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Jul. 29th, 2015


I sometimes wonder at night if this is what the Colonies looked like after the Cylon's attacked. I found I could never ask Caprica while she was here but I do wonder. Still, I love seeing how everyone is pulling together like this. It does make things easier in the long run.

Jul. 28th, 2015


network; bigby wolf (001)

Why is everything fucking computers now jesusgoddamn

I'm looking for a lady named Snow White. Tall, white, black hair, probably bossing someone around.

ETA: Never mind, wrong Snow.

This place stinks of werewolves. Anyone want to explain what the fuck is up with that?

Jul. 27th, 2015


Unfortunately it seems that Caprica Six has left us.

Jul. 25th, 2015


Thanks to Sarah's wonderful suggestion, I've started planning sex education lessons for our children. For each age group, we will provide developmentally appropriate information, mostly focused on understanding their anatomy and preparing for the changes that will occur during puberty. We'll also cover gender identity, sexual orientation, body safety & consent, and the reproductive process -- including, yes, how babies are conceived -- again, always at an age-appropriate level.

Parents: Of course, you may have concerns about what your children will hear. Or you may wish to teach them yourself, but you're not sure what to say. Many of you come from a time when sex wasn't spoken about, ever, and even today it can be an intimidating topic! So you're invited, too. If there's interest, we can have a parents-only session first, to give you an idea of how we teach this subject and why it's so important. Otherwise, you're welcome to attend your child's lesson. If all goes well, we can start next week.

Not a parent? Don't tune out just yet! I'm also organizing a session for teenagers & adults who may not have gotten this education back home, as well as those who'd like a refresher. This class will include a little more grown-up information, including condom demonstrations and other safe sex tips. You'll also have the chance to ask questions in an open-minded, judgment-free zone!

If you're interested in attending, or in assisting with these presentations, please let me know. I'd especially love to have someone (perhaps from medical?) who can discuss the birth control options available here.

[Teachers & child caretakers]
You are all, of course, welcome to attend and/or teach these classes with me. We may not have a huge student population here, but they will need to be split into several age groups. Besides, the best type of sex ed is an ongoing discussion. Any of us could end up fielding questions from the kids we're entrusted with, so it's important for us to be prepared with answers!

Jul. 24th, 2015


Our tablets' noises aside, I would like to mention that canning season is nearly upon us. To that end, in August we here in the kitchen will be starting the process of preserving the fruits and vegetables that the farmers have been spending their time growing, putting it away so that in the cold winter months when the greenhouse and hydroponics may not be producing as much, we will still have food to eat.

To that end, anyone who has any experience in this is welcome to volunteer your time to help us do this speedily. And if you don't have experience and simply want to learn, please do come, you are also welcome. We will be canning and preserving a large variety of vegetables, drying fruits, and putting the large freezers to good use with others. We will also be in charge of shelling and storing the dried beans and other legumes that the farmers harvest -- it's going to be a busy month!

Jul. 22nd, 2015


Who: Laura Roslin & Open
Where: Outside the school area
When: After school hours, Wednesday
What: Talking, conversation, something?
Rating: TBD
Status: Incomplete

Read more... )

Jul. 19th, 2015


I would like to congratulate all the participants in The Pirates of Penzance. I think I would have enjoyed it even if I didn't have friends among the players. It was very entertaining, and you should all be very proud of your work.

Jul. 15th, 2015


Network Post: Caprica Six

Thank you to everyone who came to the groundbreaking today for the memorial garden. I hope my brief speech wasn't too bad? It's been awhile since I gave one.


I thought you might like to know that I have some seeds with me from home.


Many of you seem to be big readers therefore, what books would one recommend? I have a feeling this Lord of the Rings is one of them?

Jul. 14th, 2015


It's been almost a month since Hannah left, and I miss her every. damn. day. I know that Teddy and Billy are getting married in a few days, and I want to wish them the best of luck, and all of the love in the world. Keep hold tight to each other, mates.

Last month the idea was brought up to do a memorial wall, and it looks amazing. And between Caprica and I, we've managed to come up with the second part of that, the memorial garden. There's a decent-sized plot in the greenhouse that's not being used, and since there are plans to either expand the greenhouse itself eventually, or to build another, we've chosen to put the Mount Weather Memorial Garden in the southeast corner of the greenhouse. I've drawn up plans for the layout, which are going to be on display near the memorial wall for everyone to see. Tomorrow we break ground officially for it, and work will go on for about a month until it's complete. If anyone is interested in helping, just say the word.

There are plans to lay a stone path, and I'd like to have the names of our loved and missed ones etched into the stone. And in light of the recent werewolf attack, there are now plans to do a memorial in honor of all of the victims, including the werewolf, in the garden. If you have a name you want put on a stone, there is also going to be a sheet to put that down on by the memorial wall.

Groundbreaking is tomorrow morning at 10, and it won't be a long ceremony. Just a few words, a moment of silence, and maybe a song, I don't know. If you can be there and want to be, I look forward to seeing you.

All right?

Jul. 1st, 2015


Chatty to Caprica
Would you like to join me for lunch at some point?

Jun. 30th, 2015


I've got a pair of silk stockings that have seen their last legs (quite literally), so if anyone can put them to good use I'll give them a good wash and donate with a glad heart.

If there is but one thing which plagues me more than any other, it's stagnation and inactivity. While cobbling and discovering this world in its own right has its own merits, I find myself with idle hands and begin to wonder if any active hearts and minds here feel the same? If so, allow me to propose a small thing? Please do allow me to play host to a ladies' circle. This group would gather to socialise, certainly. But I should also think that we could put our backs to a host of good works:
  • Building out the Library, whether through copying or through memory
  • Stockpiling knowledge of our own various worlds
  • Honing our self defense skills & keeping physically sharp
  • Building good cheer and grace amongst our hosts & friends, alike
  • Playing host to any number of activities which may require our own specific influence

  • What say you?

    My dear, you are quiet.

    Jun. 25th, 2015


    With the baby coming. And, Katniss and Peeta being so
    I've been thinking

    It's so wonderful that people can still find love in these difficult circumstances. And, that so many different people are happy to celebrate a new life, even if they didn't know the family.

    The way this mish-mashed community is pulling together is really awe inspriring.


    Can we Are you busy?


    No one is allowed out from now on without an armed escort. We've had sightings of a man called Carl Emerson who lived here in the mountain and has every reason to want to sabotage this location. He is considered armed and extremely dangerous.

    THE 100:
    Just what we needed, that asshole back around. Anyone else wondering how he survived the winter?

    ETA: Anyone know if the Mountain Men kept records of the marrow transplants? And if so, is it somewhere?

    Jun. 24th, 2015


    Do I really have to go to school?

    [Filtered to Hal]

    So, you're making me come off the blood?


    Thank you for all of you who have welcomed me and helped me become settled here.

    Lydia Martin, Mary Margaret Blanchard / Snow White, Albus Severus Potter, Clara Oswald
    I apologise for not contact any of you before hand. I have recently arrived here. I was informed that I would be a teacher along with all of you. May I ask therefore how we go about teaching here?

    Jun. 20th, 2015


    Network Post: Caprica Six

    When I was on the battlestar Galactica, there was a tradition that I found meaningful and comforting. All along a corridor, people placed pictures and mementos of loved ones they'd lost. Sometimes they would visit, pray or light a candle.

    Perhaps something like that might be a way to keep alive the memories of those who've gone missing. And for those who came from the sky, a way to memorialize those you weren't able to lay to rest.

    If indoors is too intrusive, maybe a memorial garden?

    Jun. 19th, 2015


    I don't use this as often as I should, since I see so many of you throughout the day and speak with you then. So for those of you who are new and who weren't checked in and examined by me, I am Dr. Beverly Crusher. Before I woke up here, I was the Chief Medical Officer on the U.S.S. Enterprise. I am aware that I was on a program originally based on the adventures that Captain James Kirk experienced while he captained the ship, and that my own time on the Enterprise, along with that of my fellow senior officers, was the subject of a second program. I do not know what happens after the Borg invaded Federation space, except that Captain Picard survived and that the Federation was able to defeat the Borg. Further than that, I don't know, and right now I don't want to know. I'm happy to speak with any of you about the Enterprise, however. I will be in the Mount Weather Community Theatre's production of The Pirates of Penzance, and I am heading a class on midwifery -- to fill a gap in our medical situation.

    It has come to my attention that there are a few of you who are hesitant to come to medical when you are ill. Please don't do that. We're to help you, and to make sure that you become healthy again. Yes, we perform surgery, but only when necessary, and I can assure you that we have a stellar team of surgeons on staff in Medical. Unfortunately, one of team, Lily Potter, was one of those who disappeared yesterday, and she was the only Healer we had on staff who is familiar with the medical procedures in one of the alternate universes. We miss her, but we can assure you that your care will in no way diminish since she is gone. We use needles, because that is the only way we have of administering certain helpful drugs, but they are always sterile. Cleanliness is a top priority, so you should not ever worry about that. Otherwise, to diagnose, we use what you tell us, what we have observed, and the medical texts available to us.

    I can not stress to all of you how important it is that you come to us the moment you start feeling bad. We are a closed community, and we're still learning what new diseases this world holds. Even a simple cold, left unchecked, can become highly dangerous. If something causes you allergies, tell us so that we can inspect your living space and your work area, to see what might be causing it, and if it might give other people problems. There is nothing too small for us to look at, from a skinned knee to a broken limb. This staff is here to make sure that we are all healthy and that, if we are sent home, that you will be as healthy going back as you were when you arrived. Unless you were injured, and then we'll send you back healthier.

    Speak to me at any time, day or night, via chatty or coming to see me. I am in 504-A.

    Jun. 13th, 2015


    It hurts to talk about it, but I think it's time we did.

    At the beginning of the month, R&R went to a drop, and we found stuff to make coffee. Filters, coffee makers, french presses, mugs... and no coffee. I very nearly started crying out there, but I held it together for the team. Someone out there has a sick, sick, cold sense of humor.


    I have to say, that I first thought that this was a vision but none of mine have lasted this long.

    This really is real isn't it?

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