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Jan. 5th, 2016


Thank you, everyone, for all the kind words and congratulations for Cullen and I. He's already posted and mentioned it, but I need to add my voice to his. Part of me wishes that I could say that life changed dramatically once we were married, but in truth the change occurred months earlier, when we found ourselves here, from two vastly different universes but finding in one another a person to whom we were each drawn against all probability. Never in my life have I imagined that I would find anyone to whom I am so well matched, who complements me in every way. I believe that I am a better person with him, and the person he sees in me inspires me to become that person. I am braver, more confident, and more comfortable with myself. Perhaps the institution of marriage does not mean as much here as it does elsewhere; perhaps it means more. But by partaking in a simple, beautiful ceremony, he and I both have pledged to join our lives together. He is my love, and I thank you all for sharing even a part of our journey with us, just by being here in Mount Weather.

I wish all of you, belatedly, a joyous and happy new year, and hope that we all may prosper in every way.

Dec. 31st, 2015


For many years, I thought it unlikely that I would ever marry. Templars seldom do, and I had troubles of my own, and it seemed unlikely my life would ever take such a turn.

I am very glad today that I turned out to be wrong. I would have been glad to have more of our friends and family present, but I am immensely grateful for those who were here with us today (especially Asala, who was so kind as to officiate), and if not for the circumstances that forbid the attendance of the others, I would never have met my wife at all.

My wife. It has a very nice sound to it.

Thank you to all of you who celebrate with us today. I cannot think of a better way to begin a new year here on Earth.

Dec. 16th, 2015


Some days ago, a young man wished for the use of paper and pencil or pen. I hardly use it here, but my lap desk has been in my possession here for a little while, and I would like to offer him the chance to gather his autographs, if he still wishes it.

It looks rather lovely inside, with all of the decorations for Christmas, so festive. I will miss a Yule Log, though, and the merrily crackling flames as it burns slowly from Christmas to Epiphany. On Friday we shall be reading aloud A Christmas Carol, by Mr. Dickens, during our weekly gathering. Please do join us, as the kitchens have promised a bit of a sweet treat as refreshment during.

Filter to Cullen
There's someone here who looks like you.

Dec. 9th, 2015


I feel as if I should write something meaningful about the events of the last several days, but I find that my screen remains blank. Words are inadequate to express the anger we share, the hope that we might begin to move on, the utter sadness for everything that we've lost. All that I do know is that we must ever strive to be better than we are now, at this instant, at whatever instant it may be. Better and wiser. That being said, we must not forget to live, to allow the small acts of life to remind us all that it is an infinitely precious gift that we are given.

Now that I've bored you all silly with my tiny little philosophial meanderings, I invite you to join the Mount Weather Book Club this Friday and every Friday as we gather to read, together, one of the many literary treasures that our library holds. We are very nearly finished with our current novel, and will be reading a few short stories to fit the holiday season until after the new year begins. Then we'll start The Color Purple. Please join us! We meet Friday evenings at 7, in the common area on 501.

Nov. 21st, 2015


Snowstorms aren't unusual to me; they were common during the winter, where and when I'm from. I've discovered, though, in the course of my reading and attempt to catch myself up fully with history, scientific discoveries, and other miscellanea that is kept in the library, that what was normal for me wasn't so in the centuries after my own. I read that I was born in the midst of what was referred to as a Little Ice Age, and that because of the Industrial Revolution and the subsequent warming of the entire world, it ended. That saddens me, as I can't recall a more pleasant time of year than Yuletide and the traditions kept.

It would seem, however, that with the nuclear holocaust this world was subject to a century ago, that the return of snowy winters is upon us. It's early yet, I realize, but perhaps now is the time when those of us who are so inclined to begin planning decorations for Christmas and New Year's Celebrations. Particularly New Year's since only a small number of us would be celebrating Christmas.

Nov. 10th, 2015


It's always a somber time when much-loved members of our community leave us. To those of you who are now missing them, I'm so sorry. If there's anything I can do, please do let me know.

Filter to Cullen
I think that there is something wrong with our door. It was difficult to open and close when I came home for a moment at noontime.

Oct. 28th, 2015


Who: Kallian Tabris and Penelope Featherington
When: Wednesday afternoon
Where: The Gym
What: Penelope takes her first true step towards leveling up her Rogue self.
Rating: Low. Excessive mention of knives, though.

I believe that some men outfitted their sons with rapiers or guns as soon as they were old enough to hold them, so I do not begrudge your mother her desire to ensure her daughter’s safety by putting knives in her hands. )

Oct. 21st, 2015


Filter to Kallian
Cullen tells me that should I wish to expand my small knowledge of fighting with knives, then it would behoove me to seek your help. He says that soon I will be beyond what meager offerings he has as an instructor. While I think that he underestimates his own skill, I am heeding his advice, and wonder if you would be willing to take on a student?

Filter to Friends
After some thought and discussion, Cullen and I have decided that we are going to hold our wedding on New Year's Eve. We will then start the new year as husband and wife. A new beginning, if you will, all the way around.

Has everyone recovered from the strangeness that's been going around, of late?

Oct. 18th, 2015


Chatty to Cullen Rutherford
» Darling, please indulge me for a little while?
» I've been knitting all day and my hands need a break.
» So I'm having a cup of tea, and wishing for a fire, and a book.

Chatty to Alison Hendrix
» How are you, Ali?

Sep. 25th, 2015


Log: Penelope and Cullen

WHO: Cullen Rutherford and Penelope Featherington
WHEN: Friday evening
WHERE: Their quarters
WHAT: A discussion of the new normal
WARNINGS: References to sex and drug addiction

I was enough of a mess already, and this is far more of a mess than you signed on for. I would not fault you in the least for deciding it is more than you can bear. )

Sep. 24th, 2015


Filter to Alison, Katniss, & Julie (backdated to ealier this morning)
They think -- and Cullen agrees -- that he is how this whole unpleasant ordeal came about. He has triple the amount of morphine in his body, and they think that somehow I [...] ingested or absorbed the amount that nearly killed me.

I don't know what to do, and he won't let me touch him at all and I don't understand how this is possible or what it will mean. Until they release him from medical, I'm staying here with him. Julie, I know that we usually do repairs at the end of the day with the machines, but if you'll bring me what there is, along with my sewing box, I will sit in here and work on it today.

Filter to Clothing Makers (backdated to this morning)
Thank you for your concern and well-wishes. I'm better now, although the doctors want me to "take it easy" for today. They're keeping Cullen in medical because they think his body is somehow the cause of this, and I'm not leaving his side. I've asked Julie to bring me my sewing box and whatever clothing that needs repairs that can be done by hand.

Sep. 23rd, 2015


Who: Penelope Featherington and Cullen Rutherford (with a cameo by Beverly Crusher!)
When: This morning, before this
Where: Penelope’s room in medical
What: Finally Cullen gets to talk to Penelope after the events of last night.
Rating: Low

Quote )

Sep. 13th, 2015


Filter to Ladies of Thedas
Cullen and I have asked Asala to officiate at our wedding, and she has agreed. But my question is a little different, and can only really be answered by ladies. Are there any sort of traditions I should be aware of? There are some of my own that I will be doing, but I would also like to incorporate some of yours, too.

Sep. 12th, 2015


[Filtered to Asala Adaar and Penelope Featherington]
Lady Inquisitor,

Penelope and I have discussed the matter of our upcoming wedding, and we have agreed that, if you are willing, we would like you to perform the ceremony. We both respect you greatly, myself especially, and in the absence of a Revered Mother I can think of no one else who would do half so good a job. Please let us know if you would consent to take on the task.

Sep. 10th, 2015


If you're interested in joining the book club, tomorrow evening will be a good time to start! We'll be starting the third book in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Return of the King. We'll also be taking suggestions for the next book we'll read, perhaps we can take a break from high fantasy and visit another genre? As a reminder, we meet at 7 o'clock every Friday in 501.

Filter to Friends
I believe we've settled on the 17th of October as our wedding day, which gives us a month to plan everything!

Sep. 8th, 2015


On the anniversary of what was known as the Culling, on September the 22nd, a ceremony will be held to honor all who have devoted time, energy, and well-being to protecting this community. This new observed holiday will be a day of remembrance, and no work will take place that day. From now until the 20th, we will be accepting stories and nomination of bravery and sacrifice. Medals of honor will be accorded, and we will celebrate what the fallen have given us.

If you would like to volunteer to help out — with music, food, or speeches — please let me know.


If I were in England, and this were 1824, such an announcement as this would be printed in the newspapers, or given at a ball. My own father would take care of it, or the head of my family -- or, in many cases, the bridegroom. In any case, I am overjoyed to tell you all, our friends and neighbors, that this evening Cullen asked me to give him my hand in marriage. I, naturally, said yes, because I love him.

Perhaps to some, the notion of marriage isn't as important as it is elsewhere, but I believe that it is. Pledging to love and honor another, to share your life with them formally, and to celebrate that love with one's friends and family is even more necessary here. We haven't yet set a date, but that will be coming soon.

Sep. 7th, 2015


WHO: Cullen Rutherford and Penelope Featherington
WHEN: Monday evening
WHERE: The library
WHAT: A proposal!

I asked you here because this is where we first met in person. )

Sep. 6th, 2015


network post: sera

right. varric's gone, don't like that. hawke's lover is gone, just when we started getting on.

and egghead's gone. thought i'd be happy, 'cause he kept saying shit about the Fade and kept asking me ~questions~ that don't have answers. asked me if i could feel it here. asked me what i thought was wrong with it. i don't frigging know, or care, and i don't want to talk about my dreams. so good riddance to him, but i'm not happy.

- write new words to songs (can't remember words)
- get someone else to sing songs. don't want to.
- ask shiny to sing my song nope
- find bees
- give cullen drawings
- fix bracelet frigging wolf shit
- more horn balm stuff for shiny

hey, you.

not going to get pissed, or scared, or panic, but i don't want to wake up and find you gone. you get up before me, you roll me over and tell me it's all good, yeah? just say where you're going. people disappearing from our world, just want to keep you close.

don't leave me here alone with the voices and the dr.

and the big hat looks good on you, by the way. always does.

Aug. 25th, 2015


Filter to Edwin Jarvis, Cullen Rutherford
Hello, Mr. Jarvis. I don't know if you remember me, but I'm Miss Penelope Featherington. We've spoken before, and I believe we found one another agreeable. Are you finding yourself settling in here well? I do hope so. I thought it right to inform you that my partner and I, Commander Ser Cullen Rutherford, have decided that our lives would be much happier were we living together, and upon requesting new living arrangements, were put in with you, as you currently have no roommates. I promise that we'll be considerate, and I certainly look forward to knowing you better.

Filter to Katniss & Finnick
Cullen and I will be moving in with one another, to 506-E2. Finnick, I hope that you will continue to look upon me as a friend. Do not hesitate to ask me if you are in need of anything. I enjoyed living with you both, and Annie and Tristan, so much. You were some of my first friends here.

Filter to Katniss
I literally have not stopped smiling all day today. It's been rather wonderful.

Filter to Alison Hendrix
The more I am here in Mount Weather, the less I know myself, but the more I like myself. It's really quite odd, and wonderful, too. Cullen and I will be living together, very soon. It's further away from our friends, but it's together. And without the blessing of the Church or the Chantry.

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