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Feb. 20th, 2016


YO! Attn: Some Douchebag Named Grant; Sing me the song of your people & tell me about yourself.

Oh and since I didn't introduce myself last time since I was too busy being mad about multiverse, I'm Jess Drew. Spider-Woman. From the arguably more fucked up Avengers & X-Men world, but I say arguably because I like to leave a little chance that the other one might still beat us. No, I'm not related to Peter Parker or any of the other Spider-People, but they're the good sort and I'll punch you if you're mean to them.


I think I still need more sparring practice.

[Team Bus]
There's another season of the show about us on the network today. Just thought I'd give you a heads up.

Yes, I'm going to watch it.

There's more of that show on the network. Thought I'd warn you.

Something turned up on the network this morning - more of that show about me and my team. I'm going to spend today watching it

Up for sparring sometime later?

Feb. 18th, 2016


I was just attacked by an evil snowman who tried to kill me. This is not a drill. It looked like this:

Pic Under Cut )

I thought you should all be aware.

If anyone who is a slower runner than me wants to join me tomorrow in the forest for... company... I am not opposed.


Going to play The Never-Ending Story tonight and The Little Shop of Horrors next Wednesday. Between the fire swamp in The Princess Bride and the swamp of sadness in The Never-Ending Story I'm pretty sure those two movies were single-handedly (double-handedly?) responsible for instilling a phobia of quicksand into an entire generation.

That isn't even a joke. I remember reading a lot of studies on kids no longer being afraid of quicksand in the first decade of the 21st century, they* were honestly baffled by it. (*researchers)

Feb. 15th, 2016


Filtered to Team Bus

I've had a request from some of the military for non-lethal weapons for training purposes. And, I was wondering. How many I.C.E.R.s do we have between us? And, can I borrow them? I promise I'll get them back to you.


Do you think we can make six I.C.E.R.s by Thursday?


OOC: Backdated to yesterday. Stupid timezones and work and things

Chatty to Fitz
~ Got any plans on Monday?
~ Do you think you're ready to meet The Doctor yet?

Feb. 14th, 2016



Cut to spare your eyes. )

And like, I get it. We have all these weird "ACTIVITIES" going on all the time. We see magic, we see radioactive things, apparently we see things which all make us love each other. SHRUG. It's all part and parcel with the world we're now sharing. So let's celebrate it and each other. Here's a poem. Because I am a poet when the muse descends.
Lola is red
Lincoln's face is a cherry
Jemma likes to science
And Fitz is legen ... DARY!

Ravi likes rats
and Hope is a star
Bellamy can smile

Some people can shift and some people can spark
Some people have cat souls and two people are slayers!
Some people are delightfully 'normal' while some people Avenge, or so I've been told
I haven't even brought up Jedis ... but ...
We're all here together and we'll make it, probably
But the river monster has two heads
so watch out :)


Was there dancing? Have I missed it? Rubbish!

Feb. 10th, 2016


Filtered to Fitz

You'll come and see the Princess Bride tonight, right?


I know we have movies on Saturday nights, but since there's quite a lot of people here who came from similar worlds at a similar time there are some movies we all grew up knowing very, very well. Daisy's post was a reference to one of those, The Princess Bride, which I'd like to show tomorrow night. There should be room to one end of the 501 commons so we won't need to clear the mess hall. If needs be I can set up an extra monitor or two and sync the video.

(Parents: The Princess Bride is child-friendly down to about maybe 8 or 10?)

If there's enough interest I found a few more movies from around the same time that we could watch on future nights - including Labyrinth, The Never-Ending Story, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, Gremlins, Teen Wolf, The Lost Boys, and the movie version of the community theatre club's upcoming show, Little Shop of Horrors. I could probably arrange to play that one just before auditions open.

Feb. 9th, 2016


Slowly losing your mind looks like watching people dance around and try to miss flame spurts as if we were actually living in the Fire Swamp. I don't have sound or anything so guys. Guys.


Is "there a popping sound preceding each" ... ? Because if not, I'm asking the PodGod for Westley. (Don't get jealous, Lincoln. It's Westley. But maybe I should get jealous since you're my Buttercup.)


Is anyone here familiar with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, by any chance? Either the boy man or his works.

Artie took our advice. You should see these works.

I wonder who else has gone and done remarkable things. Do you think Clara is doing all right?

Feb. 6th, 2016


[Friends minus Phoebe]*
Before one of you finds out and starts teasing me and accuses me of hiding it, I thought I'd just let you know that I'm seeing someone - Phoebe Halliwell.

be gentle.

*includes Team Bus, MCU Avengers, Pepper, Peggy, etc. - feel free to assume


This place certainly takes some getting used to. I mean it's all very fascinating and there's certainly plenty here to keep me busy but I still have moments where I can't believe it.

For anyone who doesn't know me, I'm Leo Fitz, I got here a couple of days ago and have just been getting to know the place. I'm working as an engineer as that's what I did back home but this will be a bit of a different way to apply my skills than what I'm used to.

[Team Bus]
Anyone want to place a bet on if he'll try to talk to me? I don't really have anything to bet though so if I lose I might just have to owe you.

Feb. 4th, 2016


Network Post: Minerva McGonagall

I want to remind anyone who interested in trying wizard's chess, and who isn't too shellshocked from the educational seminar, that tonight's Chess Club meeting will be the first public trial. I would appreciate any feedback you give on how it performs.

Those from my world: you know what to expect from wizard's chess, so please alert me to any deviations in how the chess pieces behave for you or if you notice them in how they behave for any of your opponents.

Those not from my world: the chess pieces should obey your commands to move to the directed space. You will name which piece is to move and the space to which it will go. The correct piece should relocate itself as directed by sliding to that space. In a fully developed wizard's chess set, the pieces would capture the opponent's piece; we will not be testing that behavior just yet, so you will need to manually remove captured pieces from the board. If you are a non-magical person-- a "Muggle"-- I would like to know if the pieces fail to respond to your commands or if they give you any grief. If you're of magical stock, please watch for any irregularities in how they react.

Thank you, and I look forward to seeing you tonight. You may leave your feedback on this post after the meeting.

Feb. 3rd, 2016


Hey, I'm Bobbi. I hear there may be a few people around who probably want to shoot me know me along with a HYDRA agent and his dead.

ETA: Scout Squad Alpha
Looks like I'm joining your ranks. Bobbi Morse.

Feb. 2nd, 2016


Finally finished reading the Jane Eyre book Evie tossed at my head during last month's quarantine. Didn't much fancy it, to be honest. First of all, my god, poor Jane. That woman was cursed from the start then, wasn't she? Glad she managed to go to school after her wretched turn as her family either abused her or died of typhus, but then she got assigned to the middle-of-sodding-nowhere with Mr. Rochester and the swamp ghost family.

Terribly sorrowed that she didn't join forces with the madwoman in the attic, who clearly got the worst end of every deal, and probably just needed some hot tea and to be talked to until she felt much better. 'Madwoman', Christ. Is that an early 19th century euphemism for possessing an opinion? At any rate, there's a fire that conveniently kills her off and winds up blinding Rochester, and Jane goes away for a while, and then she comes back to be with Rochester forever because somehow it's not a deal-breaker that your love's first spouse got shoved into the attic with out-of-season winter coats and old army paraphernalia. Also, Jane has prophetic dreams and hears voices and whatnot which they never really sorted out, so I'm hoping that a few weeks after she marries Rochester she has a dream in which she adapts a flaming sword and avenges the abused, and then she leaves Rochester a note that says "it has all been very fun, and you have been quite good to me, Edward, but I desire to see the world and leave you in my wake before you poison my ev'ry thought" or whatever it is she'd have occasion to write. And then she'd train with a sword and hone her magical powers and have adventures and settle down with a nice person who doesn't keep their spouse in the attic, because again, how is she okay with that?

I don't get gothic romance.

And of course reminder that Fight Club's happening on the 19th, if you want to pop in and cheer for your mates or enter the ring yourself. I got my arse positively handed to me last month by one Faith Lehane, and I'm still dying to take on one of you nine feet tall types, so come on by! All's welcome.

Unless you're Edward Rochester, in which case, piss off.


We were gifted with quite a few new articles of clothing today. Do not let their ironic or skin-sucking characteristics fool you, for I do believe there are quite enough articles to repurpose each item into useful pieces.

Except for the t-shirts. In my mind, you're all "hipsterpotamuses" ...

Did anyone see
Bloody Jack t

I understand that a great many of us come from alternate realities and time periods which rotate on the axis of events and people who shaped and are currently shaping the world to come. We all have our concerns and shortfalls and joys.

But I think our setting offers shared experiences, too.

Would you like to meet me tomorrow evening after supper? We'll pull the tavern tables together and have a good chat?

Feb. 1st, 2016


Hanna's gone. People are leaving and everything is falling apart. Hanna left, Xavier left, there is NOTHING here that is real and we're all just pretending at being a community while hoping we don't get picked off

She's right. She's right. it's all on me. All my games, how did I not think it'd happen

I wondered for a while if any of you were real. But you're real.


Blink and you miss it. I'd tell you all not to blink at all, but that advice is better served for another sort of confounding complication.

I'm sorry to those of you who have lost someone. Anything I can do? Apart from breaking more laws in time and space to get them back? I'm in no hurry to do that.

filter: whoverse
Starting to think I ought to check on you all on a weekly basis. Could chip you, I suppose, but I've a feeling you wouldn't be keen on that.

So, spot checks! Quite a whirlwind of absences of late by the looks of things.

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