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May. 4th, 2016


Right! So, two things. Maybe more than two things. I'll start from the beginning.

First, the boring stuff. Well, not boring, but way less exciting than the other thing. There's some magic group thing forming, here, and it sounds like other worlds don't have nearly the kind of schooling and training that we do. So if we want to see less magical mishaps around here, seems like we should help them out, yeah? Moony, you're our resident professor-to-be, you should be good at that sort of thing. And Seve hrm

Second. How many brooms do we have now? Harry and Ginny, you've got yours, right? There are people putting together a team of people who can fly and go up and get things from space. Obviously brooms don't go into space (at least I'm pretty sure they don't - so tempted to try, but I won't) but we're going to figure out how to go up really high and bring things back down for them. Teamwork, and that sort of thing. So, we need to figure out how high we can go, what sort of magic we might need to breathe up there, and how to carry some probably pretty big stuff back down from way high up and make sure it lands safely.

Okay, that was two things. Ready? Give me all your ideas, and go.

May. 1st, 2016


I have good news: the mead we started this winter is ready! Those of you who have been missing your honey wine, we have ready to serve at the Rose, including one barrel that we flavored with cinnamon and cloves. Thus far, everyone agrees that both the flavored and the ordinary mead are delicious, but you should come see for yourself.

[Filtered to Command + Brewers]
I've also got a few barrels set aside for trade - it's quality stuff, so it should bring a good price at market.

Apr. 29th, 2016


network; lily potter (018)

It's been a while since all of us got together at once. The weather is getting nicer and I think we're due for a bonfire, don't you?

Sunday night, after Life Support. You're all invited and you can bring whatever friends you want, just as long as all of us from our world are together. (You too, Severus.)

Apr. 22nd, 2016


It's a full moon tonight and there's something weird going on outside. Is anyone else a little creeped out?

[Severus Snape]

Sev! I'm so glad you're back and you remember me and what we were working on I can hardly contain my excitement. Yayyyy! See? Happy noises.

Tonight's the full moon and it got me thinking about the Wolfsbane Potion. I spoke to Rose Red and we got the Mandrake seeds all potted while you were gone. I'm no herbologist, but she said if it's anything like a mundane seed we should see sprouts in about a week! I've been checking everyday... mostly because I don't have anything else better to do. Do you want to meet up and test some of the plants this weekend again?

Apr. 20th, 2016


Just when I think this place can't get any weirder, I get gifts like this.

I think I'm more disturbed by the dementor one, though.

In related news, Snape, I got you a present. You're welcome.

Apr. 18th, 2016


I am so happy to be back behind my bar, with my Alistair and my friends. Tavern regulars, you're all getting hugs when you come in. Deal with it.

[Filtered to Thedas]
And speaking of friends, we need a Wicked Grace night, promptly. Non-Thedosian friends and lovers welcome, of course, but I want to celebrate being back together, and congratulate all of you who beat back the goblins on a job well done.

Apr. 17th, 2016




Apr. 13th, 2016


Rationing on alcohol has been lifted! I know a couple of regulars who are going to like the sound of that. There are so few of us left and we've been making the same amount, so there's a surplus. Enjoy it while you can. =D

[Private to Ginny Weasley]
Muuuummmmm. I've been so busy picking up extra shifts everywhere I feel like I only see you when I'm headed to bed now. I need Mummy/Daughter time stat. Come by for a drink? Or two? Or omg three?!

Apr. 2nd, 2016


Mount Weather: Netpost: Harry Potter

[HP World + Friends*]
I feel like there have been too many of these kinds of posts already, but I want to know who's actually still here. Check in if you see this, even if we've talked in the last day or so.
*(feel free to assume)

Apr. 1st, 2016



My grandparents, my potions partner and my boss are all gone. :| Today has been a stupid crappy day. I'll be pulling a double shift at The Rose to keep the tavern open for everyone since I'm guessing you need it as much as I do. Take any of this out on your bartender and I can't be held responsible for what I do with my wand. It's charged and full of glitter, okay!?

[The Rose staff]
Anyone else still here?


Please tell me you are here.

Are you here? I rushed out this morning and now I'm worried you aren't here. Have you spoken to any of your people today?

Where are you?

Mar. 24th, 2016


network; lily potter (016)

You know something? In my experience, people like that White Witch out there are on shakier foundations than they think they are. The last time I met someone like that, my infant brought them down.

Food for thought.

Mar. 19th, 2016


I missed a couple of old swords and daggers, and I missed my favorite blanket, and I missed fried druffalo steak with onions...but I didn't miss any of them as much as I missed my sweet puppy! Who is here now!

In other words, don't mind the dog in the tavern. He's a mabari, he knows how to behave. And he may not speak trade, but he does understand it, so don't say anything to him that you wouldn't say to me - he's getting to be an old man, but he's still in fine fighting form. His name is Biscuit. (I know, you shouldn't name a war dog Biscuit. It had been a very long day and he was shortbread-colored, and now he's used to it.)

And if anyone else has pets that have shown up, they're perfectly welcome in The Rose as long as:

1. They fit in the door and don't block pathways
2. Either they have proper control over themselves or you have proper control over them
3. They don't make a mess of the floor

OOC: he looks like this


Guess who has his broomstick now?

I guess the pod god really does do nice things now and then.

Mar. 18th, 2016


(011) Severus Snape

It is amazingly nice to have proper cauldrons. I may have to start leaving the pod god an offering.

[Filter: Lupin]
I have an entire jar of Amur Tiger blood and another one of Chizpurfle carapaces. Unfortunately we lack mandrake yet.

Mar. 16th, 2016


Fellow Thedosians, you'll be pleased to know that neither Alistair nor I senses any darkspawn, so it's not the "tainted horrors tunneling below us" kind of earthquake.

At least, not those tainted horrors. Can't really rule out anything around here.

Mar. 10th, 2016



I'm so excited. Can you tell I'm excited?! Because I am! I'm super excited! We got a huuuuuuuge pod drop of potions ingredients! Potions is just about the only thing I'm good at besides brewing alcohol so now I can do more things! All of the things! Potions things. Need a potion thing? I can do the thing!

No, but seriously, who needs the things?

Feb. 29th, 2016


FILTERED Network Post

How would you lot feel about getting together tonight?
* AKA Marauders & Weasleys

Posted via Journaler.

Feb. 22nd, 2016


Hugo's gone. He was right there! We were working on one of his inventions and blabbing about a new brew we wanted to work on and then....

And then he just wasn't.

Feb. 11th, 2016


[Filtered to Alistair Theirin, Nathan Drake, Luke Cage, and Lilu Potter]

Right, so I've just found out about this Valentine Festival from the Iron Bull. Should we do something in the Rose to celebrate? And if so, what? I understand the festival typically involves festooning things with pink and heart shapes. Is there more to it than that? Nathan, Lilu, Luke, you're from Earths. Do they have this on yours?

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