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Apr. 19th, 2016


Today's forecast:
Ripe for vengeance, Mount Weather will tip the scales of Spring and catapult directly into Summer. As there is not a dose of sympathy for miles, be prepared before you venture out of your rather well-appointed rooms and ensure that you do not anger the mob, desperate for someone's head.

Apr. 5th, 2016


Storybrooke: Ezio Auditore

Bring it, pirates*. )

*Please don't actually Bring Anything.
*Unless it's rum.
*Or a band-aid. I nicked myself just getting this thing down off its wall mount.

In the "research" phase of this evening, I stumbled onto this buried treasure. You're welcome.

Mar. 19th, 2016


Oh hello, collection of wardrobe pieces. Now I look like myself again.

And as a bonus, I now have at least three scarves that will pair nicely with the last few little bruises (compliments of the Iron Bull) that are healing.


Lydia, some of her things are mixed in. I ca They still smell li Do you want them?

Mar. 12th, 2016


netpost; roy harper

Uh, hi Mount Weather. I'm Roy. I already got the whole speech about this being the happiest place on Earth, so you can skip that whole introduction welcome wagon.

It looks like I'll be working with the hunters, and yes, this city kid can use a bow and arrow. You'd be surprised what you can learn on the wrong side of town.

Mar. 9th, 2016


» We're already damned to hell.
» Want to join me for a romantic coffee date at Starbucks? I like a triple venti half-sweet non-fat caramel macchiato.

Mar. 8th, 2016


[ Filtered to Teen Wolf + Roommates ]

With the weather warming up, and all the Lucifers showing up, I think it's a good time to get ahead of this hellhound crap. I've asked Dela to give me some perspective on the area that I - no, he - congregates to in order to burn the bodies of the supernatural. I'm also going to spend some time trying to kickstart some of these abilities to see if I can have a better hand at controlling them. If I saw something back home bad enough to rattle me into leaving, it's got to be

Anyway, if I'm not around that much, that's why. I'll be checking in if I'm going to disappear for longer than a few hours at a time, but with the White Witch case going on I don't anticipate that happening. Job takes priority.

[ /Filter ]

Mar. 2nd, 2016


That whole sudden jolt of new memories? They're not messing around.

Half of which included my being tested on and had holes drilled in my head while I was half-catatonic. Who wants to play Operation! with the Banshee?

Mostly I just need something for the migraine. And probably an exam because - ow-.

[OOC: Spoilers for the latest two eps of Teen Wolf in comments!]

Feb. 29th, 2016


network post: lucifer

Quick question: Is there anyone here who feels unusually healthy and really can't stand being in control of their own body anymore?

Can someone please explain to me what we actually DO down here?

Feb. 17th, 2016


network post: donna noble

Singles' Night was fun, but I wouldn't say it got the job done. Too much happening at once, and then we all drank too much and danced too long. I've been sore since Saturday.

RIGHT. SO. Take this, then:

Name: Donna Noble
Age: Old enough to know what I want
Orientation: Men only, please!
Looking For: Long-term relationship (negotiable)

Things About Me: From Chiswick, able to type 100+ words/minute, love taste-testing new flavours of snack foods, love trash mags, love travel, and maybe-just-maybe saved the universe that one time. Also known as 'most important woman in the universe', so consider that.

Things About You: Single, on the bigger side, taller than me, age 25-50, not working with an ancient race of spider aliens, won't talk over me, won't talk down to me, likes to give gifts, likes adventure, likes me more than adventure, gives good foot rubs. **ADDENDUM: NOT THE DEVIL.

All inquiries can be directed to me, Donna Noble, online and in person.

Feb. 16th, 2016


Claire's post got me thinking... Wow, I miss Reese's. But then this morning, I learned the joy of having to sharpen the last two inches of my eyeliner pencil with a knife. My mascara dried up like, two months ago, and my Nars lip gloss is on it's last legs.

I miss Sephora.

If anyone feels the need to rain on my parade, and talk about how there's bgger things in life to worry about, blah, blah noble superhero shit, I will make your eardrums bleed. People need creature comforts, and $30 eyeliner just happens to be mine. Join in on the commiserate instead, okay? What dumb item do you miss from home that while you can completely live without, life just isn't the same? (I think 'vibrators' goes without saying, but by all means.)

Feb. 15th, 2016


People are so annoying to me. This weekend I got a lot of "you're very cute but a little young for me". This is a general announcement that I'm 18ish, and therefore an adult and capable of making my own decisions about having sex and relationships. I don't understand why people get uncomfortable about age differences. Do they think that I'm immature because I'm not some magic number? And that I will become mature on a specific birthday?

I've gone through a lot. I was a coyote for seven years after I ate my mom and sister. I was targeted by assassins. I took algebra in summer school. Horrible stuff like that. And I say 18ish because I don't know how coyotes age or if my time spent as one "counted".

Is it a "take advantage of a younger person" thing? Because if someone tries to take advantage of me, I'll just kill them. See? You can totally date me now.

I don't care if people aren't interested in me because they think I'm weird. That's their poor life decision that they will later regret, because I'm an awesome girlfriend. But I don't understand why people get hung up over age. Can someone explain it to me in a way that will help me no longer think you're all being stupid?

{Edited to Add] Lydia suggested that I get to know someone before I date them and find true love. Please apply for consideration here.

Feb. 11th, 2016


network; asami sato (001)

Generally, if I'm going to walk into another world, I'd like to actually walk into it instead of being randomly dropped. But this tablet is fascinating, I've been trying to work on an updated interface for some of my machines and haven't come close to anything like this.

Intake told me that Avatar Korra is here and I haven't seen her yet. If you've met her, you know it. Could someone point me toward her?

Feb. 10th, 2016


Is it feeling like a particularly Reap-y day to you? Something is off, but I can't pinpoint it.
Something is going to happen soon. I don't know what, but it's... I don't know. Not in the mountain. But big. Less screams and voices of the dead and more yelling and sonic transference. I feel death but I can't pin it on anyone here.

PS totally as tired of this place as I am of home. At least home isn't like sleeping in Motel Glen Capri every night.


I know we have movies on Saturday nights, but since there's quite a lot of people here who came from similar worlds at a similar time there are some movies we all grew up knowing very, very well. Daisy's post was a reference to one of those, The Princess Bride, which I'd like to show tomorrow night. There should be room to one end of the 501 commons so we won't need to clear the mess hall. If needs be I can set up an extra monitor or two and sync the video.

(Parents: The Princess Bride is child-friendly down to about maybe 8 or 10?)

If there's enough interest I found a few more movies from around the same time that we could watch on future nights - including Labyrinth, The Never-Ending Story, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, Gremlins, Teen Wolf, The Lost Boys, and the movie version of the community theatre club's upcoming show, Little Shop of Horrors. I could probably arrange to play that one just before auditions open.

Feb. 8th, 2016


So, I've been filled in. And, told that my family's here. Albeit all grown up. Which I'm still not entirely sure how to believe until I see you all.

So, Weasleys. ROLL CALL!!!!

And, to everyone else. Hi, I'm Molly. Looks like I'll be working in the kitchens with some of you.

And, I'm really sorry I'm not your wife, Rory.

Feb. 7th, 2016


Chatty to Lydia Martin

» Valentines Day.
» Is that a "no", or a "yes", or a "maybe"?
» I'm asking for a friend.

Feb. 3rd, 2016


I wanted to apologize for the accidental dusting that I did.

I hope everyone is okay.

Jan. 21st, 2016


So. I'm Isaac. This isn't exactly the way I pictured the end of the world going. I mean, I guess this is better than work would've been. And at least I wasn't awake inside of that pod thing. Little victories?

Sorry, I'm shit at introductions. I'll tell you anything you want to know, though. Apparently, I know some people here already?

Jan. 17th, 2016


Stiles and I broke up. That's what I saw in the water.

I was waiting for him to I'm angry and I'm sad and I'm angry that I'm sad, and if he shows up here I think we should donate him to the vampires.

Jan. 16th, 2016


Do you see them? All the children. Frightened, confused. Don't know where they are, they don't. All lost and alone. Not here, yet though. Only they are.

Angel and Darla

I'm hungry. Can we go for dinner?

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