster is in custody. When will charges be brought, and who will sit in judgment of her wrongs?

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