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May. 6th, 2016


network; hawke (031)

I adore you.

Also, I'll be home late tonight.

Apr. 22nd, 2016


Hey, get your asses to The Rose if you ain't already there. I'm not tracking you down after getting my ass handed to me in Fight Club tonight, so it's up to you losers to find your way.

Mandatory meeting, by the way. Inquisitor requested, I'm just her muscle.

[OOC: For Thedas peeps knowledge!]

Apr. 23rd, 2016


Kind of curious about this magic healing you do. How's it work?

Apr. 21st, 2016


I'm tired of people I care about disappearing unexpectedly, Hawke. Can you pull a Seeker out of your ass, just this once?
[Cullen & Bull]
Curly. Tiny. Cullen. Bull. I'm moping. I don't like moping. Get in a fight or something, I need a distraction. I'd even be open to you two demonstrating some creativity for entertainment purposes.

So. Where's the big-head dolls of Thedas? I feel left out. I think they're saying we're not pretty enough and I take offense for all of us. I mean, have you seen Dorian?

Apr. 18th, 2016


network; asala adaar (038)

The next time one of you wants to use big magic or a big powerful ability and you're not sure exactly what it will do, don't. There will be consequences for this flagrant misuse of magic, regardless of intent, and you can assume for the immediate future that I am not the authority figure to come to with your sad little feelings about how intent somehow negates consequences just because one of you could be the next ones to fuck it up.

This isn't prejudice. This isn't someone who's anti-magic cracking down on anyone. This is a powerful mage reminding you all that magic has its price, that anybody using magic or powers has a responsibility to use them in a way that does the least amount of harm to innocent people. We were given gifts, whether through accidents of birth or circumstance or through our own desires, and those gifts come with a significant burden. There are people here who could lobotomize the population, who could crush the mountain in a bad temper, or who could tear this place apart in a moment of unbridled power. It's our responsibility to make sure that those things don't happen, either intentionally or by accident, and it is our fault when mistakes happen.

As a Council member, I can promise you that charges will be pressed and that every police report filed about this incident will be taken into account. If you've suffered any kind of physical or psychological trauma as a result of the last three weeks, set up a time with anyone working in Law Enforcement who was not also a victim of this magic; it will take some time to get all of them squared away with the reparation efforts going on from the goblin attack that we missed, but you will be listened to and justice will be served, I swear it.

As a person who has had her mind and her life thoroughly fucked with recently, if you can't find me for whatever reason in the immediate future, you can assume I'm elbow-deep in none-of-your-business and not interested in receiving any visitors.

ETA: Because people keep asking this as if I'm calling for blood: yes, of course intent will matter when charges are eventually leveled. I'm saying that damage was done regardless of whether or not it was intended to. The idea that actions have consequences should not be nearly as surprising as it appears to be.

And no, of course nobody is in any danger here. We do not physically punish or kill the guilty in this community, as per the legal system we were asked to create. I'm promising justice and an application of the court system we've created, not a goddamn witch hunt, and if you read "witch hunt" from "charges will be pressed", then that's a personal perception you need to work on, because that is not what I said. Not even a little.

I find it very distressing how much focus is going into making excuses for someone who cast awful magic and hurt others than is going into having some compassion for the people she hurt, especially when she's admitted that she did cause harm. Respect her honesty enough to take the damage seriously instead of trying to act as if it's less severe just because she feels bad about it.


I understand the mage responsible for the latest disaster is in custody. When will charges be brought, and who will sit in judgment of her wrongs?


Log: Fenris and Hawke

WHO: Fenris and Hawke
WHEN: Immediately upon return from Storybrooke
WHERE: Medical
WHAT: Fenris goes looking for Hawke, Hawke goes looking for Fenris, and they find each other.
WARNINGS: Discussion of possible future murder

Maker, you have got to stop disappearing on me. )

Apr. 6th, 2016


mount weather network; hawke (030)

Second of Medical now. Yaaaay.

I'm finishing the inventory that got set aside just after the disappearance. I'll probably just stay in the hospital until it's done, there's not much at home for me anyway.

Don't mind the dog. He's huge, but harmless.

Apr. 2nd, 2016


Mount Weather, 2151.

Not where I expected to end up.


mount weather network; hawke (029)

Everyone from Kirkwall is gone. Without Dorian, Adaar and Bethany, the only one the demons in the Fade have to bother is me.

There's something... off with them. I'm not sure what it is. I've been trying to stay more lucid since the mess up with the portals last autumn, but I still can't pinpoint why they're so restless.

Apr. 1st, 2016


mount weather.

We are getting massive reports of people missing all throughout Mount Weather. I ask that all of those who have discovered people missing leave a message here with those you are looking for. If you know of any places they normally go to "get away from it all," include that too.

Ahsoka Tano
Alexander Graham Bell
Alison Hendrix
Amy Pond
Anakin Solo
Asala Adaar
August Booth
Bethany Hawke
Bobbi Morse
Buffy Summers
Carol Danvers
Catherine Chun
Charlie Weasley
Cisco Ramon
Clara Oswald
Cosima Niehaus
Dawn Summers
Donna Noble
Dorian Pavus
Edward Elric
Ezio Auditore
Faith Lehane
Felicia Hardy
Han Solo
Hikaru Sulu
Hope Summers
Isaac Lahey
Jacob Frye
Jaina Solo
James Potter
Jessica Drew
Jo Harvelle
John Granby
Jordan Parrish
Kallian Tabris
Kara Danvers
Katniss Everdeen
Kaylee Frye
Kira Manning
Lady Maria
Laura Kinney
Lily Potter
Lucifer Morningstar
Lydia Martin
Malia Tate
Marcus Cole
Maz Kanata
MJ Watson
Nico di Angelo
Normie Osborn
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Peggy Carter
Penelope Murray
Pepper Potts
Phil Coulson
Poe Dameron
Prue Halliwell
Rachel Summers
Ravi Chakrabarti
Remus Lupin
Remy LeBeau
Reyna Ramirez Arellano
Rory Williams
Rose Hathaway
Rose Red
Rust Cohle
Sam Merlotte
Sarah Manning
Sarah Walker
Severus Snape
Sirius Black
Stacker Pentecost
Steve Rogers
Tali'Zorah vas Normandy
The Doctor (10)
The Doctor (12)
The Iron Bull
Thorin Oakenshield
Tony Stark
Verity Willis
Veronica Mars
Wanda Maximoff

Mar. 15th, 2016


network; hawke (028)

You know, I know my face is ugly, but if everyone else could refrain from hitting it, I would love that.

(I'm not mad at you, Julie, my nose is just very disappointed.)

Mar. 9th, 2016


Conversations about Bull's manhood and his asshole. Must be Wednesday.

Also, there's something weird about a shop where they're all smiling and know your name, no matter what they're serving. I think I'll take a pass, and look, you know if I'm not interested, it should say something.

[Thedas Minus Cullen]
So for anyone who was still on the fence about whether Cullen was or Cullen wasn't tickling that Mars girl's belly from the inside.... guess who just asked me to clear out of the rooms tonight?

Look at me, a regular gossip. I'm proud of Curly.

Feb. 29th, 2016


[Filtered to Guard + Adaar, Rogers, & Griffin]
We need to start posting someone in Medical, all hours of the day and night, and insisting that they accompany the healers to see anyone who is newly arrived and not yet proven to be awake and calm. I grow weary of my fiance and his friends being attacked, particularly as not all of them are as well-equipped to defend themselves as Hawke is.

[Filtered to Hawke]
I would like to set a date for our marriage. And to decide how we want to do it.

Feb. 28th, 2016



if you fuckers try to knock me out again i swear i'll kick somebody else I'm not in the mood to be fucked with alright? We didn't eat anybody

[OOC: Trigger warning just for violence and some pretty brutal talk about stuff that happens in horror movies/games.]

Feb. 26th, 2016


Okay, so now that I'm more awake, not actively bleeding out (thanks Hawke. and thanks for your arms, too), and a little more past the "what the hell" phase, guess I should say something on this thing.

So...hey. Jo Harvelle. Friend of Dean and Sam. This is still so freaking wei

Feb. 17th, 2016


network; hawke (027)

Okay, I've been sitting on this for a couple of days because I suspected I might have just gone crazy, but the more I think about it the more I swear I wasn't seeing things. Please tell me someone else saw the creepy snowmen the other day.

Feb. 13th, 2016


[Filter to Hawke]
When are you next on shift in Medical? I need to see you in your professional capacity.

Feb. 11th, 2016


Chatty to Hawke

[Chatty to Hawke]
>> The Magister wrote an apology letter and left it at our door
>> It was [...] surprisingly thoughtful

Feb. 10th, 2016


[Chatty to Hawke]
>> There is trouble outside the compound that Military is not supposed to talk about.
>> Frost giants, and orcs, and some sort of mechanical menace called battle-droids.
>> They are sending a small force to attempt to dispatch the problems
>> I am on guard duty here, and under orders to not let anyone leave and not to tell them why they cannot leave
>> I suggest having Medical ready for trouble

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